Is the Mercedes Benz Burmester sound system worth it?

This article will explain the Burmester sound system in Mercedes Benz cars and answer the following questions: is the Burmester sound system worth it? What is the difference between Burmester and a standard sound system? Is it possible to retrofit the Burmester sound system?

Is the Mercedes Benz Burmester sound system worth it?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz Burmester sound system is worth the extra money. Burmester is a German manufacturer of high-end sound system components like sound amplifiers, subwoofers etc. Mercedes Benz started using the Burmester sound system in 2009. The premium speaker of the Burmester system and its overall look makes the interior of the car look unique while also adding great sound to the music system.

Mercedes Benz developed the 3D and 4d surround sound system with the Burmester. Currently, the 4D surround sound system is only available in the latest generation of the S class but from next year it will be available in other models.

The standard sound system fitted from the factory is good but lacks the surround sound effect as the number of speakers is limited. The output of the amplifier is also small to keep the cost of the production low as a good sound system is a matter of preference. Most customers don’t even use the sound system in their everyday commute.

After inspecting the high-end audio components manufactured from the Burmester, Mercedes Benz started offering the Burmester 3d surround sound system initial in the S class as an optional extra and as the Burmeister system became gained  popularity, Mercedes Benz started offering it in more models

The cost of production did not increase for Mercedes Benz as the company did not need to do research and manufacture the high-end components from the ground up.

The High-end surround sound package can cost additional 3-4 thousand dollars, apart from the additional speakers, it also has premium speaker grills and pops out tweeter in the passenger doors or dashboard. Mercedes Benz also offers it in the AMG line models.

What is the difference between the Burmester surround sound system and the standard audio system?

The Burmester surround sound system uses additional components integrated into the vehicle onboard electrical network and. MOST communication protocols along with fibre optic lines are used to connect the command and high-end Burmester sound system. Following are some of the additional components.

  • Sound amplifier.

Burmester makes its sound amplifier, it is programmed and coded in the vehicle’s onboard electrical system, the sound amplifier control unit is connected to the Command system and all the speakers are located in the interior of the vehicle.

The sound amplifier is an important Burmester surround sound system that uses up to 40 high-end loudspeakers each with more than 1000 watts.

  • Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a speaker that delivers lower frequency audio, it is important for good base levels in the high-end sound system. The subwoofer is in sealed housing usually in the trunk of the vehicle. The low frequencies produced by the woofer are further amplified by the air in the hollow space. Based on the model there can be a separated sound amplifier for the subwoofer, this is done to reduce heat and load on the single amplifier.

  • Tweeters

Tweeters are a set of small speakers that work on a high frequency usually opposite to the frequency generated by the subwoofer. The sound produced by the tweeter is most noticeable by the customers and it is located inside the cabin. Burmester surrounds sound system goes one step further by using 360-degree rotation tweeters. The tweeters use a screwing mechanism and pop out of the housing when the vehicle is turned on. In the extended position, the speakers are closer to the passengers and produce their optimal sound. Based on the different classes in Mercedes Benz, the space and the size of the tweeter can vary. Tweeters are powered by the same Burmester sound amplifier.

  • The high end surrounds the sound control unit.

A Burmester surrounds sound control unit is integrated into the sound amplifier. Customers can choose different sound profiles like pure, smooth, live, 3D and 4D surround sounds. There is a custom sound profile that can be tuned by the customers although the default sound profile offers a great range of sounds with a focus on the Bass, midrange or treble.

  • Exciters

The exciters are exclusive to the vehicles with a 4 D Burmester surround sound system. They are located in the passenger seats. The exciters are transducers that produce a structure-borne sound and occupants can feel the music through vibration in the seats. Currently, this is only available in the W223 S class and S class Maybach.

Is it possible to retrofit a Burmester surround sound system?

The Burmester surround sound system components on their own are very expensive, they also need a modified interior trim panel to accommodate big speakers and a control unit. Therefore, retro fitment of the Burmester surrounds sound system is not possible. Mercedes Benz is offering the high-end sound system only as an optional extra and customers need to choose it at the time of placing the order for the car.

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Mercedes Benz 3D and 4D surround sound system developed with Burmester is a great addition to the car. The extra speakers and subwoofer give a more high-end sound than the standard speaker system. Customers should get the Burmester system as replacing the sound system at a later stage can get very expensive. There are alternatives in the aftermarket but the result is not as good as a Burmester sound system and most of the aftermarket systems lead to concerns like cracking in the speakers and battery drain in the vehicle.

FAQs: is the Mercedes Benz Burmester sound system worth it?

Which is better: Burmester or Bose?

Bedminster is a German company known for high-end sound systems in premium passenger car brands like Porsche and Mercedes Benz. Bose on the other hand is an American company that makes good quality headphones and sound systems. Bose audio systems are not as premium as Burmetser therefore Burmester is better than the Bones.

What is Mercedes’ advanced sound system?

Mercedes Benz advanced sound systems consist of speakers with an additional subwoofer in the passenger footwell or rear luggage compartment. The sound quality is better than the standard sound system.  Sound amplifiers may or may not be present in the vehicle depending on the size of the subwoofer.

Does Burmester have good bass?

The Burmester sound system has a good base. There is a subwoofer housed inside a chamber in the luggage compartment and has its sound amplifier. The number of midrange speakers in the passenger compartment is also doubled, so the overall base is very good, especially in the S class Maybach.

How many speakers are in a Burmester system?

The number of speakers in the Burmester sound system depends on the Class of Mercedes Benz. Normally there are 10 – 15 speakers consisting of a subwoofer, midrange speaker, surrounding speaker and tweeter.