Is the Mercedes A45 AMG available for sale in the USA?

This blog will review the Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG and answer the following questions:  Is the Mercedes A45 AMG available for sale in the USA? What are the specifications of the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG? What are the changes in the A 45 AMG compared to the previous model? Should you buy the  Mercedes A 45 AMG or A 45 S?

Is the Mercedes A45 AMG available for sale in the USA?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz A45 AMG is available for sale in the United States of America. Customers can visit authorized Mercedes Benz dealerships and configure their own A 45 AMG. AMG exclusive Designo packages are available and the Designo experts at the dealerships can help the customers with the selection of various designo combinations.

Mercedes Benz launched the fourth generation of  A-Class in 2018 and also renewed the AMG models. The A class now has A 35, A 45, and A 45 S models for sale in Global markets. The A 45 S is the most powerful version out of there.

Predominantly, the A class has always been a subcompact hatchback but the A 35 AMG comes in a 4-door sedan body type. There is also an extended wheelbase version of the Z177 in selected markets. The A 45 and 45 S only come in the 4-door hatchback body type.

The A 45 AMG also gets the 4 Matic Plus version, which allows a variable power split ratio between the front and the rear axle. The 4 Matic plus is also tuned towards performance; the rear differential has additional fins to improve the cooling when more than 50 percent of power is transmitted to the rear axle.

What are the important specifications of the Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG?

The important specifications of the Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG are listed in the table below:

SpecificationMercedes Benz A 45 AMG
Starting price $93,600
Engine output382 horsepower 480 Nm
transmission8-speed automatic AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 8G
Wheelbase2,729 mm
Width1,796 mm
Height1,440 mm
Kerb weight1,445 kg
Top Speed250 km/h
0-62 MPH4.0 Sec

The A 45 S has similar specs but it produces more power than the standard A 45 AMG. The cost of the A 45 S is more than 100,000 USD. The top speed of the 45 S model is 270 km/h and 0-60 times in 3.9 seconds.

What are the changes to the A 45 AMG compared to the previous generation model?

Mercedes Benz totally redesigned the A 45 AMG, the new model is not just a cosmetic upgrade. Following are the changes to the A 45 AMG:

Engine and transmission

The new A 45 MAg is powered by an M 139 engine, it is the successor of the M133 and retains the title of the world’s most powerful 4-cylinder engine. It is hand-built in an AMG plant in Affalterbach, Germany. The special feature of the M139 is the combination of direct fuel injection with port fuel injection.

There are four high-pressure fuel injectors connected to the high-pressure fuel rail that acts as the first stage in the fuel injection system. Low-pressure fuel injectors located on the intake manifold inject fuel as the second stage in the ignition process. This results in better fuel charging and increased power output.

A turbocharger is a twin-scroll unit; exhaust valves are also bigger in the M139 compared to the M133. bigger exhaust valves allow more exhaust gasses to flow on the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. This reduces the turbo lag considerably, Mercedes Benz has even planned to use an electric motor inside the turbocharger for the facelift version of the A 45 AMG.

The electric motor will spool the turbocharger when the engine speed is low and the exhaust gasses will take over the task of running the turbine wheel at higher engine speeds. The intake manifold of the M139 is located on the front side of the car and the exhaust manifold is not placed on the back side of the engine.

This simple design change has appalled the engineers to create a more aerodynamic front end for the A-Class. As the intake manifold is located close to the air intake, there is less diversion in the intake system. The charged air can reach the intake ports more easily. 

The M139 in the A 45 AMG is mated to an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The transition is based on the dual-clutch 7-speed transmission found in the old model. It has one additional gear which improves the torque curve of the engine and allows for smoother gear shifts. 

There are many software tweaks in the transmission control unit to get rid of the sluggish nature of the 7-speed DCT transition. The new transmission is not more responsive and can perform accelerated downshifts more quickly.

The housing of the transmission is also redesigned; automatic transmission oil filters are now located at the bottom of the transmission casing. There is no need to remove the complete oil pan to replace the oil filters during servicing.

MFA-2 platform

The A 45 AMG is designed on the modular front architecture; the body shell is not more rigid than the previous model. It features an independent suspension setup, MacPherson struts in the front, and a separate coil and spring setup at the rear axle.

The MFA-2 platform is longer than the first generation; it offers more space in the interior. There is more legroom in the rear seats and the headroom is also good enough for two adults in the rear seats. 

Mercedes Benz was also able to manufacture a long wheelbase version from the MFA 2 platform without adding additional weight to the body shell.

Should you buy the Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG or the A 45 S AMG?

Mercedes Benz A 45 and 45 S AMG models are available for the same in the USA, the A 45 is the standard model in the A class. It is a good entry point into the world of high-performance Mercedes Benz cars. Therefore for customers looking for their first high-performance hot hatchback then the A 45 AMG is a good choice.

The A 45 S, on the other hand, is more suited for customers looking for a proper high-performance car. The A 45 S has increased power output and the engine makes more than 400 horsepower the A 45 S also has an aerodynamic package that includes a front splitter, large rear spoiler, and rear diffuser. All the equipment available on the A 45 s makes it a proper track tool that can also be used for the everyday commute.

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The Mercedes Benz A 45 AMG is a great car that provides high-performance and sporty styling. AMG also offers many combinations of the Designo packages so that customers can personalize their cars. However, depending on the level of customization the delivery period can get extended by 2 to 3 weeks.