What are the services provided by Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale?

This article will answer the following questions: what are the services provided by Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale? Where is it located? This article will also explain ways to book service appointments and some tips for maintaining reliability.

What are the services provided by Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale?

Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale is an authorised Mercedes Benz service centre located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale is a larger dealership with over 30 vehicle bays and built as per the regulations set by the Mercedes Benz. 

As Scottsdale’s climate is hot and vehicles usually operate between 35-45 degrees celsius, it is important to provide authorised service and checks to ensure a high level of quality and reliability. 

Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale workshop is open on weekdays from 7 am – 6 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. The staff is committed to providing the best quality of service. The workshop facility is equipped with all the Mercedes Benz special tools and the latest Xentry diagnosis systems. The workshop provides the following services:

  • Service A/ Service B

 Service A and Service B is the periodic maintenance of the vehicle as per the service schedule. The service interval determined by the Mercedes Benz for the American market is 10,000  miles or 1 year whichever comes first. Critical fluids in the vehicle like the engine oil, brake fluid can lose their properties and degrade over time. 

Hence, even if the mileage is less than 10000 miles but a year has passed since the last service, the service calculator of the ASSYST PLUS will remind the customer that a service is due.

ASSYST Plus is the service Computer in the Mercedes Benz cars which monitors time and distance travelled since the last service. When the service is performed, the technician performs a service reset and Assyst plus is ready for the next service cycle.

  • Wheel  Alignments, tyre rotations.

Wheel alignment is critical for the tyre life of the vehicle, incorrect wheel alignment can cause uneven wear on the tyre and lead to customer complaints like vehicle not travelling in starlight like or a vehicle is pulling in the left or right direction. The wheel alignment of Mercedes Benz cars is not like other passenger cars available on the market. Many advanced driver assistance systems are present on the vehicle which needs recalibration after completing vehicle alignment. Tyre rotations are only performed on the applicable models.

  • Additional jobs

The additional jobs include brake pads and brake disc replacement and rectifying any engine oil or coolant leaks. The additional jobs are identified during the service or vehicle checkup and an estimate is provided to the customer. Based on the approval received from the customer, Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale has a very large Spare parts department to provide all the required parts for the additional jobs.

  • Diagnosis of electrical faults and NVH concerns

Apart from the periodic maintenance Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale also provides General repairs and diagnosis of faults. Mercedes Benz cars are some of the most advanced vehicles on the road and it is important to rectify any fault codes that can affect the operation and reliability of the vehicle. Concerns related to noise and vibrations of the vehicle are also rectified as it can greatly impact the driving experience for the customers.

  • Sales of Latest models and Authorised Accessories

The latest Mercedes Benz and Mercedes Benz AMG models can be purchased from the Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale. The new cars can also be booked online without any need to physically go to the dealership. Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale also has sales of pre-owned Mercedes Benz cars.

 All the cars available in the inventory are checked and certified by the dealer. 2 years of additional warranty is available on the preowned cars with options to buy extended warranty programs. Leasing and Finance options are also provided for the customer to make the purchase experience hassle-free.

Where is the Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale located?

Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale is located at Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale

4725 North Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251 sales department is open even on Sunday until 5 PM. The entire facility is spread across 115,000 square feet of area and it is divided into three levels.

The sales floor is also exposed to natural light so that customers can see the vehicle’s colour in natural sunlight and decide which one they like.

The completed dealership is a state of the art facility including the sales, service and spare parts. Body Shop is also at the same location to take care of any accidental damages and windshield replacement tasks.

How to book a service appointment at Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale?

Service appointments can be scheduled by calling Service Phone Number (480) 845-0013  or visiting Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale’s website and booking service slots online.

If you own the latest Mercedes Benz with MMC which is short for Mercedes Me connect, then service appointments can also be booked via the MMC smartphone application.

The dealership will be notified the current vehicle mileage is service type.

Mercedes Me connect is used to connect with the vehicle and remotely control it via the cellular network. HERMES is short for hardware for enhanced remote mobility and emergency services. Esim is built into the HERMES control unit and it can be paired to customers’ smartphones at the time of buying the vehicle. Customers can connect up to 10 vehicles on a single smartphone. 

Hermes can also control emergency services like SOS calls and remote diagnosis. It uses a 4g sim network and can also set up wireless hotspots to provide internet access to the command head units and entertainment tablets. As long as the vehicle is within the range of a cellular network, it can be remotely controlled via the Mercedes me connect smartphone app.

Following are a few tips to maintain reliability 

Always replace the engine oil and oil filter according to the service schedule of the vehicle. If the engine oil and oil filter is not replaced periodically then engine oil loses its lubricating properties and can no longer do an adequate task of lubricating moving parts. 

The engine oil filter is also a very critical component as it filters small metal shavings in engine oil which can scratch and damage bearings inside the crankcase. Small particles if left unfiltered in the engine can block the lubricating path or oil spray nozzles and cause wear to components like the timing chain, valves, connecting rods and cylinder walls.

  • After starting the engine, wait for a few seconds so the warm-up phase can finish. This also makes sure the engine oil is circulated entirely in the engine.
  • Never operate the engine in full loads for an extended duration, keep the RPMs fluctuating. Operating an engine at constant or high rpm puts unnecessary strain on the engine components.
  • Visually inspect the engine compartment for visible oil or coolant leaks. If the oil or coolant level is low then the engine can be damaged due to overheating.
  • Consult the workshop if an EOBD malfunction or abnormal noise is coming from the engine while driving.
  • Follow the service schedule and replace parts like air filters, fuel filters etc so the engine can continue to function properly.

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Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale is the best dealership for the service and purchasing of Mercedes Benz cars. The dealership is open on weekdays and online customer support is always available. Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale also provides customer support in the pairing of Bluetooth and remote diagnosis via MMC.


FAQs: What are the services provided by Mercedes Benz of Scottsdale? 

What has been included in the service of A Mercedes-Benz?

Service A consists of engine oil and oil filter change and in some cases replacement of brake fluid. Service A is a minor service and takes place every 15000 km.

How much does the Mercedes A service cost?

Based on the Mercedes Benz model, service A can cost up to 600 USD and additional jobs are identified and an estimate is provided to the customer for further approval.

Who owns Mercedes Scottsdale?

Mercedes Benz Scottsdale is owned and operated by the Penske Automotive Group.