Is the Mercedes Benz C Class a good car?

This blog will explain all the specifications and features of the Mercedes Benz C Class and answer the following questions: is the Mercedes Benz C Class a good car? What are the different models available in the Mercedes Benz C Class? Which model should you buy? Should you buy an old C Class model?

Is the Mercedes Benz C Class a good car?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz C Class is a good car because of the following reasons:-

  • New platform
  • Exterior and interior design
  • Latest powertrains
  • Latest driver assistance systems

New platform

The MRA-II architecture allowed for use of a rear-axle steering rack for 4-wheel steering without compromising the interior space. Like the S Class, C Class can also turn the rear wheels in the same direction with respect to the front wheels. The turning radius is only 10.6 m which is less than the model it replaces.

Exterior and interior design

The exterior styling of the new C Class is based on the new S Class, it gets similar design cues and the high-performance Dynamic LED is standard in all the models. The interior is also heavily inspired by the Mercedes Benz S Class. The steering wheel now has all touchscreen buttons and there is a huge 10-inch central display that is touchscreen.

Customers can use the central display to access all the features of the vehicle. MBUX with Mercedes Me connect can be used to access the vehicle remotely and give voice commands. The new C Class comes in different body styles like estate and sedan but currently, it is not available in all the markets.

Latest powertrains

The new generation of the Mercedes C Class has inline 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engine options. M254 is used in the petrol models while the OM 654 is used in the diesel engines. The high-performance C 63 AMG model is not launched yet but based on the recent move towards environment and sustainability, the M177 V8 engine might get discontinued. 

The C 43 is powered by an M139 inline 4-cylinder engine, it is currently the most powerful 4-cylinder engine in the world. The following table shows different engines and their power output in the Mercedes Benz C Class. 

Engines Displacement Power 
M2541.5 to 2.0 litre 168 – 255  horsepower
M1392.0 litre402 horsepower
OM 6542.0 litre161- 261 horsepower

The M254 engine is based on the M256 engine, it has no V-belt and all the ancillary components like alternator, air conditioning compressor and coolant water pump are all-electric. There is a 48 V mild hybrid system connected to an integrated starter-alternator. The Mercedes Benz C class is the cheapest model which offers this mild-hybrid technology.

The OM 654 also belongs to the latest generation of diesel engines. The noise and vibration (NVH) levels are extremely low and there is also exhaust gas after-treatment technology to reduce the percentage of nitrogen oxides in the engines.

All the engines are mated to 9 G Tronic automatic transmission. There is a fully variable transfer on the models with 4 Matic drive systems. 

Latest driver assistance systems

The Mercedes Benz C Class has the latest active and passive safety features, the new onboard electrical system network has allowed the implementation of Active brake assist and blind-spot assist with an ambient light warning.

Some of the other driver assistance systems available in the Mercedes C Class are as follows:

Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC®

Active Steering Assist

Evasive Steering Assist

Active Emergency Stop Assist

Active Speed Limit Assist

Active Lane Keeping Assist

Active Blind Spot Assist

Active Lane Change Assist



What are the different models available in the Mercedes Benz C Class?

The different models in the Mercedes Benz C Class are:-

Petrol modelsEngineMPG (Combined) USRange in miles
C 180 M254 1.5 litre38 661 
C 200/ C 200 4MATIC M254 1.5 litre38/ 36661/ 631
C 300 / C300 4MATIC M254 2.0 litre36/ 34631/585

The C 180 is the only model without 4 Matic drive systems. It is the cheapest C Class in the market starting at 43,500 USD.

Diesel  modelsEngineMPG (Combined)Range
C 200dOM 654 2.0 litre56976
C 220d/ C 220 d 4MATIC OM 654  2.0 litre56/ 52820/ 911
C 300 d / C300d 4MATIC OM 654 2.0 litre47820
Hybrid and electricEngineMGP (Combined)Range
C300eM254 2.0 litre38501

Which Mercedes Benz C Class model should you buy?

The Mercedes Benz C 300 4 Matic is the best model in the C Class. It has a good balance between power and comfort and the new M254 engine is very reliable. The power output is 254 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. Maximum torque is available as early as 2000 RPM.

The top speed is 250 km/hr and the 0 to 62 miles per hour speed is achieved in 6.0 sec. The tyre size is 225/45 R18 on the front axle and 245/40 R18 on the rear axle. The traction provided by the 4 Matic drive system in snow and the rainy condition is superior compared to the rear-wheel-drive model.

The suspension setup of the new generation of C 300 4 Matic consists of independent Mcpherson struts with lower control arms, the spring and coil are separate at the rear axle. Anti-roll bars in the front and rear minimise the body roll and increase stability at high speeds.

Should you buy an old C Class model?

No, you should avoid buying Old C Class models as the repair and maintenance cost is high. The old models also suffered from the following malfunctions

  • ABS/ESP inoperative
  • Engine malfunction
  • Abnormal Jerk while changing gear
  • Abnormal noise from the front axle.

The remedies are available for these malfunctions but they involve replacing some expensive parts like the ESP control unit for the ABS/ESP-related issue and the transmission control unit for the Jerk while changing gears.

The cost of repairs can easily cross thousands of dollars. Hence, it is not recommended to buy an old C Class model.

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The blog explained some of the reasons that make the Mercedes Benz C Class a good purchase. It offers great comfort and quality but V6 and V8 engines are discontinued in the new C Class. It is rumoured that the high-performance AMG model will be also powered by inline 4 Cylinder engines.

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