Should you buy the Easylift 3000?

This blog will answer the following questions: should you buy the Easylift 3000? What are the technical specifications of the Easylift 3000? Which tasks can you do with the Easylift3000? How to assemble the Easylift 3000? How to operate the Easy Lift 3000? What are the other alternatives for the Easylift 3000?

Should you buy the Easylift 3000?

Yes, you should buy the Easylift 3000 if you like to work on your car. The Easylift 3000 is also suitable for an independent Mechanic or a small workshop. It can lift a car and allow easy access to the vehicle’s underbody or elevate the body panels to shoulder height. It has a hydraulic motor so there is no need to pump the hydraulic cylinder to lift the Vehicle.

The Easylift 3000 is manufactured and sold by CMO USA, originally from Italy, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. The company operates under its own quality control system. The TUV Italia Srl also recognizes the work of CMO in the design and construction of hydraulic, and pneumatic lifts for the automobile sector.

CMP USA can also make custom solutions for the lifting equipment according to the requirements of the customers. All the design and production take place internally which ensures the quality and safety standards are satisfied. Standalone hydraulic pumps, ramps, and other accessories are also available for sale.

What are the technical specifications of the Easylift 3000?

The technical specifications of the Easylift 3000 are given in the table below:

Specifications Easylift 3000
Hydraulic pressure350 Bars
Minimum height995 mm
Maximum height1330mm
Width660 mm
Gross weight130 kg
Package dimension1200 x 800x 500 mm

All the parts of the Easylift 3000 are in the package. There are small but durable wheels at the base. When the vehicle is lifted the lift can be moved to keep the load perpendicular to the base and avoid slipping the lift.

The Easylift 3000 comes with two types of arms, one arm can be attached to the wheel to lift the vehicle and another is like a conventional jack arm. It can be attached to one of the jack mounts on the vehicle and lift it from the ground. The jack arm mount is more helpful when a wheel must be removed to perform tasks like brake bleeding or brake pad replacement.

 Which tasks can you do with the Easylift3000?

The following tasks can be done with ease on an Easylift3000, the Easylift 3000 is a tipper car lift so only one side of the vehicle can be tilted. 

  • Wheels can be removed for wheel balancing and tire replacement. Only one wheel can be removed at a time.
  • Brake pads and brake disc replacement can be easily performed with the help of Easylift3000.
  • Small repairs work after a collision. 
  • Sanding down body panels is preparing for stage 1 of paint.
  • Applying a base coat or clear coat and polishing the body panel is really as a car can be lifted at shoulder level.

The Easylift 3000 is not suitable for performing suspension repair jobs, the base of the Easylift 3000 is not fixed to the ground. Hence, removing the suspension can unsettle the car and the lift can topple. 

How to assemble the Easylift 3000?

The procedure to assemble the Easylift 3000 is given below:

  • The Easylift 3000 is divided into three major parts which must be assembled before it is put to use.
  • Remove all the parts from the box and place them on the ground.
  • Locate the base and attach the casters to the bottom of the plate.
  • Locate the column and bolt it to the base plate. A helper may be required to hold the column in place until the bolts are tightened.
  • Select the appropriate fork for lifting the vehicle. There is no need to bolt the fork, it is a simple lift and slide mechanism for the ease of replacing the lifting arm. 
  • Finally attach the hydraulic pump to the column and test the working before lifting a vehicle.

The hydraulic pump is foot operated. When lifting the vehicle keep one leg on the foot-operated pedal and slide the Easylift 3000 slightly forwards as the vehicle goes up. When the desired height is reached, use the mechanically locking metal pin and slide it into the column.

There are five holes provided on the column for the mechanical lock. It is an additional safety measure, in case there is a hydraulic leak and the vehicle starts to lower. Sometimes, the height may need to be increased or lowered in order to match the locking pin into the holes of the column.

How to operate the Easy Lift 3000?

The operating instructions for the Easylift are given below, the vehicle must be parked on all four wheels and on a flat surface.

  • Hold the Easylift 3000 by the column and move to the desired side, as the lift is a tilting lift only one side can be lifted off the ground.
  • Attract the proper lifting fork to the column, if there is a need to remove the wheel then attract the lift on one of the jack stands.
  • Before lifting the vehicle make sure the hand brake or parking brake is applied and the engine is turned off.
  • Press on the food level and watch the vehicle, the arm should lift the vehicle slowly, and remove the food when the desired position is reached.
  • Insert the mechanical pin into the column, you can adjust the height of the holes on the column and lifting arm are not aligned.
  • Two Easylift 3000 lifts can be used together on both sides of the vehicle in order to lift it but the center of gravity of the vehicle must be observed closely.

Always perform a visual inspection of the Easylift 3000, do not use the lift if there is a hydraulic leak from the pump or a hydraulic hose. AW32 and Aw46 can be used with the hydraulic pump. A pneumatic pump can also be installed but the lifting time depends on the overall pneumatic pressure.

What are the other alternatives for the Easylift 3000?

The other lifts that can be used instead of an Easylift 3000 are given below:

The construction and the process to use the lift is similar to the Easylift 3000. Double lift and spider rolling lift can lift the vehicle completely off the ground, it is possible to remove all four wheels or perform wheel alignment operation.


This blog explained the procedure for the use and assembly of the Easylift 3000. The Easylift 3000 can be folded away in the garage or workshop when not in use. Additional casters also allow a single person to move the assembled lift easily. It is a piece of great lifting equipment for anyone looking to perform any DIY maintenance work on their car.