How to Open a Locked Toyota Camry Glove Box? (3 Simple Ways)

This article will address “Toyota Camry glove box won’t unlock”. We will give you a 3 step procedure for opening the Toyota Camry glove box lock while explaining this problem. In addition, we will also explain to you how to fix the broken compartment lock.

Toyota Camry is one of the favorite products of Toyota motors. The car has been in the automotive space for quite some time now and has constantly adapted to changes such as the modern Toyota Camry being offered with Hybrid technology. However, some features in the car are still old, such as the glove box mechanism. The glove box in the Toyota Camry is based on the old set, which consists of a cylindrical lock. This lock ensures that the items inside the glove box are protected all the time. 

However, sometimes the glove box lock gets stuck due to several factors. In the section below, we will give you three different ways which can be used to open the glove box of a Camry.

Different techniques for opening the Toyota Camry glove box.

The different techniques for opening a Glovebox on a Toyota Camry are:- 

  • Use motor oil for lubrication
  • Use brake cleaner to lubricate the lock
  • Hire a locksmith if the lock is not opening

Use motor oil for lubrication.

Since the glove box lock is made of metal, the chances of its mechanism getting corroded are pretty high. Thus once the lock mechanism gets rusted, it becomes difficult for the key to unlock the lock. To fix this problem, you can spray some motor oil on the lock and an oil drop on the key. After applying the oil on the lock and key, you need to rub the oil on the key surface so that the key becomes fully coated. After thoroughly rubbing the key, you need to insert the key in the glove box and try opening the glove box.

Moreover, if the lock still doesn’t open, don’t try to snap the key too hard because the key might break and ruin the lock.

Use brake cleaner to lubricate the lock.

Sometimes, the motor oil won’t be sufficient to lubricate the surface of the glove box lock. In such a case, you can use brake cleaner. The brake cleaner comes with a thin nozzle and can be directly sprayed into the lock hole. Spraying the brake cleaner in the lock hole lubricates the lock’s internal mechanism. Thus it deeply lubricates the lock, and if there is corrosion in the internal components, the corrosion is carefully handled.

Hire a locksmith if the lock is not opening

Even after lubricating the surface and the lock’s internal components, you need to hire an expert locksmith who can open the glove box lock if the lock still doesn’t open. Because the locksmith will be able to recognise the problem in the glove box lock. Moreover, if you try opening the lock by yourself, there are chances that you will damage the surface of the lock and then replacing the lock will be the only alternative.

Fixing the broken glove box lock

To fix the broken glove box lock, you require a lock replacement kit that matches your car’s make and model. The main cause of the glove box not opening is the faulty lock. In case of a faulty lock, mostly a replacement works perfectly. To get the lock replaced, you should search for a replacement kit in the local automotive market or search for the lock replacement kit online. 

To install the new lock, you must look at the instructions given on the package. Moreover, you need to remove the old cylindrical lock from the glove box body to install the new lock. Finally, once you have removed the old lock, you need to install the new lock and secure it properly in place. 

Moreover, while installing the new lock, please read the instructions carefully for the tools you require to fix the lock on the glove box because every lock is different and requires a different set of tools, such as, some locks will need you to unscrew the mounting plate inside the glove box. In contrast, some other locks will need you to depress the pins with a narrow tool or a coat hanger so that you can slide open the lockout.

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In this article, we have addressed the problem “Toyota Camry glove box won’t unlock.” While explaining the problem, we have explained the various steps you can take to solve the Toyota Camry glove box lock. In addition, we have also explained the way to replace the glove box lock if it has become faulty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Toyota Camry glove box won’t unlock

How do you break open a glove box?

To access a glove box forcefully, you need to pry open the glove box. To pry open the glove box, you will need a screwdriver and put the screwdriver near the release lever and pry open it.

How much does it cost to fix a glove box?

The glove box replacement can cost you around $350. However, if you need a small part, you can buy it at a lower price. The cost of the part depends on the shop and the availability.

Why is my glove box not closing?

If your car’s glove box isn’t opening, you need to check the latch present on the box. If the latch has become loose, hold the latch as you start to close the glove box, and you will feel the notch of the box.