What are the modifications for a Mercedes Benz C Class?

In this article, we find out what modifications can be done to a Mercedes Benz C  Class and answer the following questions: what are the non-authorised modifications for the Mercedes Benz C  Class? should you modify your Mercedes Benz C Class? Do modifications void the standard warranty of the Mercedes Benz C Class?

What are the modifications for a Mercedes Benz C Class?

Following modifications are possible on a Mercedes Benz C  Class:

  • Designo packages
  • Add on parts

We will now explain the modifications in detail:

  • Designo packages

Designo packages include exclusive exterior paint and interior trim colour choices. Customers can choose to special order their Mercedes by visiting any authorised dealerships. There are designo experts available at the dealerships in order to help the customers with all the designo packages. 

In exterior colour choices, customers can choose from different finishes like  Matt, Metallic or lustre. Nappa leather, dual-tone leather choices are available for the seats and upholstery.

The colour and type of interior trim elements can also be changed. Open-pore wood, carbon fibre or piano lacquer options are available in designo packages.

  • Add on parts

Mercedes Benz also offers a lot of add-on parts for the Mercedes Benz  C Class to make it look more sporty. Add-on parts include aerodynamic components like rear spoilers, AMG rear bumper apron and AMG alloy wheels that are designed to reduce drag and cool the braking components. Logo lights in the outside rearview mirrors and illuminated logo in the front grill.

What are the non-authorised modifications to the Mercedes Benz C Class?

Mercedes Benz does not recommend non-authorised modifications to the Mercedes Benz C Class. However, there are a lot of modifications available for Mercedes Benz C Class, following are a few of the modifications available in the aftermarket:

  • ECU Tuning

ECU or engine control unit tuning is a very popular modification for Mercedes Benz C Class. Auto-tuners are one of the popular tuners and performance re-maps are available all across slave unit of the auto tuner so it is really easy to find a performance map and flash it on the default map in the engine control unit. 

There are 3 stages of ECU tuning, stage 1 is the most simple and easiest as it only requires a software installation and under normal circumstances stage 1 goes undetected even in diagnosis scanners like launch or Xentry. 

  • Engine upgrades

Aftermarket engine performance modification shops like Brabus replace stock components on the engine like turbocharger/ intercoolers in order to get more power out of the engine. Mercedes Benz engine and drivetrain can withstand an increase in torque and power but Brabus goes one step further by adding reinforcements to the gearbox and using a modified crankshaft in order to maintain the reliability and longevity of the components.

  • Performance parts

There are performance parts available for Mercedes Benz C Class like racing air filters from K & N which have longer service intervals and can be reused after cleaning. NGK spark plugs make longer-lasting and durable iridium spark plugs that are direct stock replacements and require no changes to the ignition system of the vehicle.

Turbochargers are also one of the most popular performance parts. Replacing the stock turbocharger with a larger turbocharger guarantees an instant increase in power. BorgWarner is famous for making larger turbos with more efficient intercoolers than stock intercoolers.

  • Exhaust systems

Mercedes Benz designed the exhaust in the C Class to meet emissions regulations in domestic and international markets. Aftermarket exhaust systems don’t necessarily need to comply with the local emission regulations and therefore they can make performance exhaust systems that are lighter and allow more exhaust flow. RENNtech exhaust makes performance exhaust for Mercedes Benz C Class that can be used on road and also on the race tracks.

  • Body kits

Aftermarket body kits for Mercedes Benz C Class include new front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear spoilers. Many customers like the sports look of the AMG C 63 and usually modify their standard C Class to look like the more expensive C 63 AMG by adding AMG badging and front bumper grill. 

Widebody kits are also available but it is not a common modification for Mercedes Benz C Class and requires extensive modification to the existing body panels.

  • High-performance Brakes

Mercedes Benz C Class has hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels with a fixed calliper set up on the front and floating callipers at the rear axle. If the C CLass model is 4 MATIC then there are brake wear sensors on both front and rear wheels. 

After performance upgrades like larger turbochargers and a high flow exhaust system, the output of the engine increases significantly and stock braking power is not adequate enough to stop the vehicle.

High-performance brake pads for Mercedes Benz C Class include cross-drilled ventilated rotors and 4 piston fixed callipers on both axles. Brembo makes fade resistance brake pads and brake disks for the Mercedes Benz C Class.

Should you modify your Mercedes Benz C Class?

Yes, Modifying Mercedes Benz C Class is easy with authorised accessories sold at the Mercedes Benz Dealerships. Customers can even choose special orders while purchasing a Mercedes Benz Car. Performance modifications are unfortunately not available at authorised dealerships.

If Customers want more power from their Mercedes Benz C Class then there are AMG 43 and 63 models which offer more performance along with reliability. The AMG 43 series is also called the AMG line, it has all the cosmetic upgrades to standard C Class to make it look sporty and distinct.

The C 300/300d is also available in the AMG line model and gets the AMG front and rear bumper design and AMG sports alloy wheels.

Do modifications void the standard warranty of the Mercedes Benz C Class?

If the modifications are performed at tuning shops and include non-genuine or aftermarket parts then Mercedes Benz can reject any warranty claims for the faults caused by the modifications. Modifying the Mercedes Benz C Class means certain components can be put under operating situations which can cause them to malfunction.

One such situation can be installing aftermarket electrical systems like 360-degree cameras or rat repellent alarms that can cause the main battery of the vehicle to drain as these systems bypass the onboard voltage measurement and monitoring systems.

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Modification of the C Class can be expensive depending on the type and level of modifications, if Customers are selecting special orders then the delivery period can get extended by weeks. Despite its high cost, the Mercedes Benz C Class is still a popular car in the Tuner market as used Mercedes Benz C Class are cheap with plenty of modification options.