Should you buy a used Mercedes Benz CLA 250?

This blog will answer the following questions: should you buy a used Mercedes Benz CLA 250? What are the things to check before buying a used CLA 250? What are some of the common problems with the CLA 250? 

Should you buy a used Mercedes Benz CLA 250?

Yes, you should buy a used Mercedes Benz CLA 250. The Mercedes Benz CLA 250 is a well-built model and it will easily last long. The CLA is one of the new generation cars which uses a front engine and front-wheel-drive layout. It is based on the A CLass chassis. In markets like India and Southeast Asia; Used CLA is very popular as Mercedes Benz discontinued the CLA 250 model and replaced it with the Mercedes Benz A limousine.

The exterior design of the CLA is very aerodynamic and a 2.0 litre inline 4 cylinder engine means CLA 250 gives a fuel efficiency of 28 miles per gallon combined. The headroom is slightly cramped in the back but the frameless doors and large windows allow plenty of natural light in the cabin giving it a spacious look.

The CLA 250 gets a large panoramic sunroof along with a motorised sun blinds curtain, both of which are operated from the same switch in the overhead control panel. Other special features include automatically darkening the rear view mirror and an 8-inch media display with a dedicated controller. 

The first generation of CLA was launched in 2013 and Mercedes Benz introduced a facelift model with updated styling and high performance LED headlamps in 2016. The second and the latest generation was recently launched in 2019 and there are very few latest models available in the used car market. The second generation of the CLA is bigger compared to the first generation. It is almost close to the Mercedes Ben C Class. Therefore, it is not available globally due to the price in some markets. The price difference is not much compared to the Mercedes Benz C Class and the C Class offers a lot of features for the extra cost. 

The following table shows some of the key specifications of the CLA 250

specificationsCLA 250
Engine2.0 litre inline 4 Cylinder
Transmission7 G DCT
Power 208 horsepower
0-100 km/hr6.9 seconds
Wheelbase 2,699 mm 
Curb weight1,430–1,540 kg

The first generation of the CLA 250 used the M270 engine. The M270 engine is a 2.0 litre inline 4 cylinder based on the M274 engine. It is mounted in the transverse layout with the 7 G dual-clutch transmission connected on the left side. The oil pan is specially modified to accommodate the drive axle and a final differential gear is integrated into the dual-clutch transmission which splits the power between the two front wheels.

The M270 is also turbocharged with an air-cooled intercooler, the compressed air is supplied to the intake manifold and a turbocharger blow off valve creates a bypass within the charger air. The blow-off valve controls the compressed air flow in situations like sudden braking. It is electronically actuated by the engine control unit and the turbocharger wastegate is controlled by a boost pressure control pressure transducer.

M270 engine oil quantity is 6.0 litre so the overall cost of the engine oil change is less compared to other Mercedes Benz engines. An oil dipstick is provided to check the engine oil level and authorised dealerships use oil extractors to suck the engine oil from the oil dipstick. This saves additional cost as the oil drain bolt and the washer is not renewed. 

There is camshaft adjustment on the intake as well as exhaust camshafts. In the basic position of both the camshaft, the adjusters have locked my mechanical pins. As the engine control unit detects the basic position of the camshaft, it activates the camshaft adjustment solenoids located on the front-facing plate of the cylinder head. The solenoids when actuated push a mechanical central valve inside the adjuster; allowing the engine oil to enter the chamber in the camshaft sprocket and press against the spring-loaded chamber. 

The camshaft adjustment allows for improved cylinder charging at different engine speeds. For example, if the engine is rotating at 6000 rpm then the intake valve must be opened sooner so that the cylinder is charged and power stroke takes place at the desired ignition angle. This improves the overall torque curve of the engine and the CLA 250 can produce a maximum torque of 258 lb-ft as early as 1,800 rpm.

What are the things to check before buying a used CLA 250? 

The following things must be checked before buying a used CLA 250:

  • Service history

If the vehicle was serviced at an authorised dealership then a service history including all the warranty claims will be available. You can contact the dealership with the vehicle registration number or ask the previous owner to show the service report. 

If the vehicle is 4 years old or if the mileage has exceeded 60,000 km then the transmission oil and oil filter should have been renewed. The spark plugs of the M270 are also scheduled for replacement after 60,000 km or 4 years. This is part of the preventive maintenance as Mercedes Benz uses a special multi-spark mode for the warm-up phase and a bad spark plug can cause cold starting issues.

  • Accidental damage

Perform a visual inspection of the vehicle, there should not be any dents or signs of a repaint on the body. Open the engine hood and check for any change in the paint. Check the exterior body lines and the panel gaps in the door. An uneven panel gap is a clear indication that the vehicle has been in an accident and the body of the vehicle is repaired. If repairs are performed at authorised dealerships then it will show up in the vehicle service history. Do not buy the vehicle if it shows signs of accidental damage and no repair history is available with the customer.

 What are some of the common problems with the CLA 250? 

Some of the common problems with the CLA 250 are as follows.

  • ABS/ESP malfunction

The front and rear wheel speed sensors on the CLA 250 are known for not working correctly and creating an ABS and ESP malfunction. The remedy is to replace the wheel speed sensors with the updated part provided by Mercedes Benz. replacing only one RPM sensor does not remedy the problem as the wheel speed sensors must be replaced in pairs.

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The Mercedes Benz CLA 250 is a good car and offers a comfortable ride with good performance. There is also a shooting brake model to choose from which is an estate-style body with more luggage space in the back. Used CLA 250 can be on sale for around 28,000 USD which is a great price considering the new one cost almost double the price.