How much does the new Mercedes Benz W 206 C Class cost?

This blog will answer the following questions: How much does the new Mercedes Benz W 206 C Class cost? What are the specifications of the W 206 C Class? What are the different models available in the W 206 C Class?

How much does the new Mercedes Benz W 206 C Class cost?

Mercedes Benz launched the fifth generation of the C Class model series W 206 at $43,550. It is a very reasonably priced full-size sedan. The new C class also comes in a 5-door estate body style or T model which is priced at  $47,500. The 4 Matic model costs $2000 more than the rear-wheel drive model. The high-performance AMG models are currently under development and they will launch next year.

The 2022 W206 C Class is based on the new MRA-II or second generation of the modular rear architecture platform. The overall design is heavily inspired by the new S Class, many car journalists are calling it the baby S Class due to the similarities in the design.

The 2022 C Class also features rear axle steering, it is the first time this feature is available in the C Class segment. The rear wheels can turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds and thus reducing the turning radius. 

At high speeds, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheel. This improves the high-speed stability, especially during lane changes. Driver assistance systems like active brake assist, rearview camera, blind spot assist with exit warning, and attention assists come as standard in the base model.

The interior design is also similar to the S Class, there is an 11.9-inch touchscreen in the center console. All the vehicle systems can be accessed by the touch screen. The instrument cluster is also completely digital with a 12.3-inch screen. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather and comes with touch control buttons.

The latest generation of the MBUX or Mercedes Benz user experience allows for personalization of the vehicle settings. Customers can save these settings in different profiles which can be accessed by biometric authentication.  A fingerprint sensor is built into the lower control panel under the main display.

What are the specifications of the W 206 C Class?

The specifications of the W 206 C Class are listed in the table below.

Specifications W 206 Mercedes Benz C Class
Engine Inline 4 cylinder petrol and diesel engines
Transmission 9 G-Tronic automatic transmission
Wheelbase 286.5 cm
Width 182.0 cm
Height 143.7cm
Number of seats5
Trunk capacity455 liters

The new C Class has a longer wheelbase compared to the old model and it is also wider. Therefore there is more space in the interior. The legroom in the front and rear is 41.7 in and 36.0 in respectively.

The headroom has also improved significantly, it is 37.5 in and can easily accommodate three adults in the rear seats. The rear seats can also be folded completely by pressing the release switch located in the trunk. This is the first time folded seats are available in the C Class and it increases the luggage capacity.

On the exterior, the C Class W 206 comes in the AMG line and an Avant Garde version. The AMG line has a more sporty design, the front bumper has the new Mercedes Benz star grille. On the rear bumper, there are two chrome exhaust tips.

The wheels on the AMG line version are 19 inches and come in multi-spoke as well as a 5-spoke design. Digital LED headlights are standard in both versions and the tail lights are divided between the trunk and rear bumper. This gives the C Class a bigger look from the back.

What are the different models available in the W 206 C Class?

The 2022 W 206 Class has petrol, diesel as well as hybrid engine options. The high-performance models like C 43 and C 63 AMG will launch next year. Following are the C class model currency available on sale.

Petrol engine models

models/ specsMax powerTop speed0- 60MPHFuel economy (combined)
C 180170 hp144 Mph8.6 sec38 MPG
C 200/ C200 4MATIC204 hp153/ 150 Mph7.3 / 7.1 sec38/ 36 MPG
C300/ C300 4MATIC258 hp155 6.036/ 34 MPG

The petrol engine available in the W206 C class is inline 4 Cylinder M254 engine. It is the newly developed petrol engine that replaces the M274. in C 180 and C 200 models, the M254 comes with a 48 V electric motor.

The electric motor is an integrated starter generator located between the flywheel and the torque converter of the automatic transmission. The electric motor is capable of starting the engine and also charging the 48 V onboard electrical battery.

Mercedes Benz is calling the 48 V mild hybrid technology an EQ boost. The electric motor can give an additional 20 horsepower of a boost to the output of the internal combustion engine. The ancillary components like the air conditioning compressor and coolant water pump are also powered by the 48 V electrical system.

The C 300 and the C 300 4 Matic models do not have the 48 V electrical system and the M254 is 2.0 liter in displacement. The M254 also has Camtronic on the intake side; when the engine is under full load condition, the intake camshaft switches from a small valve lift to a larger valve lift. Allowing more air to enter the combustion chamber.

Diesel engine models

models/ specsMax powerTop speed0- 60MPHFuel economy (combined)
C 200d163 hp143 Mph7.7 sec56 MPG
C 220d/ C220d 4Matic200 hp152/150 Mph7.3/7.1 sec47/ 52 MPG
C300d/ C300d 4MATIC265 hp155 5.7/5.9 sec47 MPG

The diesel models in the W 206 C class are powered by the 2.0 liter OM 654 diesel engine with a 48 V mild hybrid technology. The OM 654 comes with an exhaust gas after-treatment system, Adblue is injected into the exhaust system to reduce the NOX levels.

The OM 654 is very refined due to its lightweight construction, the engine block and cylinder head are made from aluminum. The pistons and connecting rods are forged to withstand the compression pressure of up to 29 bars.

Plug-in hybrid model

models/ specsMax powerTop speed0- 60MPHFuel economy (combined)
C 300 e313 hp152 Mph6.1 sec38 MPG

The plugin hybrid is only available in the petrol engine model. The capacity of the high voltage battery pack is 25.4 kWh and the WLTP range is around 100 km or 60 miles.

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This blog listed the specification of the new W206 C class and also gave information on the different models available for sale in the C class. The New C Class offers good value for money and the C 300/ C 300d 4 Matic model is the best because it comes in AMG line and all-wheel drive drivetrain.