Is the BMW M114d real?

This blog will answer the following question: is the BMW M114d real? What is the rumor behind the M114d? What are the current BMW M series cars? What are the technical specifications of the BMW 114d?

Is the BMW M114d real?

No, the BMW M114d is not a real car. BMW never launched or designed an M version of the 114d car. The BMW 114d on the other hand is real, it is powered by an extremely underpowered diesel engine. The M stands for motorsports and BMW uses the badge only on the high-performance versions of standard models.

Currently, the only M series model available in the 1 series is the M 135i xDrive. Its 2.0 L engine produces 302 horsepower and 450 Nm of torque with 0-60 mph in 4.8s. The M135i x gets the M badge because of its motorsports-inspired styling and all-wheel-drive system. All other models 1 series are front-wheel drive and make only 100-260 horsepower.

What is the rumor behind the BMW M114d?

The rumor behind the BMW M114 d is that due to a technical glitch in the production line of the 1 series, BMW accidentally installed a V8 engine that is used to power the M8. The resulting car is named M 114d because the V8 engine produces more than 600 hp and the car only weighs only 1525 kg.

This rumor is completely rubbish and it started spreading due to a viral Tik-Tok video. The video shows a standard BMW 114d with an M logo and spreads false information that there is a limited number of M114d produced by the Motorsports division of BMW.

The video doesn’t stop there, it also claims that the M114d allegedly defeated the V12-powered Toyota supra that was tuned by Kazuhiko Nagata more commonly known as Smokey Nagata. Kazuhiko  Nagata is a  famous tuning house in Japan and part of the reason the video is viral is that it mentions the V12 Supra modified by Smokey Nagata.

The V12 Supra has a special place in the Car community simply because it is a very rare car. When Smokey created the V12 Supra, it was shipped to the Nardo test track in Italy for the speed run.

The V12 Supra is powered by a 5.0-liter Toyota Century engine, there are two turbochargers for each bank of cylinders. The engine is capable of producing 930 horsepower and 1010 Nm of torque. The top speed of the V12 supra is 222 mph but the aim was to achieve 249 mph.

Smokey not only modified the V12 engine but also the exterior body of the Supra, the front end is sharper with additional openings for air intake. In 1999, Smokey shipped the car to the UK and achieved a top speed of 197 mph on the A1.

The BMW 114d is a very slow car with a 1.5 L diesel engine, even if the M114d exited the BMW V8 S63 engine can never work in the 1 series car. The twin-turbocharged V8 engine can produce 617 horsepower and 750 NM of torque but the only transmission compatible with the V8 engine is the ZF 8HP76 8-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter.

The 8-speed automatic transmission consists of planetary gear sets and the output shaft is located in the back. There is no space to mount the engine and the transmission in the 114d even though it is a rear-wheel drive compact car.

Installing a massive V8 engine in the Chassis of the 1 series will require several modifications. These modifications include creating a transmission tunnel for the 8-speed automatic transmission and installing a bigger differential on the rear axle. 

BMW does not modify the cars on the production line, the production line is constantly moving and only the parts that belong there are installed in the vehicle. So it is not possible to accidentally install a V8 engine that belongs to the M8 in the chassis of the BMW 1 series car.

The production factory of the BMW M8 is located in Dingolfing, Germany while the BMW 114d is assembled in BMW Leipzig and Regensburg factories. 

What are the current BMW M- series cars?

The current M series cars are given below, BMW also offers additional packages that include aerodynamic components like a rear spoiler, special colors, and interior equipment. There are also M performance and M badge models.

M performance M cars
I4 M50 G26M2 M (F87)
M135i (F40)M3 M (G80)
M235i (F44)M4 M (G82)
M240i (G42)M5 M (F90)
M340i/ M340d (G20/G21)M8 M (F92, F91)
M440i/M44d (G22/G23)X3 M (F97)
M550i/ M550d (G30/ G31)X4 M (F98)
M760 Li (G12)X5 M (F95)
M760e (G70)X6 M (F96)
M850i (G14, G15,G16)

The SUV models in the M performance are given below:

  • X2 M35i – F39 
  • X3 M40i / M40d (G01) 
  • X4 M40i/ M40d (G02) 
  • X5 M50i/ M50d (G05)
  • X6 M50i/ M50d (G06) 
  • X7 M50i/ M50d (G07) 
  • Z4 M40i  (G29) 

What are the Technical specifications of the BMW 114d?

The technical specifications of the BMW 114d are given below:

Technical specifications BMW 114d
Engine output 94 bhp
Torque 235 Nm
Top speed115 mph
0-62 12.2 seconds
Fuel efficiency 69.9 mpg
CO2 emission109 grams/ kilometer

The BMW 114d is a 5-seater compact hatchback, BMW is constantly downsizing the engine displacement in order to meet the emission regulation and also deliver good performance. The 1.6 liter in the 114d is turbocharged but there is a considerable amount of turbo lag.

The gearbox is manual and drivers need to work through the stiff transmission to keep the car in the torque range. The torque of 235 Nm is not adequate if the car is fully laden. 

Due to the rear-wheel drive, the legroom in the rear seat is compromised. Hence despite having 5 seating capacity only 4 adults can comfortably seat for a long journey.

Despite its poor performance and cramped interior, the 114d is a reliable car. 

The cost of the ownership is less expensive and there is plenty of used 114d available in the used car market. The trunk space is 360 liters and the rear seats can split into 40:20:40 configurations.


This blog answered the question of whether the BMW is real or not and also explained why it cannot exist. The BMW 114d due to its downsized engine is considered slow and it can never overtake a V12-powered Supra as shown in the viral video. BMW makes the M models high-performance race track-focused cars and the M114d was never designed in limited units.