What are the things to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz C Class?

This article will explain the important points to check before buying a used Mercedes C class. Which year C class is the best? What is a Mercedes Benz Certified Pre Owned car?

What are the things to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz C Class?

Before buying a used Mercedes Benz C Class, the following things must be checked as the cost of Mercedes Benz spare parts and labour is very high.

  • Vehicle History of the vehicle 
  • If there is an ABS/ ESP malfunction on the cluster
  • ECO (engine start-stop function)
  • Jerk or poor shift quality

Let’s take a closer look at each of the checkpoints.

  • Vehicle history

Mercedes-Benz dealerships maintain a record of all the work performed on the vehicle including warranty and accidental repair jobs. Therefore it is important to check the vehicle service history for any accidental repairs and periodic maintenance records.

The vehicle history also mentions the name of the dealership that performed all the repair works; potential buyers can also confirm at an authorised dealership if the vehicle is roadworthy.

  • ABS ESP Malfunctions

Mercedes Benz C class had ABS/ESP inoperative issues due to faulty sensors and internal malfunction in the control units. If a used C class has ABS/ESP malfunctions it can get expensive to diagnose and repair the fault, especially if there is a problem with the control unit. Replacing the faulty sensors or the control unit is the only remedy. 

Mercedes Benz did rectify the issue in new generation models but the problems are still common in the old generation cars.

  • Inoperative ECO mode

The Mercedes Benz C class produced after 2014 had an ECO or engine cut-off mode. The engine used to turn off automatically when the vehicle came to a halt and start again as soon as the driver touches the accelerator pedal. The Eco mode uses two onboard batteries and if any one of the batteries is not in good condition then the ECO mode does not work.

Replacing the main and auxiliary battery is the only solution. If the batteries have not been replaced in the vehicle then after purchasing a used C class, both the batteries will need replacement.

  • A Jerk in the Gearbox or poor shift quality

Mercedes Benz launched the C  class with both manual and automatic transmissions but it is the automatic transmission model that was more popular in the international market. The integrated transmission control unit in the hydraulic valve body of the transmission housed the RPM sensors used to determine the speed of the output shaft. The rpm sensor fails over time and the vehicle jerks during gear shifts. Replacing the complete electro-hydraulic valve body is the only solution and it is probably the most expensive repair in the C class.

Which year C class is the Best?

Currently, the C class is in its fifth generation with the model series W206 which will be replacing the W205 C class. The W 205 C class is the most reliable model and Mercedes Benz C class sales exceeded the sales number of the previous W204 model in the international markets. 

The W 205 was very well received and it helped Mercedes Benz to strengthen its position as a market leader but according to the market experts and car enthusiasts, the Mercedes Benz C Class model series W203 is the Best Mercedes Benz C Class.

The Mercedes Benz W203 is the second generation in the C class, Mercedes Benz launched it in 2000. The development of the second generation started in 1994 and it was a far leap from the W 202 model in terms of onboard electrical systems and overall design. Even in 2022, the W203 looks modern and most people won’t believe the car was launched in 2000.

Mercedes Benz also introduced a few flexible-fuel compatible models in 2003-2007. The W 203 C class is also the only C class that gets a diesel variant in the AMG version. AMG handbuilt the 3.0 litre 5-cylinder diesel engine that produced 230 horsepower and 540 Nm of torque.

The price of C class W203 in the used car market is very cheap, it was also very reliable and did not have any major issues like the C 204 C class. The W203 C class was also shipped globally with a manual gearbox and a V6 engine option which makes it the most reliable model in the C class segment.

What is a Mercedes Benz Certified Pre Owned car?

The demand for the Mercedes Benz used cars is very high, many customers want to experience the comfort and luxury offered by Mercedes Benz cars but don’t want to spend money to buy a brand new car. Therefore, Mercedes Benz introduced a certified pre-owned car program.

Mercedes Benz sells pre-owned Mercedes Benz cars at the authorised dealerships under the certified pre-owned program. All the cars are thoroughly checked by certified technicians and Mercedes Benz can offer a warranty of up to 2 years depending on the mileage and age of the vehicle.

Mercedes Benz also sells star ease service packages and extended warranty programs to pre-owned car customers. The owners of pre-owned cars get the complete Mercedes Benz experience same as owners of brand new cars.

There is no need to worry about the reliability of the pre-owned cars as the vehicles are serviced at authorised dealerships and Mercedes Benz only sells roadworthy pre-owned cars. Few dealerships also hold events with special discounts on the prices and customers can also trade in their old cars regardless of brand.

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The Mercedes Benz C class was the entry-level model of Mercedes Benz cars before the introduction of the new generation cars like the A-class, B class etc. Buying a used C class is still a good choice over buying any cheaper models like the A-class as the C class has better handling and more space in the interior.