Is the Mercedes Benz S class reliable?

This article will answer the following question: is the Mercedes Benz S class reliable? Which Mercedes Benz S class model is most reliable? What are the known problems in the Mercedes Benz S class?

Is the Mercedes Benz S class reliable?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz S class is a reliable car, it is the flagship model of Mercedes Benz and showcases the latest technology in the automotive world. The S class is always developed without worrying about the cost of research and development. In the 1980s, Mercedes Benz also used the slogan ‘ Engineered like no other car’. The reliability and the luxury offered by the S class made it very popular in the luxury car market.

Currently, the S class is in its 7 generation, Model series W223 will be unveiled in September 2020 with production starting in Stuttgart, Germany and later in Pune, India. The majority of the production of the class takes place in Germany to ensure high levels of built quality. The factory in India also uses knockdown kits to assemble the latest generation of S class.

The technology and innovation in the new model of the S class are filtered down to the rest of the different classes in the Mercedes Benz lineup. It also features level 3 autonomy, airbags in the seatbelts and front passenger seats to increase the safety of the rear passengers.

The Mercedes Benz S class is reliable because of the following reasons:

  • Reliable drivetrain

The S class has both petrol and diesel engine options, the petrol engines used in the S class are M 256, M177/176 and the diesel engine is OM656. All the engines are newly developed by Mercedes Benz and do not have any major problems. The M256 is also the first beltless engine, all the ancillary components like the water pump, alternator, and air conditioning system compressor are operated on a 48 V high voltage system.

M177 is the high-performance handbuilt engine used in the S 63 AMG and M176 is based on the M177. Both the engines have proven their reliability and they are also used in other Mercedes Benz models. OM656 is an inline six-cylinder diesel engine, it is the most advanced diesel engine made by Mercedes Benz. The engine block is made from aluminium which makes the engine very light compared to the previous OM 642 engine. The intercooler is liquid-cooled, there are no charge air hoses that can cut overtime and cause reliability issues. OM 656 also has two exhaust gas recirculation systems with an integrated selective catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter. The intake manifold remains clean and malfunctions due to the building up of carbon despite the throttle body being avoided,

Mercedes Benz uses its tried and tested 9G-Tronic 9 speed automatic transmission. The automatic transmission filters are integrated into the oil pan and an auxiliary oil pump is now housed inside the transmission which not only increases its efficiency but also avoids malfunctions observed in the auxiliary oil pump in the 7G-Tronic transmission.

The transmission oil level can be checked easily with the help of ultrasonic special tools so the transmission can stay sealed until the major service after 4 years or 60,000 km.

  • Durable chassis and suspension components

The design of the vehicle body is based on a modular rear architecture which is very durable for rear-wheel-drive cars. S class uses AIRMATIC suspension with sports and comfort modes, the suspension has active body control systems and can vary the damping rates based on the mode selected. This gives more versatility to the handling characteristics of the S class.

The suspension bush and control arms are very strong and can last the service life of the vehicle as long as there is no accidental damage. The European NCAP also gave 5 stars for the crash test of the S class.

What are the known problems in the Mercedes Benz S class?

The S Class doesn’t have any major problems but due to the advanced driving and safety systems, there are more than 100 control units onboard. Following are some of the problems in the S class.

  • Battery drain

The S class has a large battery of 104 Ah and 950 A that powers the onboard communication systems and interior equipment. If the vehicle is not used regularly, the battery will not get sufficient charge and customers will get battery warnings on the Mercedes Me to connect smartphone app.

As there are many control units present in the vehicle, there are chances of parasitic battery drain. Anyone in the control unit can malfunction as it consumes power from the battery even when the vehicle is turned off.

Mercedes Benz programmed various safeguards like battery disconnect switch and battery monitoring systems but if the drain is big it will eventually drain the battery. The only remedy is to identify and replace the malfunctioning control unit.

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It’s the use of reliable technology and advanced manufacturing methods that make the S class the most reliable on road. Mercedes Benz even offers an extended warranty in an advanced assurance program that will cover the cost of any unaccepted repairs.

FAQs: Is the Mercedes Benz S class reliable?

How long does the Mercedes S class last?

The Mercedes Benz S class can easily last for more than 10 years and 100,000 Km. The quality of material used in interior and dashboard trim is very durable, the vehicle body has multiple layers of paint to prevent damage due to corrosion. Mercedes Benz S Class model series W221 and W220 launched almost 15 years ago are used by customers even today.

Is Mercedes S class the best car in the world?

The S class is certainly the best car in the world. It is the most luxurious and best model sold by Mercedes Benz. Every time a new generation of S class is launched it sets new benchmarks in safety and advanced technology. 

Is the 2020 S class reliable?

In 2020, Mercedes Benz launched the seventh generation of the S class. 2 years since its launch no reliability issues were reported. The seventh generation of S class is the most advanced Mercedes Benz car and several tests were performed on the test mule to identify and rectify any reliability issues before the S class was put into mass production. 

Should I buy an E class or an S class?

The E Class is the second most advanced model after the S class. It is also available in the long-wheelbase version with the model series W213. The current generation of the E class is halfway through its life cycle and Mercedes Benz launched the facelift E class last year. If budget is not an issue then S class is any day better than E class but E class also offers a similar level of performance and comfort at a far reasonable price.