How to Resolve TJM Off-Road Suspension Issues? (+5 Expert Solutions)

In this brief article we are going to discuss the different Suspension issues that occur in TJM aftermarket products, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.

Top 3 Suspension problems in TJM Offroad suspension

  • TJM Suspension Sagging
  • TJM Extended Travel HD Coilovers Lower Bushing damage
  • XGS Gold edition Shock Absorber Bushing Damage

What is TJM Suspension?

TJM is an aftermarket supplier of suspension solutions that would replace the OEM suspension in your 4X4 SUV.  TJM’s Suspension range of products cover 4X4 SUSPENSION, COILOVERS, SHOCK ABSORBERS & STRUTS.

The TJM range covers nearly 24 Vehicle Brands including Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover, among other major 4X4 SUV manufacturers.

TJM Extended Travel HD Coilovers Lower control arm Bushing damage

The Symptoms are:

  • Squeaking noise from the suspension in normal driving
  • Failure happens within 40-50K kms
  • Normally seen on Mitsubishi Pajero and Nissan Patrol

Root Causes for TJM coilover Bushing Damage

  • With increase in the suspension travel, the lower control arm rotates more. All this extra rotation is handled by the twist of the rubber within the bushing. 
  • Because of the increased angle of twist alternating continuously, the rubber gradually starts tearing and eventually disintegrates.
  • Squeaking noise is because of the shock absorber mounting eye rubbing against the Lower Control arm bracket, once the rubber within the mounting bush has fully come apart

Troubleshooting TJM Coilover Bushing Damage

  • Consult TJM for any alternate Bushing if harder material like  Polyurethane
  • See if any other supplier could provide the same dimension bushing in any Harder material

XGS Gold edition Shock Absorber Bushing Damage

  • Failure happens prematurely at about 40000 kms(company warranty covers upto 60000 km)
  • The bottom bushes of the front suspension shock absorber are fully disintegrated
  • Constant squeaking noise during normal driving

Root Cause for XGS Gold Edition Shock mounting bush failure

  • The failure seems to be due to excessive rotation angle of the bush during suspension movement.
  • Ideally, when the shock absorber is installed at ride height, the bush needs to be stress-free. In other words, at normal ride height, the bush should not be seated with any kind of rotation of the internal rubber.
  • Due to incorrect installation procedure, this kind of initial rotation at ride height condition happens.

Troubleshooting XGS Gold Edition Shock mounting bush failure

  • During shock absorber installation, when the vehicle is jacked or lifted, do not fully tighten the shock mounting bolts. 
  • In the lifted condition, shock absorber bolts can be hand-tightened
  • Lower the jack/lift and allow the vehicle to settle on its own weight. Now fully tighten the mounting bolts

TJM Suspension Sagging

It has been seen in Toyota Land Cruisers that the TJM COilover suspension sags between 10 to 20 mm in very less service life of 40K kms.

Root Causes for TJM Suspension Sagging

  • If your vehicle payload (equipment weight) has increased due to the addition of maybe dual batteries, bull-bar, etc. the suspension will sit lower
  • With payload constant, over time and usage, all steel springs tend to ‘Fatigue’ and sag due to a loss in stiffness
  • If stiffness reduces, the spring sits at a lower height eventhough the weight of the vehicle has not changed.
  • If your springs have not completed even 50K kms when you observe your suspension sag, you could get them replaced under warranty, since this would be a defect.

Troubleshooting TJM Suspension Sagging

  • If your springs have covered 100K kms or more, they could Sag as a result of wear and tear. So the most long-term solution would be to replace the spring
  • But if you feel that the springs have not deteriorated, in order to compensate for loss in ride height due to pauload addition, you could consider using Spacer Rings available from TJM, that are meant specifically for lifting your suspension ride height. Here you must be careful that your shock absorbers have enough Rebound travel so as to not hit the ‘Rebound’ stoppers
  • In order to know what thickness spacer ring you need, you could calculate it in this way.
  • The Motion ratio of the spring is roughly 1:2, meaning, if the wheel hub moved up by 2mm, the spring would have compressed by 1mm.

That being the case, if you have noticed a sag of 20mm, then you need to add a 10mm-thick spacer ring at your coilover strut.


In this brief article we have discussed the different Suspension issues that occur in TJM aftermarket products, what the causes are, and Troubleshooting Tips.