How to Fix a Glove Box That Won’t Close Properly? (3+ DIY Solutions)

In this article, we will explain everything related to “my glove compartment won’t close.” While explaining the problem, we will give you the information regarding the working of the glove box mechanism. In addition, we will provide you with a troubleshooting method to fix the glove box.

Techniques to fix my glove box compartment, which is not closing.

  • Using glove box magnets
  • Fixing glove box handle
  • Fixing the hinge of the glove box
  • Replacing the complete glove box

One of the primary reasons behind your glove box, not closing is overloading the glove box. Moreover, you might have kept something high such that it hinders the glove box latch from making contact with the catch. Removing excess items and repacking the glove box might solve the problem.

However, if the mechanism is faulty, then in that case, even if the glove box is empty, the box won’t close. Thus in such a scenario, you need to give a closer look at the latch mechanism. Below are the steps to fix the glove box if it doesn’t close

Glove Box Magnets

Using Glove box magnets is an excellent alternative for a person trying to put the glove box closed. These magnets can be bought as a part of a glove box kit that includes screws, magnets and washers. 

To use magnets, you first need to replace the screws which secure the glove compartment with the new screws and magnets. After this, you need to drill holes on the door of the glove box screw in the second set of screws and magnets. The final step is to place the extra magnets on the top of the screws and magnets installed in the first step. Now the system is ready, try closing the glove box door. The magnets will attach while closing the glove box lid, and the box will close.

Fixing glove box handle

To fix the glove box handle, you first need the right parts. For installing a glove box handle, you need to have a glove box lock assembly that perfectly fits your glove box. To get the glove box assembly, you can visit the nearest junkyard and ask the person in charge about a car similar to yours and then take the handle from it.

To fix the glove box handle assembly, you need to begin by changing the handle and locking mechanism. Next, remove the screws to secure the handle assembly and swap the old handle with the new one.

Fixing the hinge of the glove box

Sometimes the glove box hinge can be a problem behind the box not closing. The hinge is the part that connects the glove box door to the glove box unit. Moreover, the hinge allows the door to swing during opening and closing. Therefore, if the hinge is damaged, it is best to replace it.

You will need a hinge repair kit to fix the glove box door hinge. The hinge is present where the door attaches the glove box. You need to go below the dash and remove the old hinge with the new one to access the hinge.

Replacing the complete glove box

Replacing the entire glove box can cost you heavily. But with the installation of a new glove box, you will be able to solve every problem related to the glove box. Moreover, with installing a new glove box, your fear of the glove box breaking down, again and again, will also be gone. Hence, if you are a rookie performing these techniques, replacing the glove box is the perfect solution.

Working of Glovebox mechanism

Most glovebox compartments are open and close with the help of a latch mechanism. In older cars, the glove box had a lock that needed to be opened for opening the glove box. However, in modern glove boxes, there is now keyed lock. Instead, there is a lever that, when lifted, unlocks the glove box.

The catch of the glove box assembly is rectangular. The catch is responsible for holding the latch when the glove box is closed. When you lift the glove box lever, the latch actuates and detaches from the catch. Meanwhile, while shutting the glove box latch is locked in the catch.


In this article, we have addressed the problem “my glove compartment won’t close.” While explaining the situation, we have presented the different alternatives for fixing the faulty glove box. Moreover, we have also explained the working of the glove box mechanism.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): my glove compartment won’t close.

How much does it cost to fix a glove compartment?

Replacing the glove box can cost you around $350. However, if you only need a small part for getting replaced, such as a handle, the cost will be cheaper. Moreover, the shop can charge you $47 to $215 per hour for labour. 

How to fix the jammed glove box?

To open a jammed glove box, you need to gently tap the latch mechanism while carefully pulling the glove box handle, and the glove box will open.

How do you get behind the glove box?

To get behind the glove box, you need to look for the stops present on the sides of the top compartment. If there is a screw on the stops, then remove these screws with the help of a screwdriver. Moreover, there will be hinges in the glove box, which might need to be replaced. 

How do you open a glove compartment with a broken hand?

Reach the engine compartment and pull the release cable or the latch. Once the compartment is open, temporarily palace a wire on the latch so you can open it with the wire until the latch is repaired.