List of Reasons Why the VW Panoramic Sunroof Won’t Close (9+ DIY Steps)

This article will address the reasons why the VW panoramic sunroof won’t close. The article will first explain the different reasons that can cause a faulty panoramic sunroof. Post explaining the causes of the problem and explaining a way to close the panoramic sunroof manually.

The panoramic sunroof on Volkswagen can be witnessed in the higher end vehicles of the company, such as the VW Tiguan. The panoramic sunroof is the advanced version of the conventional sunroof. Compared to the conventional sunroof, it covers the complete roof of the vehicle. Moreover, the panoramic sunroof provides better light than the conventional sunroof, covering a greater area.

In a panoramic sunroof, not only the sunroof is glass. But the whole roof of the car is made of tinted glass. The working of the panoramic sunroof is the same. It has an electric motor responsible for its movement, the tracks on which the roof moves, and a switch present in the cabin.

Thus, the problems which the panoramic sunroof faces are similar to the problems faced by conventional sunroofs. The problems faced by the sunroof are as follows.

Reasons why the VW panoramic sunroof won’t close

The reasons behind the sunroof not closing problem, are as follows:-

  • Clogging of the sunroof tracks.
  • Blown Fuse of the sunroof system
  • Faulty Sunroof motor 
  • Faulty sunroof switch

Explanation of the Problems in a VW sunroof

Clogging of the sunroof tracks.

The clogging of the sunroof track is a common problem that causes the sunroof to not close and open. Therefore to get rid of the problem, a person needs to clean the sunroof tracks regularly.

Blown Fuse of the sunroof system

The sunroof is operated with the help of an electric motor that is located in the front reading lights panel. THe Fuse of the sunroof electrical circuit is present in the fuse box. If the fuse box gets blown, then you need to access the fuse box and replace the fuse.

Faulty Sunroof motor 

There are many chances that the motor of the sunroof gets damaged. If the motor gets damaged, then you need to get the motor replaced as soon as possible.

Faulty sunroof switch

The other component which can get faulty on the sunroof is the switch. The sunroof switch consists of metal contacts that, with time, get rusted and hence fix the switch. First, you need to open the sunroof switch and clean the metal contacts. 

Procedure to close the sunroof, which is not closing.

A sunroof that gets stuck in the open position can be closed on a VW pretty easily. However, to close the sunroof manually, a person must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Sometimes a person tries to close the sunroof the conventional way on a VW. However, the sunroof doesn’t close. 
  • In such a scenario, a person should open the plastic cover behind the front reading lights of the car. 
  • Removing the plastic cover is pretty easy. You need to slide the cover open. The plastic locks will come out as you slide, and you can remove the cover.
  • Once the plastic cover is removed, you will be able to see the sunroof motor attached to the car’s roof. 
  • An Allen key will be attached to the sunroof motor. Slowly remove the Allen key from the motor.
  • On the center of the sunroof motor, there will be a bolt with a similar head as that of the Allen key.
  • Put the Allen key in that hole and start rotating the Allen key in the anti-clockwise direction. 
  • As you start to rotate the Allen key in the anti-clockwise direction, the sunroof will start to close. Keep rotating the Allen key until the sunroof is completely closed.
  • The Allen key is used to open the roof as well. To open the roof, you need to rotate the Allen key clockwise.
  • Once the sunroof is closed, the Allen key is back in its original position. Then put the plastic cover back on the top of the sunroof motor.


In this article, we have successfully addressed the “reasons why the VW panoramic sunroof won’t close. The sunroof in a vehicle is meant to operate with delicacy and care. However, suppose the sunroof is operated harshly. In that case, there are high chances of the sunroof getting faulty, and the different faults that can happen due to inappropriate and careless usage are explained in the article above. Moreover, a procedure to close the sunroof manually is also explained in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): VW panoramic sunroof won’t close

How do I reset my Volkswagen sunroof?

Keep the rotating button of the sunroof in the closed position and hold the button in the open position for 20 seconds. Then the sunroof will open to about half and will eventually close back.

How to fix the sunroof which won’t close?

To fix the sunroof, which doesn’t closely follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  1. Access the lift arms of the sunroof.
  2. Lift the sunroof cable as it might get into the paths of the guides
  3. Make sure that the sunroof is running properly
  4. Check the sunroof wiring for shortages.

Does the sunroof leak?

A sunroof can leak if the rubber seal around it is damaged. Moreover, if the roof’s glass is broken, then the sunroof of the car can leak. 

Where is the sunroof motor located?

The sunroof motor is located under the headliner and is attached to the sunroof regulator assembly. The regulator assembly causes the sunroof to open and close.