How to Fix Common Morryde Suspension Issues? (3 Main Problems)

In this brief article we are going to discuss the different Morryde Suspension problems, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

What are the most common Morryde suspension issues? 

The most common Morryde suspension issues are:

  • Shackle breakage
  • Shear Spring Failure
  • Leaf Spring breakage 

Morryde Trailer Suspension Products

Morryde Trailer Suspension are aftermarket solutions for axles and suspensions of Trailers

THe main feature of Morryde is in the use of Rubber buffers that serve to damp out High-frequency vibrational inputs to the trailer body. The Tandem axle suspension products provide a more robust solution as compared to the rest of the aftermarket products using thicker gauge metal for brackets.

Different Trailer Suspension Products of Morryde

Independent Suspension 

The Independent suspension works with an individual axle. Instead of leaf or coil springs, it incorporates a Rubber Shear Spring about which the axle rotates, providing a soft and damped ride quality.

Tandem Axle Suspension

The CRE 3000 and the SRE 4000 are products that work in conjunction with the leaf spring suspension and effectively balance loads between the forward and rearward axles with the help of an Equalizer that has rubber buffers incorporated within.

Equalizer Shackle Breakage

  • Some tandem axles have a Load-Balancer Bracket or Equalizer, which transfers the weight between the two axles
  • In salty and moist conditions, this is prone to rusting and, in some extreme cases, disintegration
  • In most branded axle products, the spares would be available for a replacement

Independent Shear Rubber Failure

  • This is a failure with the Morryde RL
  • The reason this happens is the weathering of rubber and crack formation due to fatigue
  • The Rubber structure is in layer/laminar formation so there are layers built into the rubber across the cross-section. While Microcracks are acceptable upto a depth of less than ¾”, anything beyond that affects the stiffness of the buffer and requires immediate replacement

Leaf Spring Failure

  • This happens with the heavy duty CRE3000 or the SRE 4000 as well
  • Overloading could be one factor that led to this failure
  • More often than not, the regular servicing and lubrication of leaf springs, especially semi elliptic, must be done as a routine
  • One more reason for this failure is that in the CRE 3000, if the load balancer/equalizer hinge is not smoothly rotating, it will lock the spring and tend to transfer more load to one spring. The resulting excess load could lead to the leaf spring failure
  • Leaf Spring manufacturers also do experience variations in quality. There are good chances that the leaf spring that broke was part of a defective batch


In this brief article we have discussed the different Morryde Suspension problems, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

In case of any questions or queries, please feel free to ask.