Mercedes Benz e350 luxury vs E350 sports model?

In this blog, we will find out the differences between the Mercedes Benz E350 luxury and the E 350 sports model. This blog will also answer the following questions: which one should you buy? 

What are the differences between the Mercedes Benz E 350 luxury vs the E350 sports model?

The differences between the Mercedes Benz E350 luxury vs the E 350 sports models are as follows:

  • Front design
  • Side Profile
  • Rear Design
  • Wheels
  • Suspension

All the key differences between the Mercedes Benz E350 Luxury and E 350 sports are explained below:

  • Front design

Mercedes Benz introduced the E 350 luxury and sports model in the facelift model of the W212 fourth generation of the E class. One of the most prominent differences between the two models was the Front design. The front bumper on the E 350 sports model had a front splitter made completely in chrome trim, the grille of the sports model was wider and more open and the standing star logo was replaced by a flat logo sticker. Overall the E350 model looked more aggressive.

The E 350 sports model’s front grille was more similar to the Mercedes Benz S Class grille with more horizontal lines covering up the open space. There was no splitter on the front number and the standing star logo came as standard with the luxury model. The E 350 luxury looked more relaxed from the front, there were minimum design elements which made it look more luxurious.

  • Side profile

Apart from the change in the front end of the car, the luxury and the sports model had subtle changes in the exterior of the car. In the sports model, the design of the side skirts was longer and lower, it gave a slightly lowered look to the sports model. On the luxury model, the side skirt had a chrome strip running across the wheelbase of the car all the way to the back bumper, emphasising the long wheelbase even though there are no changes to the wheelbase in both the models.

  • Rear Design

The rear bumper of the sports model had a different bumper apron because of the dual exhaust tips sticking out of the bumper. The luxury model had a more clean look in the back with no exhaust tips visible from the back. The Sports model also got an AMG spoiler on the trunk, the trunk of the luxury car looks less busy with no additional spoiler on the trunk gate.

  • Wheels

The alloy wheels were also one of the most distinguished changes between the luxury and the sports model. The luxury model had high-profile tyres along with the standard Mercedes Benz 17-inch alloy wheels.

The E350 sports model on the other hand came with 18-inch AMG alloy wheels and low-profile tyres. High-profile tyres are more suited to providing more comfort as the additional tyre profile helps in reducing the shocks due to bumps in the road. The noise and vibration levels are also significantly lowered in the E350 luxury model due to the high-profile tyres.

The E350 sports rides on low-profile tyres which are more suited for good handling and feedback from the road surface. 

  • Suspension

The suspension setup on the luxury and the sports E 350 was different. Mercedes Benz was fully committed to making the Sport version perform better instead of just bringing cosmetic changes and calling it sports. 

The E 350 sports model had a lower ride height in order to lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle. The shock absorbers were also tuned to make the ride stiffer. The rear ride height was higher compared to the front which not only gave the sports model a sporty look but also made it more stable at higher speeds. 

The E 350 luxury used a more comfortable suspension setup, the body roll was significant in the corners but the overall ride quality was very plush.

The fourth-generation E class W212 facelift was one of the most selling models in the Mercedes Benz product range. It is also well built and very reliable. The E 350 luxury and sports model were powered by a 3.5-litre M272 engine that produced around 300 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. 

There were no changes in the tuning of the engine between the sports and the luxury model. The M272 in the E 350 was naturally aspirated but Mercedes Benz used a variable intake manifold.

The variable intake manifold of the M272 had flaps operated by the engine control unit using vacuum actuators. Based on the engine speed and load the airflow in the intake manifold was directed in a shorter path or longer path before reaching the intake valves.

6 electronic fuel injectors housed in the intake manifold sprayed the fuel and as soon as the intake valves were open a negative pulse generated within the manifold reduced the cylinder charging times. This effect replicated the use of forced air induction by using a turbocharger or a supercharger. 

There were no changes in the fuel efficiency of the E 350 luxury and sports model, the E 350 has a fuel efficiency of 20 miles per gallon in the city and 29 mpg on the highways. 0-100 km per hour was achieved in 6.3 seconds which was respectable for a sports sedan at the time. The mechanical setup remained unchanged apart from stiffer suspension in the sports model.

Should you buy the E 350 luxury or the sports model?

As both models have the same engine and transmission it all comes down to the looks and the driving aspect of the car. If you want a car that stands out from the crowd then the E 350 sports does the job pretty well.

Its lowered ride height and the AMG alloy give it distinguished looks, the luxury E 350 is very discreet on road. There is no striking design which makes it stand out. The standing Mercedes Benz star on the bonnet is the only design element which pops out on the luxury model.

The interior of both the cars is pretty much the same, the three-spoke steering wheel is not changed in the sports model. However, the sports model gets an AMG accelerator and brake pedals. The overall design of the inside is very neutral and elegant, Mercedes Benz has good design packages so that customers can customise the interior of their cars.

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The Mercedes Benz managed to give two different styling to the E 350 luxury and the sports model. The E 350 sports was a good handling car but the sales figures of both the models were nearly identical. The E 350 also came with maximum safety features, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) also gave the top safety picks + award to the E Class which is the highest rating in the safety standards in a  vehicle.