Is the 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK 500 a good car?

This article will provide information about the Mercedes Benz CLK class and we will take a look at the 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK 500 Model. Lastly, we find out the technical data and driver assistance system in the Mercedes Benz CLK 500.

Is the 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK 500 a good car?

Yes, the 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK 500 is a good car. It is also the most popular model in the CLK CLass that was produced between 1997 to 2010. 2004  CLK 500 model was known for its Vario roof hardtop convertible design, it had equipment similar to E class but the vehicle came in a smaller package as it was based on the C class platform. 

Available in both petrol and diesel engine, CLK also had an AMG high-performance model which used a hand-built 5.4 litres V 8 engine producing a massive 362 bhp.

The Mercedes Benz CLK was also used as a safety car in the Formula 1 racing series and the CLK GTR racing car was developed with a V12 engine for the FIA GT championship. Only 25 road-legal models were ever made.

In 2004, the Mercedes Benz was available in 3 different petrol variants:-

  • CLK 55 AMG
  • CLK 500
  • CLK320

Engine and transmission in Mercedes Benz CLK 500 

The CLK 500 produced in 2004 used a 5.0-litre M113 V8 engine and produced 302 horsepower with 460NM of torque. The engine was mated to 5-speed 722.6 transmissions with a torque converter and provided the drive to the rear axle via a mechanical differential. The CLK 500 had a new rack and pinion steering rack and updated three-link front suspension compared to the C class.

The M 113 engine features an aluminium silicon engine block with an aluminium cylinder head and a single overhead camshaft. M113 had two spark plugs and 3 valves per cylinder, 2 valves for the intake and 1 valve for the exhaust which allowed for a better scavenging effect and improved cylinder charging. 

Other key features include a magnesium intake manifold and a single-piece cast camshaft. The fuel infection was port injection with the help of 8 fuel injectors at a pressure of 5.0 bars.

The Mercedes- Benz CLK 500 has a top speed of 250km/hr and 0-100(60 miles) in 6 seconds. The top speed and 0-100 (60) time are the same for the two-door coupe and 2 door convertible model

What are the driver assistance systems available in the 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK Class?

Driver assistance systems in Mercedes Benz CLK 500 are as follows:

  • Electronic stability system (ESP)-electronic stability programme helps to maintain vehicle stability and it can cut power to the wheels to prevent oversteer and understeer of the vehicle. The signal from  Four wheel speed sensors which constantly measure wheel speeds and the vehicle acceleration sensor located on the body along with the throttle position sensor helps to ensure the vehicle always has optimum traction. Anti-lock brakes are a standard feature in ESP.
  • Brake assist system (BAS)- This feature assists brake readiness especially in wet weather by briefly applying the brake pads and drying brake discs. If the driver suddenly releases the accelerator pedal the brake pressure is increased in the system, greatly shortening the stopping distance.
  • Attention assist- This system monitors driver steering inputs and checks for any irregular movements. If the journey is long attention assists alert the driver to take breaks and maintain focus while driving.
  • Cruise control- Vehicle speed can be set to cruise on the highways with the help of a cruise control selector lever. The driver must be aware of the surroundings as there is no active brake assist or radar sensor.
  • Parktronic- Parktronic uses proximity sensors located on the front and rear bumpers. The driver can check the distance to the obstacle with the help of LED indicator lights on the front dashboard and the rear roof trim.

What is an  Anti Theft Alarm in a Mercedes Benz CLK? 

Anti Theft Alarm or ATA for short is a security measure installed in Mercedes Benz CLK as standard equipment. It is possible to identify if a car is equipped with ATA by checking the ATA sticker on the windows. After locking the car the hazard lights will flash two times to indicate the ATA system is active.

The anti Theft Alarm system has its own horn located at a secured location on the vehicle. When the door is opened without unlocking the vehicle, this horn will remain activated until the lock or unlock button on the key fob is pressed. The horn also has an inbuilt battery so even if the horn is disconnected from the vehicle it will continue to work.

ATA system with an in-car motion sensor to detect motion inside the cabin when the vehicle is locked. The sensor is activated approximately 30 seconds after the vehicle is locked and all doors are closed. The alarm is triggered if motion is detected inside the vehicle.

Tow away protection is also part of the anti-theft alarm system. A level sensor usually installed in the boot of the vehicle can detect whether the vehicle is being towed. It is also activated 30 seconds after locking the vehicle. It is necessary to deactivate the sensor when the vehicle has to be towed due to any reason.

What are the Safety systems implemented in Mercedes Benz cars?

Mercedes Benz CLK safety systems consisted of crash sensors located on all sides of vehicles which are connected to supplemental restraint systems (SRS) commonly known as an airbag control unit or airbag ECU. Seat belts for all passengers and lastly airbags are installed inside the cabin of the cars.

Depending on the rate at which the vehicle slows down airbags can be deployed to prevent injury to occupants. A rollover sensor integrated with the airbag control unit can detect the overturning of the vehicle and deploy anti-roll bars for the soft-top convertible coupe model.

Airbags can also be deployed in multiple stages if there are consecutive collisions with the vehicle. Pyro Fuses installed on the main battery terminate the power supply of the vehicle to prevent fire hazards.   

Seatbelts with a tensioning retractor to make sure the occupant is properly secured to the seat in a crash. Crumple zones designed into the body shell helped to dissipate the energy of impact and largely reduce damage to the passenger cabin.

Mercedes Benz CLK Black series.

The black series in CLK 63 AMG was produced for a very limited period, it was a very powerful ongoing road car. There were no rear seats; the standard Mechanical differential was replaced by a limited-slip Differential. Only 500 models were produced and came with a 6.2-litre M156 V8 engine mated to the 7-speed automatic transmission. 

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The Mercedes Benz CLK 500 was a really popular choice thanks to its V8 engine and availability in both hardtop and soft-top convertible coupe models. Mercedes Benz sold over 45000 units in 2004. The CLK class was discontinued in 2010 and the model series was merged with the E class.