What are some of the common Dodge Ram seat recliner problems?

In this blog, we will address “Dodge Ram seat recliner problems.” In addition, in this blog, you will learn about the 6 mistakes people commonly make with child car seats. 

What are some of the common Dodge Ram seat recliner problems?

Some of the Dodge Ram seat recliner problems are:

  • Failing of mechanical components
  • Failure of seat recline due to accident 

While studying the defects which can cause harm to the passenger, the seat recline mechanism would not come to mind. Mostly we will talk about malfunctioning of brakes, transmission, accelerators, fuel leakages, etc., as fatal problems. However, two fatal situations can land up due to the malfunctioning of the recline mechanism.

  • Since several mechanical components construct the recline mechanism, there are chances that it fails, and the seat falls backwards, causing the driver to jolt backwards. This situation will be easier to control if the driver is driving the vehicle at low speed, such as in a parking lot where he can quickly brake and bring the car to a halt. But in a situation where the driver is traveling at high speed on a highway, he won’t respond to the falling seat. In that situation, the road visibility will turn zero. The chances of accidents will increase, and they might be fatal.
  • The second scenario where the seat recline might fail is during accidents. When the vehicle collides with an object at the front, the impact created due to collision might unlock the mechanism. In that situation, the driver will automatically recline, restricting the airbags from doing their work. Thus, it can cause severe injuries to the driver, and it might also turn out to be fatal.

6 Child Car seat Mistakes you must avoid

An additional car seat is fitted on the vehicle when an infant travels inside it. But most of the time, the parents are unaware of the fitment of the infant seat in the car, which might prove to be hazardous for the child. This section will list 6 mistakes that you should avoid while fitting the additional car seat.

Loose Installation 

Installing a car seat in your car might seem to be easy. You may be thinking that all you need to do is attach the universal anchorage system connectors to the anchor points in your car or put the lap belt on the base and pull the straps tight. But in reality, it’s not that easy, and that’s why reading the user manual of both car and seat is important because each seat is different.

At the start of the 21st century, every car made the UAS anchors mandatory. But an issue with UAS anchors is that you mightn’t be able to get the best seat angles in some cars, especially if you have multiple car seats. Moreover, if you use the lap belt to install the seat, ensure that the belt locks properly.

The recline angle is wrong.

Getting the seat at the right recline angle can be a bit tricky. If the seat is too upright, then the baby sitting on the seat will have trouble breathing because the chin and the chest might be touching each other. Moreover, the recline is essential for the baby because the seat’s recline angle helps spread the force evenly across the body during a crash.

Most seats today come with a built-in indicator to check whether the seat is reclined properly. The optimum recline angle of the baby seat is 45 degrees. However, it is still important to check the seat’s user manual.

Loose or poorly positioned straps

The strap of the seat must be accurately tightened. However, it shouldn’t be extremely tight because it will hinder the baby’s breathing. Moreover, it shouldn’t be loose because it won’t anchor the child back onto the seat properly. Thus when a parent puts the baby on the child seat, they should check the seat’s tightness.

To check whether the seat is loose, the parent should try to pinch the top of the strap between the thumb and the forefinger at the child’s shoulder. If you can grip the strap, then the strap is loose. Moreover, the chest clip that locks the strap should be around the child’s armpit level. Because the clip is lower, it is not doing what it is supposed to do.  

Using the wrong car seat for your kid

It is advised that the child is placed in a car seat until they have grown beyond a certain weight and height category. The majority of the car seats require some between the child’s head and the top of the car seat so that the child can be protected during a crash. 

However, it is still recommended to check the seat manual frequently and be sure about the seat functionality for your child. Moreover, if you are buying a new car seat, then you need to take the child with you when you plan to shop for the seat. In such a case, you can find a seat that perfectly fits your child’s body type. Also, always buy the seat from the store, which lets you demo the seat in your car. Because there might be a scenario where the seat is perfect for the child, but it doesn’t fit accurately in the car.

Using a Second-Hand Car Seat

Many people use second-hand seats for their babies, which is not safe because if the seat is missing a part, it might be a problem for the baby during a crash. Moreover, if you are using the same seat you used on other children of yours, please make sure that all the seat parts are intact and there are no cracks on the seats. 

Buying a new car seat should always be preferred because the new seats will have modern safety standards which will protect your baby even during the largest of accidents. 

Using a car seat after the accident

You should never use the same car seat after an accident because the seat you might be using might have gotten damaged during the collision. Moreover, the seat might appear alright on the outside, but it might have suffered some internal damage during the crash. Hence it is sincerely advised not to use the seat after the crash.

Moreover, in case of an accident, the child car seat is also covered in the insurance; therefore, you don’t need to pay anything for getting a new car seat. Thus, getting a new car seat after an accident is highly advised.


This blog has explained “Dodge Ram seat recliner problems .” Moreover, we have also explained how seat recliner problems can be fatal for the driver. In addition, we have also explained the child seat mistakes which people make when they fit one on their car.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dodge Ram seat recliner problems

What are the most common problems involving car seats?

  • The seat is not according to the child’s weight and age.
  • The seat is not fixed tightly.
  • Switched to front-facing seat quickly
  • Not using safety straps correctly.
  • Not reading the instructions.

How does a car seat recliner work?

A seat recliner mechanism includes a base and arm mounted on the seat cushion; the locking and unlocking mechanism is carried out with the help of rotatable cams, which are operated by a lever.

Why do car seats recline back?

The reason behind the car seat reclining back is the rest which the driver might take during a long trip. The car manufacturers provide this feature so that when the driver takes a nap during the long drives, they can just put the seat back and sleep for some time. 


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