Should you buy the 2022 E 63 AMG?

This blog will answer the following questions: should you buy the 2022 E 63 AMG? Is the E 63 AMG exciting to drive? How fast does it go? What is the AMG Track package in E 63 AMG?

Should you buy the 2022 E 63 AMG?

Yes, you should buy the 2022 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG. It offers excellent performance and handling in the premium sedan segment. The 4 Matic plus drive system comes as standard in E 63 AMG and has a drift mode programmed into the engine control unit. The power generated is sent to the rear wheels in drift mode to facilitate oversteer. 

The 2022 E 63 is based on the E Class facelift model which was launched in 2021. Mercedes Benz introduced the fifth generation of the E Class in 2016 and after almost 4 years since its launch, it really needed an update. 

The E 63 AMG has an all-new front and rear bumper design and the air scoops are large and aggressive. The only thing common with the standard E-Class facelift version is the bonnet design with two aggressive lines. The high-performance dynamic LED headlights are standard in the E 63 AMG. AMG exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels are available on the E 63 while an optional carbon-ceramic brake system can be installed according to order. The carbon-ceramic brake system has golden-coloured brake callipers and brake discs made from carbon and ceramic compound, it has special resistance to brake fade and does not wear out like steel brake discs.

In the interior of the E 63, the command navigation and media system are replaced by Mercedes ME and MBUX media systems. The infotainment display is now a 12.3-inch with touchscreen, and two microphones are installed in the roof trim to recognise the ‘Hey Mercedes’ commands given by passengers in the vehicle. 

The 2022 Mercedes Benz E 63 also features a new steering wheel design. It has two separate panels for all the switches on either side of the driver airbag. And the complete steering wheel is wrapped in slip-resistance Dinamica microfibre material in order to facilitate good grip. 

The flat shape at the bottom of the steering wheel is inspired by motorsports and it emphasises the sportiness of the interior. All the buttons are touch control and two small additional switchers with integrated displays can be installed on the steering wheel.

The additional switches control various dynamic drive select options like comfort, sports and sport plus. Drivers can easily change the options without the need to take their hands off the steering wheels.

The E 63 AMG has an Airmatic suspension system with active body control and active body control plus. The shock absorbers can control the dampening rate depending on the driving condition and dynamic drive select options. For example, in the sport and sport plus mode, the dampers are stiff to eliminate the weight shift in the vehicle and increase the handling.

Is the Mercedes AMG E 63 exciting to drive?

Yes, the Mercedes AMG E 63 is a very exciting car to drive. It is based on the standard wheelbase version of the E Class so the car is very agile. There are plenty of mechanical grips available from the 4 tyres and the 4 Matic plus ensures power is equally distributed to all the wheels. 

The 4 Matic plus system is a more advanced version of the standard 4 Matic, it can send 100 per cent of the power produced from the engine to the rear axle and the ESP control unit can accurately control the torque being sent to the individual wheel. The standard 4 Matic system has a fixed ratio and it is not optimised for high performance. In the drift mode of the E 63 AMG, the front propeller shaft can be disengaged completely and the vehicle can easily drift on the road.

Although the Mercedes AMG E63 is based on the MR1 platform, the chassis is still strong enough to handle the extra power from the engine. There is no need for additional rigid members in the chassis to make it stiffer. The E 63 S model has even more power than the standard E 63 and it gets an electronically actuated limited-slip differential on the rear axle.

How fast does the Mercedes AMG E 63 go?

The Mercedes Benz E 63 top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/hr but it can be increased to 300+ km/hr if the customer decides to purchase the AMG drive package. The E 63 S model also has the same top speed. 

The Acceleration from 0 – 100 Km/hr is in  3.5 and 3.1 seconds for the E 63 and E  63 S models respectively. Mercedes AMG engineers choose to install a multi-clutch pack instead of a conventional torque converter. 

This allowed them to program a launch control system which minimises wheelspin and quickly changes gears when accelerating from a standstill. However, the lack of a torque converter means there is no integrated starter-alternator motor and Mercedes AMG could not use the EQ BOOST plus technology to gain additional power from an electric motor.

The power output from the hand-built 4.0 litres V 8 engine is 563 horsepower and 750 NM of torque. The V8 engine is bi-turbocharged and the turbochargers are also located inside the V of the engine. This means the turbochargers are mounted very close to the exhaust valves and the twin-scroll exhaust manifold ensures there is no turbo lag in the power delivery. The E63 S is even more powerful and the power output is more than 600 horsepower.

What is the AMG Track package in E 63 AMG?

The AMG Track package in the E 63 is an optional extra and it can be installed even after purchasing the vehicle. It is a great feature for the track enthusiast, customers can not require any hardware changes to the vehicle.

The AMG Track package has the following features which can be accessed from the MBUX or the smartphone application

  • Pre-recorded race tracks.

Popular race tracks like Laguna Seca, Silverstone etc are saved in the media system and it is also possible to load up to 60 track maps in the vehicle from the smartphone app

  • Race track recording

Apart from pre-recorded race tracks, it is possible to record a new race track and save the data for later use.

  • Telemetry

All the telemetry data like throttle position and brake pedal position is recorded and also saved. It can be accessed later for further analysis.

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The Mercedes AMG E 63 offers a great overall package, it can be used every day for commuting and on weekends the car is powerful enough to dominate on race tracks. Mercedes Benz will discontinue the V8 engine in the next generation of the E 63 AMG so if you want a pure high-performance sedan with a hand-built V 8 engine then look no further than the Mercedes AMG E 63.