Is your Mercedes speaker crackling?

This blog will help to check if your Mercedes Benz Speaker is crackling or not and answer the following questions: what are the different types of speakers used in the Mercedes Benz cars? What to do if your speaker is crackling? Can you install aftermarket speakers in Mercedes Benz cars?

How to check if your Mercedes Benz’s is speaker crackling or not?

To check if your Mercedes Benz speaker is crackling or if it’s just the sound quality issue, the following things must be checked:

  • Sound Equilizer settings
  • Balance and Fade levels
  • Audio source

Sound Equilizer settings

Check the sound equaliser setting, the setting can be found in the sound menu. The media system allows changes to treble, mid-tones and bass. If the equaliser is set towards the bass then try to lower the bass and check if the crackling is still present.

Balance and fade levels

It is possible to change the balance and the fade levels of the audio system. In case any speaker is defective, the crackling noise will either increase or decrease as the balance is shifted towards the defective speaker.

Audio source

Mercedes Benz media systems have multiple input sources, therefore it is important to 

Observe when the crackling noise occurs. If the noise comes only during talking on phone calls then there is no issue in the speakers as the cell phone call quality and interference can lead to little but crackling.

If the crackling disappears after changing the audio source then identify the source and check the sound quality of the file. Songs or audios with low quality have a lot of background interference which the sound amplifier can amplify and create crackling in the speakers.

If the crackling is present all the time despite checking these three things then report to the nearest authorised workshop for further diagnosis. Mercedes Benz workshops have advanced diagnosis scanners that will identify if there is any problem with the speaker. 

Cracking noise can also occur when the vehicle is turned on or turned off, such a type of crackling indicates a malfunction in the sound amplifier control unit of the vehicle. If the fault is not rectified then the complete sound system can become imperative.

What are the different types of speakers used in Mercedes Benz cars?

Mercedes Benz cars have more than 10 speakers in an audio system but the speaker is not identical to each other. Following are the different types of speakers used in the Mercedes Benz passenger cars:

  • Midrange speakers

The mid-range frequencies ideally from 250-2000 Hz are reproduced by the midrange speakers. They are located in the passenger door trims. The midrange speakers are responsible for bringing clarity and mid-tones which the other types of speakers cannot reproduce. 

If there is crackling in any midrange speaker then it is very easily identified as midrange sound is very prominent in all audio sources. The midrange speakers are typically 4-6 inches in size and the shape of the diaphragm is round. A dust cap is glued at the centre of the diaphragm to protect the magnetic coil.

Regardless of premium surround sound or standard; there are a minimum of 4-5 midrange speakers in Mercedes Benz cars

  • Subwoofer

The subwoofer is responsible for producing 20-200 Hz low-frequency sounds. Usually, there is only one subwoofer in the passenger cars. It is located in the legroom or luggage compartment with an enclosed box in order to contain and amplify the bass frequencies. The diaphragm size is typically around 10 -15 inches and in Burmester surround sound system 

A subwoofer is a speaker which typically produces the lowest sound frequencies possible, ranging from 20-200 Hz (Hertz). This bass adds depth and power to your music. These speakers work best with a custom box enclosure to contain and direct the bass frequencies accordingly. Subwoofers are generally placed behind or under the seats, or in the trunk of your car. They typically range in size from 8 inches through to 15 inches.

The subwoofer like other speakers is connected to a sound amplifier but depending on the model there can be a dedicated sound amplifier if the subwoofer is big. Giving a dedicated sound amplifier for the subwoofer reduces the heat and load on the main control unit.

  • Tweeters

The tweeter is installed in the vehicle to reproduce the highest sound frequencies. The frequency range can be from 2000  to 20,000 Hz, and the tweeter can be installed anywhere in the vehicle’s interior due to its small size. Mercedes Benz even has a small actuator that can keep the tweeters hidden in the dashboard and bring them out when the music system is on. 

Tweeters provide clarity to sounds and lyrics in the music, as the tweeters are housed in electronically actuated mechanisms; they can be mounted closer to the passengers. If the vehicle is equipped with a Burmester surround sound system then there can be more than 4 tweeters all connected to the Burmester surround sound system control unit.

The high-end models like Mercedes Mayback have super tweeters as standard tweeters are unable to handle higher frequencies. Super tweeters are capable of producing frequencies above 20k Hz frequency.

What to do if your speaker is crackling?

If the speaker starts to crackle then the diaphragm of the speaker is mostly damaged or not in a good state. Foreign objects can also enter the speaker grill and cause damage to the magnetic coil and the diaphragm. 

Visit the Nearest Mercedes Benz workshop, and the technician can identify whether there is an issue with the speaker or the speaker is not properly seated in the panel. Due to the vibrations, the speaker can also get dislocated from the housing and create noise during operation.

The only remedy, if the speaker is damaged, is to replace it as it is not recommended to repair the malfunctioning speaker. Mercedes Benz’s standard warranty will cover the cost and labour required for the replacement of the speaker.

Is it possible to install an aftermarket speaker in Mercedes Benz?

Yes, after-market speakers can be installed in Mercedes Benz cars. The after-market speakers can only be installed as an auxiliary device and cannot be integrated into the vehicle’s onboard electrical system.

The command operating system or the Media system in Mercedes Benz cars is the master controller for the MOST communication protocol. The sound amplifier control unit is connected to the command operating system via fibre politics lines. Therefore, if the aftermarket speakers are installed by modifying the original sound system, it can cause electrical faults and battery drain issues. Mercedes Benz can even reject the warranty claim if there is an unauthorised modification to the vehicle.

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Mercedes Benz uses premium sound system components in passenger cars. There is also a Burmester surround sound system in high-end models like Mercedes Maybach. Therefore, speaker crackling issues are not common in Mercedes Benz cars.