How to Fix a Stuck Toyota Glove Box? (9 DIY Steps)

In this article, we will explain the “Toyota glove box lock stuck” problem. To explain this problem, we will tell you the causes and fixes.

The glove box getting stuck on any vehicle is a common problem these days. Because, as the traffic is increasing, many people are traveling distances with more and more luggage. This has decreased the space in the car. The glove box, originally designed to keep driving gloves, has now been used as a multipurpose storage option. People keep the car documents and use the glove box space to store different things such as books, lunch boxes, first aid kits, etc. Since the space in the glove box is limited, there are chances that the box gets stuck due to over-filling of things. Below are some of the causes of glove box getting stuck

Reasons behind the faulty Toyota glove box lock.

The different reasons behind the glove box latch being stuck are:-

  • The latch mechanism is faulty
  • The latch lock has rusted
  • Latch and striker are misaligned.

The latch mechanism is faulty.

The glove box uses a latch and striker mechanism. The latch consists of a lever that releases the latch lock, and hence the glove box is open when lifted. But the glove box latch is not as robust as the hood latch. The glove box latch is made up of plastic, and hence the plastic components in the latch might get broken, which can cause the latch malfunction. In such a case, the glove box won’t open and close.

The latch lock has rusted.

Some vehicles are provided with a locking feature in the glove box. This locking feature allows the person driving the car to secure the things kept inside the glove box from any damage. However, the lock used in the glove box is made of metal; hence there are high chances that the glove box lock gets damaged. Furthermore, IF the lock gets rusted, opening it will become extremely difficult.

Therefore, in such a case, you need to lubricate the lock of the glove box with the help of motor oil. Moreover, you can also use brake cleaner as it is more effective in lubricating the surface of the lock.

Latch and striker are misaligned.

Since the traffic has increased, today people travel with a lot of luggage and to store that luggage, they need a lot of space. Therefore in search of that space, they keep small items in the glove box. Unfortunately, these small items can misalign the catch the latch sticks upon during closing. Due to the misalignment of the catch, the latch doesn’t hinge on it, and the glove box doesn’t close. 

To fix this issue, you need to realign the catch. The catch can be easily realigned with the help of a plier. All you need to do is pull the catch and then try closing the latch. If the glove box gets closed, you have successfully cured the mechanism.

Troubleshooting method to fix the latch

  • The latch consists of a plastic hook, and it can get easily broken if you forcefully close the glove box. 
  • For fixing the plastic back, you need to first remove the glove box from the vehicle. To remove the glove box, you need to unscrew the two bolts present on the glove box. Once these two bolts are removed, you need to slide the glove box out.
  • Once the glove box is out, you need to remove the plastic cover that protects the latch. Once the cover is removed, you need to remove the four screws on the latch.
  • After removing the screws, you can easily operate on the latch.
  • Now take the broken hook and drill a small hole on it where it fits with the latch. Also, create a hole on the latch.
  • Now, with a screwdriver’s help, fit the hook on the latch. Use a small screw for attaching the hook to the latch.
  • Once the hook is fitted on the latch, it can’t break the latch again. 
  • After the hook is fitted on the glove box latch, you need to fit the glove box back into its assembly. For doing this, you first need to align the glove box abc in the assembly and then tighten the screws.
  • Once the screws are tight, the glove box is back in position, and you can test its working.

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In this article, we have addressed the “Toyota glove box lock stuck” problem. While explaining the problem, we have explained the various causes. Moreover, we have also explained how to fix the latch if the hook is broken in the latch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Toyota glove box lock stuck

What should I keep in my car, Glovebox?

The things which you must keep in your glove box are:-

  • Medical information
  • Emergency contact numbers.
  • Pen and paper
  • Proof insurance, car registration

What is behind a glove compartment?

There can be different components behind the vehicle’s glove box. However, mostly a vehicle’s computer is present behind the glove box. The vehicle computer is also known as ECU.

Is the cool glove box useful?

A cool glove box is a feature in which cool air from the HVAC system is used to maintain the temperature of the beverages that the passengers keep in it. The cool glove box keeps the container at an optimum temperature.

Is the cabin air filter present behind the glove box?

The cabin air filter is a device used to remove harmful pollutants, including pollen and dust from the air present inside the car. This filter is often located around the glove box, and it cleans the air as it moves through the HVAC system.