What are the best used Mercedes Benz models to buy?

This blog will list all the best used Mercedes Benz models you should buy and answer the following questions: what to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz car? Where to buy a used Mercedes Benz car.

What are the best used Mercedes Benz models to buy?

Following are some of the best-used Mercedes Benz models you can buy and maintain without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor (2004)
  • Mercedes Benz E 280 (2006)
  • Mercedes Benz E 250 d (2013)

The specifications of all the models listed above are as follows:

  • Mercedes Benz C180 Kompressor (2004)

Mercedes Benz introduced the second generation of the C Class model series W 203 in march 2000. The C CLass was launched after spending almost 6 years in the research and development phase and it was an instant global success. Mercedes Benz C Class had a successful production run from 2000- to 2007 and the car was available in domestic as well as international markets. 

Mercedes Benz also offered the C Class in different body styles like the sports coupe and an estate model but the 4-door sedan was the most popular model. Mercedes Benz also made high-performance models like the C 32 AMG but currently, AMG models are very rare in the used car markets.

The C 180 Kompressor model on the other hand is one of the best-used Mercedes Benz. if you find a C 180 Kompressor model with a manual gearbox then definitely buy it as Mercedes Benz no longer provides manual transmission in the latest generation of the C Class. 

The C 180 Kompressor model was powered by an M 271 petrol engine and came with 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual gearbox options. The inline 4-cylinder petrol engine is supercharged, Mercedes Benz was one of the few car manufacturers that used a supercharger in the production car. This was before the use of the turbocharger became mainstream.

The mechanical setup of the second generation of the C Class was very simple, there were no major issues reported by the customers. Mercedes Benz also used MB Tex on seat upholstery so the interior looked new even after years of use. Customers could also choose real leather seats and choices in the colour of the interior of the car. The following table contains the key specification of the Mercedes Benz C 180 model.

SpecificationsC180 Kompressor
Engine1.8 Litre inline 4, Supercharged
Power141 brake horsepower @5200rpm
Fuel economy7.9 L/100Km (36 MPG) combined
Top speed223km/hr
0-100 km/hr9.7s
  • Mercedes Benz E 280 (2006)

Mercedes Benz launched the third generation of the E class model series 211 in 2002. It replaced the W210 model and the E 280 2006 is very popular in the used car market. Mercedes Benz E Class has always been the most reliable and top-selling Class in the Mercedes Benz lineup. 

On the exterior, the W211 had the iconic double barrel headlights and it was bigger than the previous model. The design of the E 211 was elegant and modern and even after more than 10 years of its launch, the E class design is still liked by car enthusiasts.

On the interior, Mercedes Benz used a combination of gloss wood trim panels and artificial leather. The interior still looks good on the used E Class and there were two colour options available; Beige and black colour options for the interior. 

The third generation of the E class had both petrol and diesel engine choices but it is the E 280 petrol model that is best in the used car market. The E 280 was powered by a V6 petrol engine, although the engine was naturally aspirated, it had camshaft adjustment so the torque was available very early in the power band. The V6 engine in the E 280 also used a variable intake manifold which improved the cylinder charging and gave a turbocharger-like effect. 

The transition option on the E 280 was a 6-speed manual and 5 – 7 speed automatic transmission. The following table contains a specification of the E 280. Mercedes-Benz also used a one-of-a-kind fly-by-wire brake system in the E280, which was called sensotronic brake control.

And unlike the conventional braking system, the brake pedal was not connected to the master cylinder and a brake booster. A travel sensor determined the application of the brake and the sensotronic brake system applied the brakes according to the distance travelled by the pedal.

SpecificationsC180 Kompressor
Engine3.0 litre V6 petrol M272
Power228 brake horsepower
Fuel economy9.3 litres/ 100km (30 MPG) combined
Top speed250 km/ hr
0-100 km/hr7.3 seconds
  • Mercedes Benz E 250 d (2013)

Mercedes Benz E 250 d is the fourth generation of the E Class, launched in 2009 it replaced the 211 models. The fourth generation of the E Class outsold the third generation in global markets. 

E 250d is a facelift model of the fourth generation and it was introduced by Mercedes Benz in 2013. The facelift model had an updated front bumper design and all-black interiors to give that premium look. The most prominent change was the headlights, Mercedes Benz used high-performance LED headlights as standard. 

The E 250d used a 2.1-litre twin-turbocharged diesel engine. The OM651 was a completely new diesel engine; the lower section of the oil pan was made up of aluminium and plastic. The engine block continued to be made up of cast iron but used a gear-driven system for the camshafts and an aluminium cylinder had saved a significant amount of weight. 

The OM651 in the E 250d was twin-turbocharged, one turbocharger was a high-pressure turbocharger and the other was a low-pressure turbocharger. At a low engine, the exhaust gas pressure is low, therefore the low-pressure turbocharger is mounted closer to the exhaust manifold. 

The low-pressure turbocharger is also smaller in size, it needs less energy to spool and produce the required boost pressure. At partial throttle and medium engine speeds, both the turbochargers are working simultaneously but at high engine speeds, only the larger high-pressure turbocharger is working.

A bypass flap in the intake side of the charge air system prevented the smaller turbocharger from getting choked at higher speeds. The following table contains key specifications of the E 250d 

SpecificationsMercedes Benz E250d
Engine2.1 litre inline 4 cylinder
Power201 brake horsepower
Fuel economy4.8 L/100km (combined)
Top speed240km per hour
0-100 km/hr7.7 seconds

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Buying a used Mercedes Benz model is a reasonable way to experience the comfort and performance of a premium sedan. These models are well built and the cost of the maintenance is also not expensive for the older models. Some of these models can be purchased for as low as 15000 USD. Mercedes Benz also runs a certified cars program in the authorised dealerships and also provides one year warranty based on the age and mileage of the vehicle.