Is Cadillac better than Mercedes Benz?

This blog will compare Mercedes Benz and Cadillac automotive manufacturers and answer the following questions: is Cadillac better than Mercedes Benz? How is the ride quality and comfort in Cadillac and Mercedes Benz? Which are the highest models on sale from Cadillac and Mercedes Benz?

Is Cadillac better than Mercedes Benz?

No, Cadillac is not better than Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz still makes great cars that set new benchmarks in automotive safety and comfort. That’s why Mercedes Benz is first when it comes to the production and maintenance of premium luxury cars.

Mercedes Benz is also present in global markets with factories located in 4 that assemble complete knock-down kits shipped in front of the main factory in Stuttgart, Germany. The headquarters of Mercedes Benz AG is also located there. 

Mercedes Benz also recently launched the EQ brand with fully electric drivetrains. Models like the EQC, EQS, EQA and EQE are not only luxuries but they offer great performance. Mercedes Benz AG will shift its focus on fully electric cars and discontinue the use of internal combustion engines in a few decades.

Mercedes Benz as a brand itself is regarded as very prestigious. In the 1900s when the company started selling cars; only the most renowned and richest families owned a Mercedes. Therefore, even today the brand value of the Mercedes Benz car is much higher than Cadillac. 

The reliability of the Mercedes Benz car is also good, cars can last for years without any major issues provided periodic maintenance is carried out at the authorised dealerships. Mercedes Benz also has the largest dealership network in the international markets. 

There is a standard warranty of 3-5 years on new models with unlimited mileage and Mercedes Benz also offers an extended warranty of up to 6 years. So even if the maintenance cost of the Mercedes Benz cars is high, an extended warranty plan can cover any unexpected repair costs. Prepaid service packages can reduce the cost of ownership by locking the service cost at the time of purchasing. Programs like this really make the entire experience of owning a Mercedes Benz car hassle-free.

Cadillac motor car division or Cadillac is a sub-brand of American automotive giant General Motors Company (GM). Cadillac motor car is focused on designing and manufacturing luxury cars. But is not well known in Global markets, some of the main markets the Cadillac is present are America, North America and China. In the markets other than these, Cadillac models are directly imported as there are very few overseas factories.

In the United States, Cadillac was the number one luxury car maker and used advanced mass-production techniques to build cars. The models had precision-engineered parts which can be installed in a production line without any modifications. Today, Cadillac uses the same technique in its production factories. Most of the production factories are located in America with one factory in Shanghai, China that can produce 6 different models of Cadillac. 

Cadillac at first glance looks cheaper to maintain and the company provides a warranty of 4 years and 50,000 miles on parts and labour. There are optional warranty packages that customers can select which can include a warranty on parts manufactured by General Motors and drivetrain components of the car. 

The warranty support however is not available globally. If the car is imported then it can be really difficult to claim a warranty and perform authorised repairs. There is also a 4-year prepaid service plan but due to the lack of authorised dealerships, Cadillac is difficult to maintain. In a few international markets, Cadillac offers after-service from General Motors dealerships. Recently general motors are also exiting many global markets like India and south-east Asia which has further impacted the after-service network for Cadillac car company.

The following table summarises key information regarding Mercedes Ben AG and Cadillac car company

Companies-Mercedes BenzCadillac car company
Production output2,164,187390,458
Number of Models257
Starting Price$ 62,600  $36,500
Flagship ModelS ClassCT6 sedan
Sub-brandsMercedes AMG, Maybach, EQ
Parent companyMercedes Benz AGGeneral motors

Mercedes Benz currently has more than 3 sub-brands which focussed on different aspects like high performance, safety and luxury. With over 25 models on sale, customers can find a model that will satisfy their needs. 

Cadillac mainly makes sports utility vehicles, compact SUVs and luxury sedans. There are not many cars to choose from although at one time the company had more than 10 models on sale.

How is the ride quality and comfort in Cadillac and Mercedes Benz? 

Cadillac is well known for plush and comfortable ride quality. Models like  Devilles, Fleetwoods, and Seville had advanced and sophisticated suspension systems in the 1950s. Even today car enthusiasts are fans of the old mechanical suspension systems of Cadillac. Therefore, the new models like CT6 come very close to the comfort and ride quality offered by Mercedes Benz cars. 

Cadillac uses an independent suspension setup and precision damping elements which can minimise the weight shift and also offer soft suspension to glide over rough surfaces.

Mercedes Benz uses Airmatic suspension in top models. There are adaptive dampers integrated into the single unit. Customers can even select different damping levels from the dynamic select menu. Airmatic can increase the ride height by up to 20 mm and automatically lower the vehicle if the speed goes above 80 km/hr.

When it comes to handling, the luxury models show similar body roll and vagueness in the steering which is expected in luxury cars. Mercedes Benz uses clever electronic systems like an electronic stability program and electric power steering system which improves the ride quality significantly. But these systems are only available in selected models.

Mercedes Benz uses a complex multi-link suspension setup which consists of control arms, chamber and link rods and independent thrust arms. Even though it is complex and might be expensive to maintain, it is much better than the independent suspension setup used by Cadillac.

Which are the highest models on sale from Cadillac and Mercedes Benz?

The highest models on sale from Cadillac and Mercedes Benz are as follows

  • Cadillac CT6

The CT6 is a four-door luxury sedan, there are multiple engine options available including hybrid engine options. The CT6 was supposed to be replaced by the CT8, unfortunately, Cadillac pulled the plug on the launch of the CT8. There is news that Cadillac will introduce a new flagship model in 2022 but so far there hasn’t been any announcement.

It is the Ultimate car for luxury and comfort. Currently, in 7 generations, the latest model is the most advanced car on sale today. Mercedes Maybach makes a longer wheelbase model that offers even more legroom than the standard model. 

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Cadillac makes good luxury cars that offer great built quality and comfort but due to the lack of after-service support and a limited number of models, it is no match for Mercedes Benz. 2019 was a good year for Cadillac with a record high sales but due to the ongoing Global pandemic, Cadillac does not even come close to the sales fingers of Mercedes Benz.