Mercedes Benz E Class Vs Mercedes Benz S Class: the ultimate comparison.

In this blog, we compare the Mercedes Benz E Class and the S class and give answers to the following questions: which is better; the E class or the S Class? 

Mercedes Benz E Class Vs Mercedes Benz S Class: the ultimate comparison.

The following table compares the key specifications of the E Class and the S Class:

Model/ SpecificationsMercedes Benz E ClassMercedes Benz S
Starting price65,000 USD110,000 USD
Number of passengers54
Width72.91 in76.93 in
Height 57.8 in56.5 in
wheelbase115.71 in122.28 in
Engine optionsInline 4, 6 petrol and dieselInline 6 petrol and diesel, V8 V12 

The S Class is the highest class, it sets new benchmarks in luxury and comfort when it comes to passenger cars.  E Class is the highest-selling model of Mercedes Benz. Despite their differences and target audience, both the two classes are closely matched against each other.

A Closer look at Mercedes Benz E Class

The E Class only gets a high-performance AMG version and no Maybach model is present. Mercedes Mayback is a sub-brand of Mercedes Benz that is focused on making luxurious models and since the E Class is marketed as an executive sedan, it does not get a Maybach model. Recently, Mercedes Benz EQ launched a fully electric EQE in limited markets.

The first generation of the Mercedes Benz E Class model series W124 was a very Iconic car. It helped Mercedes Benz break into international markets like America and Canada. Presently, the E Class model series W 213 is in the fifth generation. It was launched globally in 2016 with a longer wheelbase version available exclusively in China and India. 

The longer wheelbase not only increased the legroom in the rear seats but also allowed space to install reclining seats in the E Class. The latest generation  E Class is also one of the most popular models globally, Mercedes Benz launched a facelift model in 2021. 

The facelift model is launched to keep the model up to date and it acts as a midlife refresh. The Facelift model gets updated AMG front and rear bumpers as standard. Bonnet also has a more muscular look and E Class gets a new engine option in the form of an inline 6-cylinder M256 petrol engine with mild-hybrid tech.

There are different body styles in the E Class, the All-terrain model is in estate style design and offers plenty of luggage space in the back. The soft-top cabriolet comes in an E53 4Matic AMG model along with the two-door coupe model.

Some of the other changes include the MBUX comes as standard in all models with a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment display. The capacitive steering with hands-off detection is also present as an optional extra. 

A Closer look at Mercedes Benz S Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class is the most advanced model in the Mercedes Benz lineup. The S class always gets the new technologies and then they are filtered down to the other classes. It is longer than the E Class but the Mercedes Benz Maybach is an even longer wheelbase version of the standard SS Class. 

The S Class is available in limited engine options compared to the E Class; there is no 4-cylinder engine in the S Class. There is no estate body style, only a two-door coupe in the form of an AMG 63 and a 4 door sedan. The S class was advertised as engineered like no other car, Mercedes Benz did not limit the budget allotted to developing any model in the S class generation. 

Mercedes Benz went as far as hiring the Porsche consultancy service to help design and manufacture other models like the W124 500e because Mercedes engineers were busy developing the S Class. 

In 2020, Mercedes Benz launched the seventh generation of the S Class with the model series W223. The S Class also brought new innovations like rear-seat airbags with an ambient air inflation system to increase the safety of the rear passengers. 

Advanced driver assistance system like active blindspot assist is now integrated with the ambient lights in the vehicle. The interior is also completely redesigned and it is so futuristic compared to the outgoing model, the upper and lower control panel is not integrated with the large central display. The heads-up and the artificial reality display are also optional extras.

The latest S Class is now longer and taller compared to the previous model, there is more space on the inside of the vehicle. Exteriors are cleverly designed with a good balance between aggressive lines and elegant side skirts. High-performance LED headlights are standard across all models and only the S 350d had a rear-wheel-drive option. All the other models come with 4 Matic drivetrains.

The S class built in Germany has 4-wheel steering; the rear wheels can move independently with respect to the front wheels. This helps to reduce the turn-in circle of the new model despite the increase in wheelbase. The only exception is the S class manufactured in the Pune, Chakan plant; there is no 4-wheel steering in the models assembled from the complete knock-down kits.

Engine options include inline 6 and V8 configurations with mild-hybrid technology. The integrated starter-alternator is present in a few models; the electric motor integrated into the automatic transmission can not only charge the onboard electrical system but also provide an additional boost of 25 horsepower. 

Although the E Class is known for its reliability and has won many awards in the past, the S Class is also very reliable. Extensive testing is performed on the pre-production models and advanced production techniques ensure the quality of the production is consistent. 

Which is better: the E Class or the S Class?

The Mercedes Benz S Class is better, it has all the latest driver assistance systems.  The E Class is based on the 2016 model and the new generation of the E Class is currently in the development phase. The ride quality and the performance available in the S Class are not matched by any other models. 

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The E Class and S Class are great cars, if you want to get the most luxurious and advanced car on sale today then the S class will be the best choice. The E class also offers features like autonomous driving at a reasonable price but the current model is getting old and does not compete against the latest S Class.