Should you appeal or pay a Euro Car parks fine?

This blog will answer the following questions: should you appeal or pay a Euro car parks fine? How to appeal a euro car parks fine? How to pay a Euro car parks fine? What are Euro car parks? What are the services provided by Euro car parks?

Should you appeal or pay a Euro Car park fine?

You should pay a Euro car park fine as the fine is only issued if the parked car has breached the terms and conditions set by the ECP. However, if you think the parking fine is unfair then it is possible to appeal a Euro car parks fine or parking ticket. Moreover, the fine or parking charge notice is not enforceable as it is a private company.

Euro car parks operate many car parks across the UK and other European countries. The car parks are secured by a fence with 24 hours CCTV camera surveillance. Drivers can park their cars and pay on an hourly basis.

If the parking duration of the car is exceeded then an ECP patrol officer will issue a parking charge notice. The parking charge notice is an invoice that contains a fine, it can also be issued if a driver failed to display a valid permit or parked the car in a disabled parking bay.

A grace period of 10 – 15 min is given for each parked car because euro car parks is a member of the British parking association. If a fine or parking charge notice is issued to you without any grace period then you should definitely appeal against the notice. Submit any pictures or CCTV footage at the time of the appeal.

A grace period allows you to exit the car park even after your parking time has expired. The grace period starts at the end of the parking period so you should check the time when the parking charge notice was issued. 

The ECP patrol office will leave the PCN on the windshield of the car. In some cases, the invoice may be delivered to the postal address of the driver.

How to appeal a Euro car parks fine?

The procedure to appeal a Euro Car parks fine or a parking charge notice is explained below.

  • Go to the Euro car parks online website and select the appeal tab, it is present on the left side of the screen
  • Proceed to fill information in the first step. The information includes the parking charge number, vehicle registration number, and contact details of the vehicle owner.
  • The next steps include adding the personal details of the driver and the date and time the vehicle was parked.
  • After filling in the personal details, drivers can submit their appeals and any evidence that can help them win the appeal.
  • Lastly, click the submit button and complete the process to appeal.

Always write a proper appeal and include as many reasons as possible. You can state your purpose of visit and if it is a genuine reason, Euro car parks will cancel your fine. However, there are cases where the appeal was rejected.

If the appeal is rejected, the 40 percent discount on the fine that is valid for the first two weeks is no longer applicable. If you are not satisfied with the result of the appeal, it is possible to approach an independent appeal service. 

As the Euro car park is a member of the British parking association, they must agree to the decision made by the independent appeal service. One of the most used services is POPLA which stands for parking on private land Appeals.

You will require a 10-digit verification code, parking charge notice number, vehicle registration number, and evidence. The 10-digit code is given when you the result of the appeal and it is valid for only 28 days. The appeal can be started on the POPLA website.

How to pay a Euro car parks fine?

A Euro car park fine can be paid in the following ways:

  • Pay by phone

This system is completely cashless, customers can use their debit and credit cards to pay for parking as well as settle any parking fines. If the parking time is expiring, the drivers will also get an SMS. 

The phone line is automated and the number is 020 3553 4559. It is a toll-free number and no additional charges are applied when paying the parking charge notice. All bank debit or credit cards can be used but the use of American Express can be limited in some areas.

  • Pay on site

The parking fine can be paid on the site of the parking lot. There are kiosk machines that collect the fines. Drivers only need a parking charge number to pay the fine. It is possible to use debit and credit cards or cash. Some parking locations have solar-powered machines that are operational 24 hours.

  • Pay online

Online payment can be made from the ECP official website. Simply enter the parking charge notice number and vehicle registration number. The website then redirects to a secure payment portal where the customers can use debit or credit cards and online banking options to pay the fine. This is a fast and secure method to pay parking fines.

If the transaction fails the money is refunded in 6 working days and costumes can try different payment methods. Meanwhile, the parking charge notice will be displayed as outstanding against the PCN number.

  • Pay by cheque

The PCN payment can also be made by a cheque. There can be process charges or 2-3 £, the charges also depend on the Bank. customer must fill the check properly, it is payable to Euro car parks Ltd. the mailing address is given below:





Payment can be canceled if the cheque is post date or an incorrect amount is entered on the cheque. Do not send cash to this address as cash payments are not accepted. Write the PCN number, vehicle registration number, and the location of the parking lot at the back of the check.


Euro car parks is one of the biggest companies that operate car parks across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. They deal with more than 500,000 motorists on a daily basis. Therefore, the process of appeal can take time. If the fine is not paid ECP can send you notices and also add additional fines to the existing PCN. if the notices are still ignored then ECP can take you to court, the court will give the final verdict.