Is OE tuning worth it?

This blog will answer the following questions: is OE tuning worth it? What are some of the popular products from OE tuning? How to flash the Engine control unit? Should you get a tune from OE tuning?

Is OE tuning worth it?

Yes, OE tuning is definitely worth getting if you want more performance without upgrading parts of the internal combustion engine. OE tuning is a very popular tuner for all the luxury brands and what separates them from the other tuners is they publish actual Dyno test reports. Customers can compare the performance gains before ordering a tune.

OE tuning is located in California and ECUs can be shipped to the company in order to receive the flash. All modern cars use electronically controlled fuel injection and ignition systems. OE tuning can make a custom performance map which is programmed in the stock ECU.

Flashing a performance map in an ECU is the cheapest way to increase the power output of the car and make the gearchanges more responsive. The stock performance maps are in a De-tuned state to maintain the reliability and longevity of the vehicle.

However, the stock engine is capable of producing more power and OE tuning specializes in tuning high-end European cars. Their performance products do not affect the reliability of the vehicle and the performance maps cannot be detected by the authorized dealership OBD-II scanners.

OE tuning can even do custom tuning orders or replace the stock chip on the ECU with a performance chip. Customers can easily go back to the stock tune by simply replacing the performance chip with the standard one.

OE tuning has tested and tuned performance maps for gasoline, diesel, and biofuel internal combustion engines. The Dyno performance maps are available on their official websites. The performance gains are legit and drivers can immediately notice the increased engine output. There is no need to drive for a few miles to notice the difference.

 What are some of the popular products from OE tuning?

The popular products from OE tuning are given below:

My Genius OBD2 Flashloader

OE tuning also sells an OBD-II scanner to flash its performance maps into the engine control unit. My Genius is capable of programming the engine control unit from the OBD-II port of the vehicle. There is no need to remove the ECU and ship it to OE tuning for flashing a performance-tuned map.

It is compatible with all the major luxury brands like Audi, BMW, BMW MOTORRAD, Ducati, JAGUAR, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Porsche, and VW. The performance maps can be downloaded and a USB is used to copy them to the flash loader.

Therefore, customers can try different performance maps and also flash the stock software if they want to drive the car in stock condition. The necessary OBD-II cable and USB stick is provided with the My Genius OBD2 flash loader. It is priced at 300 USD and with a performance map, it can be shipped for free.

OBD2 Android MPF flasher

It is an android OBD-II flash-tuning device, customers can download the MPF flash-tuning app from the google app store. In this device, there is no need to download the flash file on a USB stick.

Up to 4 performance maps can be stored on the cloud server and customers can flash by connecting the smartphone to the vehicle via the OBD-II port cable. It comes with a USB cable to connect the smartphone and the MPF app can download the maps.

OE tuning also provided updates by cloud if the original performance map is flashed at the time of factory service.MPF is a VIN-based OBD2 Flasher that can only perform the programming of an engine control unit.

The cost of the OBD2 Android MPF flasher is 220$, it does not come with any pre-installed performance map. Currently, it supports all the brands including luxury cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW. OE tuning is working to add support for more models through the app updates.

Performance Maps for Mercedes Benz 

OE tuning makes performance maps for all the European luxury cars but performance tunes for Mercedes Benz are the most popular. There are over 100 performance maps for Mercedes Benz cars on the official products.

All the Dyno charts are also provided to compare the stock engine output and the performance gain in the vehicle. The engine control unit can be flashed by using the My Genius flash loader or it can be shipped to OE tuning.

The engine control unit is personalized to the vehicle so only the original ECU is shipped back after flashing. It is not possible to ship a different ECU as the vehicle will not recognize it. The performance map is overwritten at the dealership when an ECU software update is performed.

OE tuning recognizes the importance of authorized engine control unit software as it can fix bugs in the programming. Customers who have already purchased the performance products can reflash the OE tune for free with any OBD-II scanner.

Based on the Mercedes Benz car and the engine it is possible to gain almost 50 – 100 HP simply by flashing one of the OE tunes maps. Mercedes Benz engines are also very durable so no modification of mechanical components is required. The cost for performance maps can be from 200 to 1900 USD.

How to flash the Engine control unit?

The procedure to flash the engine control unit is explained below:

  • OBD2 Flash

This is the easiest method to flash an engine control unit. It involves connecting an OBD2 scanner that is capable of programming an engine control unit. There is no disassembly required as the communication takes over the CAN network of the vehicle.

The software containing the modified performance map is first downloaded on a USB stick that can be connected to the diagnosis scanner. After the flashing is completed, a software calibration is completed automatically and the engine control unit is reset.

An external power supply like battery chargers must be connected to the vehicle as the ignition must be turned on for flashing the ECU. On some vehicles, headlights and windshield wipers can also turn on when the flashing is in progress.

The EEPROM memory of the engine control unit can be rewritten multiple times, this allows tuners and manufacturers to update the ECU software and any bug fixes.

  • Bench Flash

This is a complicated method to flash an ECU as it involves removing the ECU from the vehicle and programming it on a bench. An external power supply is given to the engine control unit’s electrical pins and CAN lines are also connected so that the scanner can communicate with the ECU.

In some vehicles, the ECU housing must be removed if it is not responding to the CAN signals. The chip is flashed directly by connecting pins to the chip.


This blog gave information on OE tuning and some of its popular products. The procedure to flash an ECU is also explained. Flashing an ECU is a less expensive way to increase performance and OE tuning is one of the best tuners in the market.