What are the prices of Mercedes Benz cars in Germany?

In this article, we find out Mercedes Benz prices in Germany and what are the different classes of Mercedes Benz. This article will also answer the following questions: Where is Mercedes Benz Produced in Germany? Can you buy a Mercedes Benz from Germany?

What are the prices of Mercedes Benz cars in Germany?

Mercedes Benz is regarded as the best Luxury brand. They have the most advanced and high-performance luxury cars on the road. Mercedes Benz is not less expensive in Germany even though it is made there. The models sold in Germany have different configurations compared to the models shipped to the rest of the world.

Customers also have many choices in the special order to customise the cars. The  Mercedes Benz special order is also known as the Designo Manufaktur program. It allows the customer to select different exterior paint for the vehicle from the designo catalogue. Customers can also customise the interior colour and select the material of seats. Designo offers customers the following choices to select.

The delivery time of special order cars is significantly less when compared to the special order from the rest of the world. Mercedes Benz sells some models like E class taxis and A-class estates exclusively in the domestic market. Following are the prices of the latest models in Germany.

Class/ YearModel series Price in EURO
A Class 2021W17730,285-35,500
B Class 2021W24732,000-36,045
C Class 2021 FaceliftW20539,240-44,000
E Class 2021 FaceliftW21348,825-62,500
S Class 2022 W22397,150-106,998
GLEW/V 16749,150-72,500

All the models are available in Petrol, Diesel and Plug-In hybrid drivetrains.

Different classes available in Mercedes Benz

produces cars across various platforms like sedans, SUVS, Compact SUVs, Estate. The many engines and transmission options are available for different model series. Mercedes Benz built to order allows for different choices of interior, driver assistance systems and accessories to be fitted to vehicles during production. Following are some popular Mercedes Benz models

  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class- Model series W177 is a subcompact hatchback produced under NGC new generation cars. The class has AMG 35 and 45 high-performance models. It is also available in estate and sedan body types. GLA is also based on the A-class platform, it is a Compact SUV with larger tyres and better ground clearance. The A class is available in 6 Variants and engine displacement is from 1.3Litres to 2.0litres
  • Mercedes-Benz B class- B class model series W246 is also a compact hatchback with emphasis on cargo space. It is an NGC car and also available in compact SUV GLB with 7 seats. There is no AMG for the B class model series. Model series EQB is a recently launched full electric car based on the B class platform. It is available in single motor 2 wheel drive and twin motor 4 wheel drive variants.
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class- the C class model series W205 is a standard sized sedan from Mercedes Benz. It is the best-known model in the Mercedes Benz and competes against the BMW 3 series. It is also available in the AMG line and AMG 63 model series. The C class coupe comes with a 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system. The C class comes in a soft-top convertible model. 
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class– The E class model series w/v213 is the most popular and highest selling Mercedes Benz model in premium sedans. It is available in 7 variants. A longer wheelbase version is also sold in markets like India and China. It is the second most technologically advanced car in the Mercedes Benz line-up. E Cabriolet is a soft-top two-door coupe available with a 4 and 6 cylinder petrol engine. The engine size is from 2.0 litres to 2.9 litres.
  • Mercedes Benz S class. The S class model series W223 is the most premium sedan and also the most technologically advanced vehicle from Mercedes Benz. It is available in 3 variants in most markets. S class comes with a luxury Maybach model and high-performance S 63 amg with a sports coupe version. The engine displacement is from 3.0 litres to 4.0litres
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC-The GLC model series X253 is the start in the SUV family of Mercedes Benz with a 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system. The EQC full electric car is based on the GLC platform. GLC comes with inline 4 cylinder diesel and petrol engine. High-performance GLC 63 AMG has a bigger 8 cylinder V8 engine with a cylinder shut-off function for better fuel economy. AMG Line model GLC 43 has a V6 engine and all-wheel-drive system. AIRMATIC suspension is only available on AMG line and AMG models.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE- GLE model series X167 is the full-sized SUV available with a more powerful 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine. In some markets, it has a 7 seat version. The GLE also features AIRMATIC suspension. GLE specialises in off-road driving conditions, special driving modes and torque distribution that can send 100 % of power to the wheel that has grip. The newly developed pneumatic and hydraulic suspension can also rock the car if the car is stuck off-road.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS- GLS model series X167 is the largest SUV from Mercedes Benz. It also comes in a luxury GLS Maybach model with a hybrid hydraulic and Airmatic suspension system. It is a bigger version of the GLE with the same engine and transmission options. There is a 5 seater GLS 63 AMG model which focuses on giving high performance. Previously the GLE and GLS were known as the M class which was discontinued.

Where is Mercedes Benz made in Germany?

Mercedes Benz has production factories all over the world but the main manufacturing factories are located only in Germany. Another location does not manufacture cars but only assembles from knockdown kits. The company has factories in 17 countries across 4 continents. 

The factory in Stuttgart, Germany is the mother factory, all the development, production and shipment of engines, transmissions and CKDs are shipped from this location. It is also the headquarters of Daimler AG, recently named Mercedes Benz group AG. The Stuttgart factory has a history extending back over 115 years and it is the highest tech location for the production of cars and hybrid drive systems.

The plant has six total facilities, Untertürkheim and Bad Cannstatt are responsible for the production of engines and the forge is also located there. The transmissions are manufactured in Sindelfingen. Mettingen has the foundry for axle production.

Can you Buy Mercedes Benz cars from Germany?

Yes, the Mercedes Benz European drive program allows great benefits like 10 % savings on the Maximum retail price of the vehicle, additional discounts on airfare and hotel accommodations and free factory tours in Stuttgart. The discount is higher on the flagship models like the S class.

Customers can walk into their local dealerships and enrol for the European driver program. This program allows customers to purchase or take delivery of their Mercedes from the customer centre in the Sindelfingen factory. Mercedes Benz will also arrange a 15 days European exploration tour with free vehicle insurance and a full tank of gas.


Mercedes Benz prices in Germany are not cheaper compared to the rest of the world. The models sold in Germany have more speed limiters and few models have more driver assistance systems compared to models that are shipped to international markets. Therefore customers can benefit from the European drive program and buy Mercedes Benz from Germany.


FAQs: What are the prices of Mercedes Benz cars in Germany?

Are Mercedes cars cheaper in Germany?

No, Mercedes Benz cars are not cheaper in Germany. The Germany models have different specifications than the models shipped to international markets. There are more control units in the standard models and the percentage of special order cars is more.

What is the price of Mercedes in Germany?

The price of a Mercedes Benz in Germany starts from  €30,000 and goes all the way up to  €99,806. Mercedes Benz also sells cheaper models with fewer features that can be used as taxis in the domestic market.

How much does a Mercedes A-Class cost in Germany?

The cost of the A-class starts at  €30,000 and can go up to  €38,000 for a diesel model. The high-performance version A 45 AMG can cost above  €50,000

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