How to Fix a Car Door Not Opening From the Inside? (5+ Common Causes)

This article will explain the problem “my car door won’t open from the inside”. While addressing the issue, we will explain the procedure to fix the door if it isn’t opening from inside. Moreover, we will also explain the different diagnoses methods while examining the faulty door.

Reasons behind why my car door won’t open from the inside.

  • Connection issues
  • Rust and dirt accumulation
  • Damage in the core structure
  • Deadlocks
  • Broken Lock
  • Door is damaged

The door of a car can get stuck due to different reasons. However, the most common reason behind the car door not opening is a dent in the door. However, there can be other reasons as well, and in this section, we will explain a way to fix the problem of doors not opening from inside.

  • Before overhauling the faulty door in your car, you must examine if the safety lock on the door is switched on. If the safety lock is engaged, then disengage it. Disengaging it will open the door of your vehicle.
  • If the safety lock is disengaged, then the problem lies in the door mechanism. If the door on your car has manual windows, you need to remove the screw present on the centre of the handle. If there is no screw, then there will be a retaining clip. Remove the retaining clip.
  • After removing the clip or screw, remove the inner door handle and look for a screw in the bezel present under the handle lever. Some handles don’t have a screw but are fitted by locks, which are disengaged by sliding the bezel forward or backwards. 
  • Examine the handle for breakages. Moreover, a wire will be connected to the door handle. If you find that the cable isn’t connected to the handle, you have diagnosed the issue. To fix this problem, you need a new clip or handle
  • To replace the handle, you need to remove the door panel by unscrewing the retaining screws. These screws are generally present on the bottom of each side. Moreover, one screw can also be under the armrest depending on the make and model of the car.
  • Remove the screws from the door panel until they are completely out and the door panel pulls out of the door.
  • For removing the door panel, move the door panel up to clear the window and door lock button. Now remove the power window switches and lights if your car has power windows.
  • Remove the plastic vapour barrier and put it aside for reinstallation.
  • Examine the cables and linkage rods present at the latch end. Moreover, many cars use plastic clips to retain the cable or rod to the latch mechanism. Check these clips and cable as well. 
  • Close the door and allow it to latch. If it still doesn’t latch, you need to replace the latch.

Diagnosing the faulty car door

To fix the faulty car door, you first need to examine the door for diagnosing the issue present on the car door. To identify the problem with your door, you need to check the following things.

Connection issues

A common reason for the car door locks to get jammed is the damage to the car door latch. While diagnosing the issue behind the faulty door, you need to check all the internal and external connections, door lock cylinder and interior locking switch. If the car door isn’t opening, it will be due to one of the three positions.

Rust and dirt accumulation

Another reason that might hinder the door’s opening is the collection of dust or dirt. Because the accumulation of dirt creates moisture present in the metal, which causes rusting on the door, and the door’s latch gets damaged. 

Damage in the core structure

The core structure of the door can get damaged due to an accident. Thus during the accident, the door latch can get damaged, leading to the lock getting damaged. In addition, when an accident occurs, the door latch might get disconnected from the door lock assembly. 


This issue generally occurs because of a specific feature that has been installed in certain car models. The deadlock feature can activate due to a button on the remote which activates the lock.

Broken Lock

If the single lock is broken on the car door, then the door won’t open from the inside or outside. The issue can be resolved by getting the lock working again. Moreover, a broken lock is an indication of weak car parts. Thus it should be checked during repairs.

Door is damaged

The last reason behind a faulty door lock is the damage to the door. Getting damages on the car door is possible because it is exposed to suffering damages caused during accidents. Thus, opening the door from inside and outside will be extremely difficult in such a scenario.


In this article, we have successfully addressed the problem “my car door won’t open from the inside.” While explaining the problem of the door not opening from inside, we have explained the troubleshooting method to fix your door. In addition, before applying the troubleshooting method, we have also explained the various ways of diagnosing the problem in your car door. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): my car door won’t open from the inside.

How much does it cost to fix a door which doesn’t open from inside?

Fixing a car door lock generally costs between $50-$200 at a local workshop run by a private owner. However, if you take your vehicle to the service centre, getting your lock fixed can cost you $200-$600. Moreover, the cost also depends on the fault.

Why does my car door only open from the outside?

If the car door only opens from inside or outside, but not both, then the fault lies in the mechanics present inside the door. The most likely cause is the door is due to the loose or broken rod or cable which connects the non-working door handle to the latch.

How do you fix the door which doesn’t open from either side?

To fix the door which doesn’t open from either side, you need to follow this procedure

  • Lubricate the lock if sticking.
  • Use a new key or install a new lock.
  • Remove the door panel and inspect the issues.
  • Check to see if the latch is broken.
  • Get a locksmith for repairing the lock.

Why won’t my power door locks work?

Several reasons can cause the power locks to stop working. One of the common problems users face is the dead battery in the key fob. People generally don’t notice the batteries in the key fob, but mostly they are responsible for the non-functionality of the car door.