Is the Mercedes Benz E 350 reliable?

This blog will provide answers to the following questions: is the Mercedes Benz E 350 reliable? What are the specifications of the Mercedes Benz E 350? Is the Mercedes Benz E 350 cheaper to maintain? How to keep your Mercedes Benz E 350 in good condition?

Is the Mercedes Benz E 350 reliable?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz E 350 is a reliable car. It can easily last for 200,000 to 250,000 miles without the need for any uneconomical repairs. Mercedes Benz also provides a standard warranty of 4 years and 50,000 miles. The extended warranty plan up to 7 years from the date of registration is also available for purchase at the authorised dealerships.

The Mercedes Benz introduced the E 350 model in the 2016 E class. It is the high-end non-AMG spec E Class model. Following are the factors that make the E 350 a reliable car compared to the competition.


The Mercedes Benz E 350 is powered by the M264 engine, it is mated to the latest 9 G Tronic automatic transmission. Both the engine and transmission are very reliable, the engine also uses a fully synthetic engine oil so that the performance remains the same regardless of the mileage.

The M264 also uses the Nanoslide® technology which coats the cylinder walls with iron-carbon alloy. Twin-wire arc spraying (TWAS) is used to spray an extremely thin coat on the cylinder walls, it gives the cylinder walls a mirror finish and makes them extremely resistant to wear.

The 9 G Tronic automatic transmission also uses two separate oil filters integrated into the oil pan. The filters are used to collect metal particles and prevent them from entering the electrohydraulic valve body. 

The transmission control unit is also capable of performing multiple gear changes depending on the engine load and vehicle speed. The EEPROM data in the transmission control unit can also be used to diagnose any jerk in the gear change. 

The M264 also uses an electric coolant water pump. The charge air intercooler is liquid-cooled and the turbocharger has an electronic actuator to control the wastegate. The electronic actuator helps to improve the reliability as the conventional vacuum system develops leaks as the rubber hoses get old.

New communication protocols

The Mercedes Benz E 350 also introduced a new communication protocol in the onboard electrical system. Along with high-speed CAN, Flexray communication protocol is now used for the chassis control units like active body control, active body control plus and electric power steering. 

The electronic ignition switch is the master controller for the FlexRay and it has high data transfer speeds compared to the CAN network. The Flexray is also very reliable compared to the use of CAN as the control unit can transfer signals without the need for a common data bus or potential distributor. 

MRA I platform

The new generation of the E Class is based on the MRA I platform that was introduced with the launch of the C Class. It is lighter compared to the previous model but there is more rigidity in the structure. 

Thanks to the MRA I platform Mercedes Benz is even able to sell a long-wheelbase version of the E 350 in selected markets without any need for additional structural members in the body shell. 

The E 350 also offers great handling, the electric power steering gives good feedback to the driver. The front suspension setup includes McPherson struts with uppers and lower control arms. The suspension components are also made up of aluminium to keep the overall unsprung weight low.

What are the specifications of the Mercedes Benz E 350?

The key specifications of the Mercedes Benz E 350 are listed in the table below:

SpecificationsMercedes Benz E 350
Starting price50,000 USD onwards
Engine and power outputM264 (petrol inline 4) 295 HP and 400 Nm
transmission9G-Tronic automatic transmission
Curb weight1735 Kg
wheelbase293.9 cm
Width185.2 cm
Height146.8 cm
Mileage MPG (US)33 MPG US
Top speed250 Km/h / 155 Mph
0-62 MPH5.9 seconds

Is the Mercedes Benz E 350 cheaper to maintain?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz E 350 is cheaper to maintain compared to some of the other models in the premium passenger car segment. The E 350 is powered by an inline 4 cylinder M264 engine, the oil capacity is only 6 litres.

Since it is a petrol engine, there is no need to replace the fuel filter compared to the diesel models in which the diesel fuel filter is replaced every 10,000- 15,000 miles. The size of the Air Filter is also huge so that the E 350 can easily cover 15000 miles without the filter getting clogged.

The major service is scheduled every 4 years or 50,000 miles. It is the most expensive service as the automatic transmission fluid and ATF filter are also replaced. Service A of Mercedes Benz E 350 can cost between 500-700 USD while the Service B cost can reach up to 1000 USA.

Service B is slightly expensive as some of the additional jobs like replacing the brake pads, and accessing the condition of the brake disc are also required. The brake fluid in the hydraulic brake system is also replaced.

How to keep your Mercedes Benz E 350 in good condition?

Follow the tips mentioned below and your E 350 will stay in good condition for many years.

  • The M264 engine in the E 350 has a warm-up phase. After cold starting, the engine waits for a minimum of 2 minutes so that the warm-up phase is over and the engine is at operating temperature.
  • Pair your smartphone with your car, the Mercedes ME connect app can notify you if the onboard battery voltage is critical if the vehicle is not driven for many days.
  • Use the hibernation mode to preserve the battery life if the vehicle is not going to be used for more than 15 days.
  • Do not drive the E 350 under full load conditions for an extended period of time. Always take brakes as informed by the Active attention assist on long road trips.
  • Follow the service schedule as specified by Mercedes Benz and always park the vehicle in a secured and clean spot.

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This blog provided the answer to the question-is the Mercedes Benz E 350 is reliable and explained some of the reasons for its reliability. Mercedes Benz E 350 is very popular among buyers as the maintenance cost is not high and the E 350 offers good performance with a comfortable ride.