List of Air Suspension Issues in the Outlander Max (Expert Opinions)

In this brief article we are going to discuss the different Outlander max limited air Suspension problems, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

What are the most common Outlander max limited air suspension issues? 

The most common Outlander max limited air suspension issues are:

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Outlander max limited air Suspension

Can-am is a manufacturer of Off-Road Recreational vehicles that are meant to handle any kind of terrain. Accordingly, the suspension set-up is long-travel and heavy duty. The Can-Am Outlander is a Quad Bike that runs on a 1000cc engine.

The Max Limited air suspension System in the Can-Am Outlander is also called ‘Air Control System’ or ACS. The system has an air compressor, Valve block, Pressure accumulator, Ride height sensors and the ACS Control Module computer that controls the functioning. Ride height is selectable in 6 steps for the front and rear. 

Air Suspension not working after Swamping

  • After getting stuck in a swamp, the air suspension stops working
  • Even if all water has been removed, the system still does not respond
  • Make sure all water has been removed from all the air suspension lines
  • Detach the inlet and outlet of the compressor and ensure that all water has been removed
  • The issue seems to be a electrical shorting that may have blown out a fuse
  • Check all the fuses and replace where necessary
  • More often than not, the control module invariably ges damaged with water ingress and would need replacement
  • The compressor also gets damaged in a majority of cases where water submersion was involved. If the compressor cannot get to work after rebuilding, then replacing the compressor is the only option
  • To avoid this failure, it would be best to avoid swamping the vehicle where possible
  • Apply “Dielectric Grease” at all suspension module electric connectors as shown in the picture below

Ride level not working properly

  • When adjusting to a medium ride height, the rear height goes all the way up
  • Properly ride level selection not possible
  • Problems in the air suspension that involve ride height would mostly be connected to the Ride height sensor. 
  • Broken or malfunctioning height sensors will cause this sort of height adjustment problem
  • In a majority of cases, sensor malfunction does not display a diagnostic error
  • If sensor replacement does not solve the issue, then you need to look into the control module functioning 

Axle Breakage

  • Axle breakage while hard trails riding
  • This usually happens just after being airborne, and almost always at the rear axles
  • When the car is about to land, ideally there must be no throttle input
  • If the throttle is on while landing from a jump, the engine’s turbocharged output spins the axle at extremely high rotational speed. At this instant, the rotating axle, being suddenly decelerated by hitting ground, undergoes extreme bending and torsional stresses all at the same instant leading to a premature breakage
  • The remedy for the issue would be to either be careful about throttle , or Upgrade the axle to a beefier design using an aftermarket solution.


In this brief article we have discussed the different  Outlander max limited air Suspension problems, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.