List of Lexus RX 350 Suspension Issues (5+ Pro Tips)

In this brief article we are going to discuss the Lexus RX 350  suspension issues, what the causes are, and Pro-Tips to effectively deal with these issues.

Top 2 Suspension Problems in the Lexus RX 350

The 2 most common Suspension Problems in the Lexus RX 350 are:

  • Suspension of the car fully lowered
  • Ride-Height Stuck at one level

What suspension does the Lexus RX 350 have?

The third Generation of Lexus RX 350 has front double wishbone and the Rear suspension is also Double Wishbone. The Lexus Height Adjustable AIRS air suspension comes with the F sport package.

What are the common problems with the GX 460 Suspension?

Suspension of the car fully lowered at 4 corners 

  • No noise from the compressor
  • When changing ride height, the Air suspension height indicator light moves from N to H, but is no change in the actual suspension height
  • Poor ride quality

Ride-Height Stuck at one level

  • Ride height is not adjustable and stays at one level
  • When trying to change height, indicator does not move, nor does the suspension

Pro-Tips on How to Deal with GX 460 Air Suspension Issues

Suspension of the car fully lowered

  • Plug-in the OBD II scanner and check for the fault codes
  • If the Fault-codes show C1742 (compressor motor) and C1751 (continuous current to compressor motor), then it could be either the “relay” or “compressor”
  • To verify if it was really the compressor at fault, first RESET the codes (by disconnecting the Battery terminals for 15-30mins and then reconnecting)
  • If the compressor was earlier disabled by the system as a protection, when the fault codes were shown, the compressor will not be able to run again until the system goes back to self-protect mode.
  • So now, if it wasn’t the compressor, then there is almost always a leakage in either the Air Springs or somewhere in the air lines.
  • You can check for leakages using a soap bubble test all along the system

Ride-Height Stuck at one level

  • The most obvious suspect would be the Air Suspension ride-height sensor. If even one of the sensors has gone bad, the whole system will malfunction.
  • Inspect all suspension corner sensors either by jacking and removing the wheels or under a ramp
  • Disconnect the sensor-arm ball-joint and then try to move each sensor manually, you will be able to make out whether its mechanism has seized or not by the freedom of movement
  • If a sensor mechanism has seized, it’s very likely that the chassis mounting bracket would have either cracked or fully broken. Observe for signs of this failure.
  • If there were no cracks found, it is possible to try and repair the sensor by dismantling and cleaning the carbon tracks that signal the suspension height position

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In this brief article we have discussed the Lexus RX 350  suspension issues, what the causes are, and Pro-Tips to effectively deal with these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 


How do you diagnose air suspension problems?

Air suspension problems can be identified by looking out for the following symptoms:

  • Vehicle riding lower than normal

Visually, if the vehicle sits at a lower ride height, it could be that the compressor is worn or is having a problem. Because of this, the compressor may be unable to adequately pressurize the air springs. Due to lower than normal pressure, the vehicle sits and rides lower.

  • Abnormal noises during operation

While the vehicle runs, if there are any unusual sounds, like loud clicking, whine, or grinding, then it could be an indication of an issue with the air suspension compressor. 

  • The compressor does not start/ No compressor working sound

While normal driving, if you never hear any sound of the compressor, that you would have normally heard, it could be that the compressor has an issue, or the software has disabled the compressor due to a detected leakage.

What happens when air suspension fails?

When the air suspension fails one or more of the following could happen:

  • Drastic difference in Ride Quality. It will feel as if there is no suspension
  • Feeling of lack of vehicle stability or control. Since the Air suspension failed, it means that the system would have lost all pressure, which means that there is effectively no spring to maintain tire-o-road contact
  • Suspension warning lights go on

Does Lexus RX 350 have air suspension?

In the 2021 model year. The RX 350 ‘F Sport’ variant comes with Air suspension which is height-adjustable.

How long should struts last on a Lexus?

The average life of the Lexus RX 350 shock absorbers would be 40k to 50k kms.