What are the things to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz?

This blog will list all the things you should check before buying a used Mercedes Benz car. We also explain each checkpoint and answer the following questions: should you buy a used Mercedes Benz car? Which is the best place to buy a Used Mercedes Benz car?

What are the things to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz car?

The things to check before buying a used Mercedes Benz car are listed below:

  • Age and mileage of the vehicle
  • Vehicle history and documents
  • Accidental repairs
  • Malfunction lights
  • Visual check of body and engine compartment
  • Noise and vibrations levels during the test drive

All the important checks before buying a used Mercedes Benz car are explained below:

Age and mileage of the vehicle.

The age of the vehicle is determined by the date of registration. Mercedes Benz gives a standard and extended warranty based on the age of the vehicle. The service schedule is also determined from the date of registration as the Assyst plus service calculator is initialised from the registration date.

Therefore, it is critical to check the date of registration of the vehicle, customers can even contact dealerships to verify the date. Similar to the age of the vehicle, mileage is also important. 

Mercedes Benz cars can easily last for 200,000 – 250,000 miles without any need for major repairs. But the risk of uneconomical repairs increased with the mileage. Therefore, buying a used Mercedes Benz with high mileage can prove to be an expensive investment even though it has been looked after properly.

Vehicle history and documents.

The vehicle history contains important information like the service history and warranty claims. All the parts along with the part numbers are listed in the vehicle service history. If the current owner is unable to provide complete service history, then the dealership has all the history saved in one central database.

It is important to check if the transmission oil is replaced in the service history of the vehicle, Mercedes Benz recommends periodic maintenance every 10,000 miles or 1 year. There is a major service after 4 years or 50,000 miles.

The documents to check are the vehicle registration card, correct owner information must be present on it. The vehicle should have valid insurance and other documents like roadworthiness certificates according to the local authority requirements.

Accidental repairs

If the accidental repairs are performed at an authorised dealership then the details will be mentioned in the vehicle service history. However, there is a chance that the used cars are fixed at a non-authorized workshop.

Therefore, perform a visual inspection of the paintwork and look for any bubbles or differences in the paintwork as that can be a good indication of accidental repair work. Uneven panel gaps and different colours on the door hinges are some of the clear signs that accidental repair work is performed on the vehicle.

Malfunction lights

Mercedes Benz cars have different malfunction indicator lights in the instrument cluster, some models with informative displays can also show malfunction messages like 12 v battery warning or supplemental system malfunction.

There should be no malfunctioning lamps or messages present in the vehicle after it is started, Malfunctions like engine check lights and ABS/ ESP inoperative are common in used Mercedes Benz cars. The repair works usually include expensive parts and labour, hence it is important to check for any malfunctions in the vehicle.

NVH levels during the test drive

Taking a test drive is the most important part when buying a used Mercedes Benz car. A test drive can reveal a lot of information about the condition of the car. If there are excessive noise and vibration levels, it means the engine and the transmission mounts need replacement.

Also, check for any abnormal noise from the engine or suspension of the car as this can mean there are mechanical issues in the vehicle.

Should you buy a Used Mercedes Benz Car?

Yes, you should definitely buy a used Mercedes Benz car. New Mercedes Benz cars are very expensive due to the new emission regulations. Car manufacturers like Mercedes Benz need to implement expensive exhaust gases After treatment systems and use direct injection fuel systems.

The safety standards set by the governing authority like the European NCAP have also gone up. There is a minimum number of airbags required in the vehicle and the production model must pass the crash test.

The crash test conducted by the Euro NCAP, or the new car assessment program is very good. Manufacturers have to design the vehicle so that the NCAP rating is good and the vehicle is safe for use on public roads.

Mercedes Models have 5-star NCAP ratings, the body shells are made up of high tensile steel and aluminium. Specially designed crumple zones make sure all the energy of the accidental impact is absorbed before it reaches the passenger cabin.

Therefore, buying a used Mercedes Benz car is not only safe but customers can also experience high performance and luxury at a reasonable price. The service and spare parts costs are high in Mercedes Benz dealerships but there is a scarcity of parts and many specialised shops can also perform repairs at reasonable rates.

Which is the best place to buy a used Mercedes Benz?

The best place to buy a used Mercedes Benz car is the authorised Mercedes Benz dealership. Mercedes Benz has a certified pre-owned cars program in domestic as well as international markets.

In the certified pre-owned car program, a dealership maintains an inventory of all the available models. A Mercedes Benz car must go through a 165 points checklist and reconditioning to get the certified pre-owned badge.

A certified -preowned Mercedes Benz car has a 1-year warranty that is the same as the standard warranty. Customers also get an exchange privilege, if the used Mercedes Benz car purchased by the customer is not up to his/ her liking then within 7 days or 500 miles the car can be exchanged with another model of a similar price.

A pre-owned car is safe to buy as all the cars are not older than 6 model generations, the mileage should also be less than 75000 miles. The vehicle’s service and owner’s information should also be correct, if there are any discrepancies then Mercedes Benz will not sell that car as a certified pre-owned.

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This blog lists the important checkpoints before purchasing a Mercedes Benz car. Mercedes Benz’s pre-owned car program is the best program to get your hands-on Mercedes Benz at a reasonable price. Certified pre-owned cars are only sold at authorised dealerships, used cars can also be purchased directly from owners or third-party dealerships after checking the points mentioned in the blog.