What Are the Most Common W5A580 Transmission Problems? (3+ Expert Solutions)

In this brief guide, we are going to provide you with the common W5A580 transmission problems and what you can do to rectify these problems before they worsen.

Nowadays, W5A580 Transmission does not require any manual input to shift gears while driving as most of their cars have automatic transmission. Various sensors and mechatronic systems work in coordination to shift gears automatically. 

However, there are many problems with automatic transmissions and we’ll tell you how you can solve them.

W5A580 Transmissions are automatic transmissions and have a global reputation for quality, reliability and durability but there are some common problems with  W5A580 transmission.

What are the common problems with W5A580 transmission?

Most of the common problems with  W5A580 transmission problems are:

  • Transmission overheating
  • Incorrect gear ratio
  • Difficulty shifting gears
  • Transmission fluid leakage
  • Lack of response

Why is Transmission overheating a problem with W5A580  transmission?

Because W5A580 transmission mechanical components tend to get damaged, worn, and malfunction under high heat levels. This results in lower than the acceptable performance from the vehicle and high fuel consumption as well as lowering the life of the gearbox.

What are the signs of this problem with the W5A580 transmission?

Generally when a W5A580 transmission overheats an error is shown. This error is not immediately visible on the screen but requires a diagnostic tool to get these actual error codes.

How to solve this  W5A580 transmission problem?

After cooling down the transmission check the gearbox oil for its condition. Change it if it is too thick and completely black. Also, check your clutch if it is the problem behind this malfunction.

Why are Incorrect gear ratios a problem with W5A580 transmission?

If the W5A580 transmission is with an incorrect gear ratio then it can cause anything from shift solenoid problems to transmission fluid problems.

What are the signs of this problem with the W5A580 transmission?

You will hear these noises while driving and will be very unpleasant to your ears which can be taken as a sign that the transmission is having some problem.

How to solve this W5A580 transmission problem?

Normally this sound means that a component within the assembly needs to be replaced as it might be fractured. The entire assembly from which the sound is coming must be removed and rebuilt to fix this problem.

Why is Difficulty shifting gears a problem with  W5A580 transmission?

You would want a seamless and easy shift even at low throttle input, so if your W5A580 transmission is shifting harshly or with difficulty even at low speed then there is definitely a problem.

What are the signs of this problem with the  W5A580 transmission?

You would immediately notice and sense if the  W5A580 transmission is shifting with difficulty from one gear to another as this is one of most important issues with .

How to solve this  W5A580 transmission problem?

Firstly try replacing the transmission pressure sensor, if that doesn’t work then check for an oil leak in the servo assembly of the particular gear. These are primarily two fixes for this problem.

Why is Transmission fluid leakage a problem with  W5A580  transmission?

W5A580 transmissions are very advanced and leakage proof systems and if anything is leaking out of them then this could cause transmission overheating. It is definitely a sign of a problem which may cause serious trouble for you in the future.

What are the signs of this problem with the W5A580 transmission?

You would get an error such as P0842 or errors in the similar range which are associated with transmission fluid pressure. If these sensors get a low pressure this will indicate there is not enough fluid and a leakage somewhere in the transmission.

How to solve this W5A580 transmission problem?

Detecting where the leak is and closing it, is the most obvious solution to fix this sign before it causes mechanical damage to your car. Usually the gaskets or the seals in the transmission are worn out or broken to cause a fluid leak.

Why is Lack of response a problem with  W5A580 transmission?

While driving on road if you experience a delay or lack of response while pressing the throttle then this could result in an unpleasant drive for you. So, this is a problem with your W5A580 transmission.

What are the signs of this problem with the W5A580 transmission?

Usually you would instantly notice this sign of the problem as you get a hesitation sensation or slow response from the car when you try to throttle.

How to solve this W5A580 transmission problem?

Resetting the software settings or checking the gear ratio sensors could be a solution. Also, visiting the nearest service center or your trusted mechanic would be the only way to solve this problem because this might be a serious transmission problem you are facing.

How to diagnose these common problems with  W5A580  transmission?

If you need to precisely diagnose these common problems then you need to use a diagnostic tool which is software based and can be connected to the vehicle electronic system as  W5A580 transmission fully electronically controlled automatic transmission.

How to prevent getting these problems in the first place?

To prevent these problems, you need to change the w5a580 transmission oil as per the manual or when it is too dirty. This is the easiest and most effective way to take care of your vehicle transmission and also drive your vehicle in a recommended way.

FAQs: W5A580 transmission problems

Is the W5A580 a good transmission?

Very sturdy transmission that can also shift very quickly. Lots of people have 600+ hp cars with a stock NAG1 and they have absolutely no problems. The gear ratios in the transmission itself are also very good and well spread out.

Are all NAG1 transmissions the same?

NAG1/W5A580 is one and the same thing. NAG1 is the Chrysler designation. The LX transmissions have all been made in Kokomo, none in Germany. V6 has had the 42RLE or NAG1 06 + 07, exclusively 4 speed from 8 – 10 with the exception of AWD.


In this brief guide, we have provided you with the common  W5A580 transmission problems and what you can do to rectify these problems before they worsen.

If you have any questions or comments please let us know.