How to Repair a VW Panoramic Sunroof? (5 DIY Methods)

This blog post will discuss,’ VW panoramic sunroof repair( 3 most common problems)’ and cover topics like common customer complaints, DIY troubleshooting of VW sunroofs and, the cost of repairing a panoramic sunroof.

VW panoramic sunroof repair

The different ways of repairing a VW sunroof are as follows. All this information has been gathered on the basis of a number of surveys and lawsuits filed.

  • Cleaning drainage tubes connecting to the sunroof
  • Lubricating sunroof tracks regularly
  • Application of resin in cracked areas of the sunroof
  • Removal of dirt, dust, and gunk from sunroof gears
  • Replacement of motors or control switches in case the sunroof is inoperable.

Multiple customer complaints and damager reports have been made. Still, Volkswagen has only agreed to compensate for the damaged panoramic sunroofs and fix the clogging in the drainage channels and not other damaged parts. New cars have often been totaled by their respective insurance companies in the event of extensive damage.

Even after the promised compensation, Volkswagen has not agreed to pay for the interior and electrical damage caused as a result of these leaking sunroofs. In spite of a number of lawsuits filed, Volkswagen has only answered by pointing out a lack of service capabilities.

Common customer complaints

These are some common customer complaints regarding VW panoramic sunroofs.

White mold formation

Areas receiving high precipitation have witnessed white mold-like formations inside the cars in areas soaked by leakage.

Panoramic sunroof jammed sideways

An attempt to reset the sunroof was at times met by sounds of a gear skipping and rattling, thus jamming it sideways with one end higher than the other.

Loose hex bolt fitting

A binding and rattling sound was observed and the cause was found to be loosely or completely dismantled hex bolts lying on the sunroof track.

Panoramic sunroof reacting to temperature

Sunroof composite frame reacting with daytime temperature and causing loud noises while staying silent at night.

DIY troubleshooting of VW sunroofs

These are some troubleshooting methods to address some common VW sunroof issues.

Clogging of sunroof drainage channels

Regular cleaning of dust, debris, and gunk from the drainage channels to ensure smooth operation of sunroofs while opening and closing.

Defective sunroof control switch

The metal components inside the sunroof control switch get rusted with time and therefore need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

Defective sunroof electric motor and fuse

The motor and fuse are crucial components to keep the sunroof in operable condition. In case of damage, they must be immediately replaced.

Loose hex bolt fitting

  • Firstly we need to tilt the roof open
  • Next, we need to remove the plastic covering over the mounting bolts by pulling gently at the front
  • After removing all 4 hex bolts we need to follow a hit and trial method to align the sunroof properly

Panoramic sunroof jammed sideways

  • Annual cleaning and lubrication of sunroof tracks and rails for smoother movement of the sunroof
  • Checking if the ends of sunroof drainage channels are clogged  and accumulating dirt along with water collected from precipitation as it can hinder its movement

Research shows the procedure to be followed in case of a leaking sunroof in a Volkswagen Tiguan

Cost of repairing a panoramic sunroof

The total cost of repairing a sunroof depends on the quality and pricing of the original parts used, the amount of labor involved and the degree of repairs to be performed.

The price ranges for various parts to be repaired are as follows:

  • Replacement of motors: $205 to $485
  • Replacement of a damaged track/cable: $510 to $795
  • Replacement of sunroof glass: $305 to $410
  • Cleaning of drainage channels: $90 to $160


This blog post briefly discussed the topic, ‘ VW panoramic sunroof repair’.

We understood the common methods followed to repair a VW panoramic sunroof and learned about the various complaints and lawsuits filed against Volkswagen for inadequate compensation in the event of sunroof issues. We came across some common customer complaints and also various DIY troubleshooting procedures related to certain issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): VW panoramic sunroof repair

Do VW panoramic sunroofs leak?

Problems like cracked panoramic sunroof frames, blockage in drainage tubes, weak or defective roof welds, and also inoperable check valves have all been acknowledged by Volkswagen.

How do you lubricate a sunroof track?

Firstly open the covering on the sunroof and tilt it to one side. Next, with the help of a dry cloth and some isopropyl alcohol, wipe the sunroof seal and eliminate any signs of dirt or grease. Lastly, grab a paintbrush and rub some krytox paste on the sunroof seals until no signs of white grease are visible.

How do you grease panoramic sunroof rails?

Firstly, we need to clean the sunroof slides and tracks. A small amount of lightweight and heat-resistant grease like white lithium is needed for the lubrication of moving components. In the case of sunroof glass, a cleaner devoid of ammonia or vinegar works well.