Should you buy the Mercedes Benz S 400?

In this blog, we will review the Mercedes Benz S 400 and answer the following questions: should you buy the Mercedes Benz S 400? How is it compared to other models in S Class? How fast does the Mercedes Benz S 400 go? 

Should you buy the Mercedes Benz S 400?

Yes, you should buy the Mercedes Benz S 400. The S Class is the most premium model in the Mercedes Benz product range. The S 400 comes with a 4 Matic drive system and it is one of the best variants in the S Class range. The S 400 variant is only available in the sixth generation of the S Class model series W 222.

The sixth generation was introduced in 2013 and it completed its product life cycle in 2020. Mercedes Benz also introduced a facelift model halfway through the production run of the S Class.

The sixth-generation was a huge step up from the outgoing S class W221. Mercedes Benz completely redesigned the S Class, the onboard communication systems were a combination of the high-speed controllers are network or CAN protocols along with the Flexy ray. This allowed the designers to develop advanced driver assistance systems as the rate of data transfer was no longer limited to 1 Mb/sec.

The exterior styling was modern with uniform body lines and the high performance LED headlight was part of the standard equipment. The Interior was a complete overhaul from the previous model; the instrument cluster and the media entertainment display were housed inside a single piece in the dashboard. Media systems can be controlled using a touchpad along with the two remote controls. Mercedes Benz design exclusive designo packages which can be selected at the time of placing the order.

When launched the S 400 was priced at approximately 119,000 USD but the depreciation rate of the S class is high. Today in a used car market it can be bought for as low as 35,000 USD. The following table contains some of the key specifications of the S 400.

SpecificationsMercedes Benz S 400
Wheelbase3,035 mm
engineV 6 cylinder Biturbo 
transmission7G Dual-clutch automatic gearbox
Curb weight1,910–2,275 kg

There is also a longer wheelbase version in the S 400 but it is exclusive to the Chinese market. Mechanically the S 400 has an airmatic suspension system as standard along with adaptive dampers. Two independent damping solenoids controlled the absorption rate of the dampers. The 4 Matic systems use an integrated transfer case in the automatic transmission and send power to the front and the rear differentials. The differentials are open, unlike the high-performance S 63s model which comes with an electronically locking differential.

The front and rear tyre sizes of the S 400 are 245/45 R19 and 275/40 R19 respectively. Mercedes MO tyres also run flat and can be driven for 50 km at limited speeds. The S 400 handles surprisingly well on the road considering it weighs more than 2 tonnes. The electric power steering gives accurate feedback and 4Matic provides the maximum amount of traction under any driving condition.

The boot space is 530 litres although it is slightly reduced in the luxurious S400 Maybach model because of the premium sound system. The brake disc on the front and the rear axle are vented but the rear axle has floating callipers instead of fixed callipers. Therefore the vehicle suffers from uneven brake pad wear. The brake power on the other hand is very good and the ESP system with the integrated ABS function does its job well to avoid the wheel spinning.

How is it compared to other models in S Class?

The S Class model series W222 has 17 petrol, 14 diesel and 6 hybrid variants. The S 400 is definitely in the top 5 S Class models. It has good features in the base trim and the all-wheel-drive system provides better traction than the rear-wheel-drive models. The carbon emission of the S 400 is 208 g/Km and the fuel tank capacity is not affected despite the 4 Matic drive system. It is a 70-litre fuel tank and the combined fuel economy is 8.9 km per 100 km which gives the S 400 a good range of 786 km on a full tank.

How fast does the S 400 go?

The top speed of the S 400 is 250 km per hour or 155 miles per hour. Under the hood is a 3.0 litres turbocharged V 6 M276 engine. The power output of the M276 engine is 330 brake horsepower and 480 Nm of torque. Maximum torque is available as early as 1800 rpm thanks to the camshaft adjustment. The camshaft adjustment can change the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. Thus, maximising the cylinder charge and producing a wilder torque curve. 

The M276 is also running on a homogeneous mixture with two turbochargers. One turbocharge is for each bank and the compressed air is supplied to the intake manifold via a single intercooler. The intercooler is also liquid-cooled with a decided secondary coolant system. The secondary coolant system consists of a coolant reservoir and an electric water pump; it is tasked with cooling the intercooler and the transmission oil cooler.

The M276 can take the S 400 from 0-100 km per hour in just 6.1 seconds. The peak power is produced at 5200 rpm and it stays in the power band till the 6000rpm. The engine is mated to a 7 G Tronic transmission; there is a lock-up clutch integrated into the torque converter. The clutch is engaged when sudden power is required and it connects the engine directly to the input shaft of the transmission; to minimise the power loss in the torque converter. The lock-up clutch also engages briefly during gear changes and the 7 G Tronic transmission is also capable of making acceleration downshifts when power is required.

Mercedes Benz discontinued the S 400 and launched the S 450 version with the facelift model. The S 450 has the same engine but with bigger turbos and higher boost pressure. The S450 makes 362 brake horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. The acceleration from standstill to 100 km per hour is in 5.1 seconds which is almost a second quicker than the S 400. The S450 also gets a rear-wheel drive and an all-wheel-drive model.

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The Mercedes Benz S 400 is a very good car, there are no reliability issues and the engine can last for more than 100,000 km without any major repair works. Mercedes Benz also sells extended warranty packages and prepaid service packages which can make the complete experience of owning an S400 very reasonable and hassle-free.