Is Mercedes Benz considered a  luxury brand?

In this article, we find out if Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand and answer the following questions: Which are the luxury car models sold by Mercedes Benz? What is the difference between premium Mercedes Benz cars and Luxurious Mercedes Benz Cars? 

Is Mercedes Benz considered a  luxury brand?

Yes, Mercedes-Benz is a luxury brand and Mercedes Benz sells luxury cars under the Mercedes Benz Maybach brand. Mercedes Benz Maybach is a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz focused on making luxurious versions of the premium models like the S, GLS and EQS. Although there is no limit on the production of the Maybach models they are more expensive than the standard models and all the Maybach models feature special designo combinations that make them more exclusive.

The Maybach models are also luxurious because of the onboard equipment like high-end Burmester sound, recliner seats in the rear and a refrigerated compartment between the rear seats. Customers can also choose from a few optional extras like sophisticated suspension systems, Maybach exclusive upholstery and alloy rims.

Which are the luxury car models sold by Mercedes Benz?

Currently, Mercedes Benz Maybach has the following models on sale:-

  • Mercedes Benz S Class Maybach

The Mercedes Benz S Class Maybach model designation Z223 has a longer wheelbase compared to the standard S Class. The 18 cm extra wheelbase adds more legroom for the reclining rear seats. Currently, Mercedes Benz Maybach makes the S 580 and S 680 4MATIC models. The S580 is powered by an M176 4.0-litre V8 engine while the S 680 is powered by the M279 V12 engine. 

The power produced by the V8 engine is 496 brake horsepower and the V12 makes 603 brake horsepower. Both the engines are mated to a 9G-Tronic automatic transmission with a torque converter and 48 V integrated starter-alternator. Mercedes Benz also makes an S480 Maybach exclusively sold in China as there is a huge demand for a longer wheelbase S Class Maybach. 

All the S Class Maybach models feature the advanced driver assistance system as standard including the rear-axle steering. Based on the aspect ratio of the tyre on the rear wheel, the rear-wheel steering angle can be as low as 4.5 degrees to a maximum value of 10 degrees.

  • Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach 

The Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach is the luxury version of the standard Mercedes Benz GLS model series X 167. The X 167 is the latest generation of GLS and features Mercedes Benz user experience MBUX as standard. The Mercedes Benz Maybach also gets the MBUX and the latest new telematics generation components.

The major difference between the standard Mercedes Benz GLS and the GLS Maybach are the two large recliner seats in the second row. There are no third-row seats in the Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach. If Customers choose the rear refrigeration unit option then the luggage space is also reduced compared to the foldable third seats in the standard version.

The Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach also gets a combination of airmatic and hydraulic suspension systems which raise and lower the car very quickly. As an advanced off-road assistance function, the hydraulic suspension can even make the vehicle bounce in order to get more traction off-road and free the vehicle if it is stuck.

The engine in the GLS 600 Maybach is a slightly detuned version of the M177 engine used in the high-performance version GLS63 AMG. The detuned 4.0 litres V8 engine makes 550 brake horsepower and a 48 V integrated starter-alternator with EQ boost technology gives an additional power output of 21 brake horsepower bringing the overall power output to 571 brake horsepower. The engine is mated to a 9G Tronic automatic gearbox with a transfer case capable of sending 100 per cent of torque to either the front or the rear axle as required. On the exterior, the GLS 600 Maybach gets a vertical grill with the Maybach brand logo. The Mercedes Benz GLS 600 Maybach also has pop-out doorsteps on either side of the vehicle.

  • Mercedes Benz EQS Maybach

The Mercedes Benz EQS Maybach will soon enter the production stage, it is the first luxurious SUV in the EQ Brand. The EQ brand focuses on full electric drive vehicles and the Mercedes Benz EQS Maybach will get a WLTP range of 370 miles. There are 24-inch alloy wheels along with the rear-wheel steering as standard. The EQS Maybach will be the most luxurious EV on the market. Similar to the GLS 600 Maybach, the EQS Maybach will also be a 4 seater luxury SUV with an estimated price of more than 250,000 USD. with two asynchronous AC motors on the front and the rear axle and a 1:1 geared ratio the EQS will accelerate from 0-60 miles to in under 5 seconds.

What is the difference between premium Mercedes Benz cars and Luxurious Mercedes  Maybach Cars?

The difference between the premium and luxury Mercedes Benz cars are as follows:

  • Design 

The premium models are designed in such a way that they will be appealing to the majority of buyers. Some customising options are provided but the level of customization is restricted so as to allow maximum production numbers in a minimum amount of time. Luxury models like the Mercedes Benz Maybach have a longer wheelbase than the premium models and more emphasis is on the rear seats as the luxury cars are mostly chauffeur-driven. On the exterior design, the luxury models also use a variety of chrome elements on the front and rear bumpers and the front grill usually distinguishes luxury models from the premium ones.

  • Drivetrain

All the premium models are available in a variety of drivetrain options. The drivetrain consists of an engine and transmission. Mercedes Benz uses inline 4, 6 V6 and V8 engines in premium cars with 9 Gtronic or 8-speed DCT in premium cars. In luxury models of Mercedes Benz, the choices in drivetrain are very limited. Only petrol engines are available with all-wheel-drive systems. The Mercedes Benz S680 Maybach is the only car in the Mercedes Benz lineup that has a V12 engine.

  • Price 

The premium models are less expensive than the luxurious models like the Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach. However, there are no corners cut in the premium models, premium models are top of the range and get all the advanced driver assistance systems and choices in the designo packages. The luxury models under the Mercedes Benz Maybach banner are priced at a premium to make them more exclusive. The delivery period of the Mercedes Benz Maybach models is also longer compared to the premium models as Maybach are specially built according to the customers’ preferences.

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Mercedes Benz Maybach also makes fashion products like bags, watches etc. All the luxury products other than cars are available at the authorised dealerships. Currently, there is no need to introduce a production cap on the Maybach models as done by a few other manufacturers like Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce as the sky-high price tag and high cost of running keep the Maybach models exclusive.