List of Reasons for BMW Mirrors Not Opening (3+ Main Causes)

The BMW outside rearview not opening is a problem that can occur for several reasons. First, this article will explain the “my BMW mirrors won’t open” problem. Then, while explaining the broken rearview mirror on a BMW, we will explain the different reasons.

It’s not just in BMW. Any car with powered side view mirrors might face the issue where the side mirror doesn’t open. The electrically operated rearview mirror consists of a complex mechanical system controlled by an electrical circuit. However, the working of the outside rearview mirror is quite simple. A switch is given on the driver’s side door of the vehicle, which, when pressed, opens and closes the rearview mirror. Moreover, in some vehicles, a relay is attached to the rearview mirror; thus, when the driver presses the lock or the unlock button on the car key, the rearview mirror opens or closes, respectively.

The rearview mirrors in a BMW can be damaged due to several things. Thus the damage to the rearview mirror can cause the mirror to open or close. The most common reasons behind an inoperable rearview are as follows.

Reasons behind the BMW mirrors not opening.

  • The mechanical system is damaged.
  • The electrical wiring is damaged.
  • The fuse is blown
  •  Ice formation on the rearview mirror

These are some of the reasons behind the functionality of the rearview mirror on a BMW. Below we will explain each cause in detail.

Failure in the mechanical system

The mechanical system of the rearview mirror consists of a series of pins. These pins are made out of plastic and can be easily broken. Now, if the mirror in the BMW is operable, there are chances that the plastic pins are broken. The plastic pins allow the mirror to rotate freely during closing and opening. Moreover, the breaking down of these pins can also cause the mirror to open beyond a certain point. Therefore, the pins in the mechanical system on the rearview mirror are extremely delicate.

The pins on the rearview mirror can be broken due to several reasons. Such as in an accident or by closing the mirror manually. Many people who don’t know that the mirror in your car is electrically operated might close the mirror manually. In such a case, the plastic pins present for the opening and closing of the mirror might break. You need to get the complete rearview mirror assembly changed in such a situation.

Electrical damages

Since the rearview mirror is a combination of electrical and mechanical systems, there are chances that the mechanical system is perfect while the electrical system is damaged. The electrical system consists of a motor connected to the car battery for drawing power. When the driver’s handle button is pressed, the circuit is complete, and the motor starts to rotate. The motor then causes the movement of the rearview mirror outside. 

But in some scenarios, the motor will be in working condition, but when you press the switch on your BMW, the rearview mirror doesn’t open. This condition will arise due to bad electrical wiring, which might have got damaged due to overload.

Moreover, even the motor and the switch can get damaged because, with continuous use, the contacts in the switch get stuck while the motor power fades away. Hence electrical problems in your BMW can be the reason behind the broken power side mirror.

Blown Fuse

The mechanism of the power mirror is operated by using an electric motor connected to the car battery. Now since electricity is used to operate the rearview mirror, a failsafe is provided in the system. This failsafe is the fuse which consists of a small metal plate. Thus if there is a short circuit in the electrical circuit, then the failsafe, which is the fuse, is blown so that any hazard can be prevented from happening. 

In most cars, there is no designated fuse for the rearview mirror. Thus, before performing and dismantling the rearview mirror, you should first check the fuse of the door module. If the door module fuse is damaged, you must change it, and the rearview mirror will start working again.

Ice formation on the mirror

This isn’t a common problem. The ice formation on the rearview mirror mechanism only occurs in the area where there is heavy snowfall. Thus when the ice gets stuck in the rearview mirror mechanism, the movement of the mirror is hindered. You can only wait until the ice melts to open the rearview mirror in such a scenario.

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In this article, we have successfully addressed the “my BMW mirrors won’t open” problem. To address the problem, we have explained the various causes of the hindrance in operating the rearview mirror on your BMW. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): my BMW mirrors won’t open

How do I reset the power mirror?

To reset the power-fold feature, use the power folding mirror control to fold or unfold the mirrors. When you reset the mirror, you will hear a high-pitched noise. Don’t worry, this sound is normal.

Why is my car mirror not working?

The power mirror relies on numerous pins, and if these pins are broken, the power mirror won’t open or close. Moreover, if the fuse is blown, the power mirror won’t move in the case.

How do Side mirrors work?

Each rearview mirror has two DC motors. When the switch is pressed, the electricity flows through the DC motor, and the mirror moves in the intended direction. However, when the same switch is pressed in the opposite direction, the direction of electricity is reversed, causing a different action in the mirror.