Is it worth buying a 10 to 15-year-old Mercedes Benz car?

This blog will answer the following questions: is it worth buying a 10-15-year-old Mercedes Benz car? What are the possible repairs in 10 to 15-year-old Mercedes Benz cars? What are the things to check before buying a 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz car? Which 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz model should you buy?

Is it worth buying a 10 to 15-year-old Mercedes Benz car?

Yes, it is worth buying a 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz car. Old Mercedes Benz models are known to last long and there are no rust or corrosion issues in the body. Even after 10-15 years, a Mercedes Benz can easily last for an additional 1- year provided it is serviced and maintained regularly.

Mercedes Benz used quality materials in the interior trim and seat upholstery so the interior of old cars still remains in good condition. The steering wheel and gear knob are made from Napa leather and the seat cushions do not show signs of wear and tear.

What are the possible repairs in 10 to 15-year-old Mercedes Benz cars?

The possible repairs in a 10-15-year-old Mercedes Benz car are listed below. Mercedes Benz cars are very reliable but due to the operating conditions and natural wear, some repairs are required if the age is 10-15 years.

Engine support bushings.

The engines and transmission is installed in a front axle carrier or subframe which is bolted into the body. The engine and the transmission rest on the support bushings or engine mount. The engine mounts absorb the vibration of the drivetrain and prevent them from reaching the vehicle body.

Despite the fact that the vehicle is in use or just standing for many years, the engine mounts and transmission mounts get weaker. The noise and the vibration levels inside the passenger level can increase considerably.

The cost for the new engine and transmission mounts can be between 150-300 USA. Replacing weak or old engine mounts is an essential job as it can restore the comfort and ride quality of the vehicle. Driving a vehicle with damaged mounts can cause abnormal jerks in the drivetrain.

The overall job is fairly simple and does not involve removing the drivetrain from the vehicle. The engine mounts bolts and self-locking are also renewed in the process as the ones can have corrosion. Some of the old Mercedes Benz models even used active engine mounts that can vary the vibration damping levels.

Suspension struts

Mercedes Benz cars have a multi-link suspension system, a spring-in coil is connected to the lower control arm. On the top side, there is a top bearing that connects the shock absorber to the vehicle body. Due to the age and the mileage, the shock absorbers can leak and the top bearing can get damaged.

The leaking shock absorber cannot function properly and the suspension can bottom out which leads to an unstable ride. Even a cracked top bearing can create abnormal noise while going over speed bumps or rough roads.

A complete underbody inspection of the suspension system is necessary on a 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz car. Due to independent suspension step-up, there are many components like thrust arms, lower and upper control arms and stabilizer rods that can need replacement. 

Coolant system repairs

The cooling system in Mercedes Benz cars is very complex as there are multiple heat exchangers. There can be leaks in the coolant system as the temperature of the coolant can reach 90-100 degrees celsius. The coolant water pump and the thermostat are the common parts that need replacement in old Mercedes Benz cars.

In some cases, the engine oil cooler can also internally leak causing the engine oil and the coolant to mix. As the pressure in the engine oil lubricating circuit is greater than the pressure in the coolant system, engine oil can damage the coolant hoses and rubber O rings in the coolant systems.

The repair job is big as the engine oil cooler is located on the engine block and usually involves removing parts of the intake manifold. The entire coolant system must be flushed to remove any traces of engine oil as it can affect the cooling efficiency of the system. 

What are the things to check before buying a 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz car?

The things to check before buying a 10-15-year-old Mercedes Benz car are as follows 

  • Service history

It includes the paid maintenance details and also general repair work performed in the vehicle. Service history can reveal lots of details about the condition of the vehicle. Some of the important points to look for in the service history are the number of visits to the workshop and accidental repair work performed on the vehicle.

  • Main battery

When purchasing a 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz it is essential to check the manufacturing data of the main battery. Depending on the model there can be a starter battery and the main battery. Mercedes Benz uses AGM or absorbent gel matt batteries but the maximum service life of the batteries is 4 years.

Do not buy the car if its batteries have not been replaced in the last 4 years as Mercedes Benz batteries are expensive. If there is a non-genuine battery in the vehicle then it can also lead to various electrical malfunctions.

  • Condition of tires and brakes

Inspecting the condition of tires and brakes is very easy, Mercedes Benz cars have brake wear indicators in the instrument cluster. For tires, check for the manufacturing date written on the sidewall. If the tire has never been replaced or is older than 6 years then it is recommended to replace the tires.

Similarly, perform a visual inspection of the brake components like a brake disc, and brake pads. There should not be any rust on the brake disc. Also, look for any scratching marks on the brake disc. It usually means the brake pads are below minimum thickness and must be replaced. 

The brake fluid is replaced every year during service if the service is not performed due to the hygroscopic nature of brake fluid, it will absorb moisture and brakes will become less effective. 

Which 10 -15-year-old Mercedes Benz model should you buy?

Mercedes Benz had some good models from 2007 to 2022, there were some mechanical problems but Mercedes Benz rectified all of them in a field measure or updating the fault parts. Following is the list of 10-15-year-old Mercedes Benz models worth buying.

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This blog explained the common repair jobs in 10-15-year-old Mercedes Benz cars and also listed things to check before purchasing an old Mercedes Benz car. Buying a used Mercedes Benz is a great way to experience the comfort and luxury offered by Mercedes Benz cars.