What does a VW Golf MK7 fuel flap actuator do?

The “VW golf MK7 fuel flap actuator” is a device that is used in cars as a lock for the fuel door. A car that has a fuel flap actuator doesn’t have a fuel flap release lever inside the passenger cabin. Therefore, to open the fuel flap, you need to press the fuel door, and the flap will open.

What does a VW Golf MK7 fuel flap actuator do?

A fuel flap actuator in the VW Golf MK7 is one of the attractive features of the car. It helps in opening the fuel door on the vehicle. A person who wishes to open the fuel flap first needs to unlock the vehicle by pressing the unlock button on the key fob. Once the car is unlocked, the driver only needs to press the fuel tank flap. Once the flap is pressed, the fuel door opens. 

The fuel door on some vehicles consists of a fuel door actuator, which opens and closes the fuel door from inside the vehicle. Opening the gas door becomes hassle-free with a fuel door actuator in place. A driver doesn’t need to search for the fuel release lever present inside the vehicle. Moreover, with the fuel flap actuator in place, the number of components in the fuel door assembly is reduced. Hence the chances of the fuel door becoming faulty are reduced.

Although the chances of the fuel door actuator failing are less, it still can fail. If the fuel door actuator fails on your vehicle, knowing it will be very easy. Because once the fuel door actuator fails on the vehicle, the fuel door won’t open. Hence, in such a case, you need to troubleshoot the actuator. 

Different ways to maintain the fuel actuator

Maintenance and prevention

Maintenance involves the cleaning of seats, dashboard, lubricating and checking the working of different essential components of the vehicle. However, for taking care of the fuel door actuator, you should start by cleaning the surface around the fuel door actuator pin because dust can damage the actuator. Once the surface around the pin is clean, open and close the fuel flap door several times to check its working. Moreover, when you are at the filling station, make sure the attendant at the station opens the fuel tank carefully without damaging the mechanism.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Suppose the fuel flap isn’t opening even when you press the fuel flap, then before changing the fuel flap actuator you must perform some troubleshooting steps because the fuel flap actuator might not be working due to an electrical failure. The electrical troubleshooting of the actuator involves the checking of wiring and solenoid. Because if the wiring or solenoid is damaged, the electricity won’t reach the actuator. Moreover, even the fuse of the electrical circuit responsible for the opening and closing of the fuel door. Hence in such a case, if you change the fuse, the circuit will start working again.

Tinkering with the actuator connections

In most vehicles, the actuator wiring is present in the vehicle’s trunk. The wiring is present on the same side of the fuel tank flap. If the door is stuck, you need to remove the plastic cover present on the fuel tank side. Once the cover is removed, you need to check the plug with the fuel door actuator is connected. If the plug is damaged, you need to change the plug. Moreover, if the fuel door isn’t opening, you can also open the fuel flap from the inside.

Buying a replacement for the actuator

If you have done all the steps and still the fuel door actuator is not actuating, then changing the fuel door actuator is the only option left. To change the fuel door actuator, you first need to find a new actuator. The new actuator you are planning to buy should be similar to that of the older version, which is damaged. The new fuel door actuator should open the fuel door and it should also have a proper fit and durable housing that doesn’t get damaged easily. Before buying an actuator for your fuel door, you should also read the reviews about the particular product.


The fuel flap actuator on a vehicle is responsible for opening the fuel tank flap. To open the fuel tank, you need to unlock the vehicle and press the fuel tank flap. However, there are chances that the fuel tank flap actuator gets damaged. In such cases, a person can implement different ways to fix the flap actuator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): VW golf MK7 fuel flap actuator.

What is a fuel door actuator?

The fuel door on some vehicles includes a fuel door that opens or closes the fuel door on the vehicle. The fuel door actuator allows the fuel door to open and close the fuel door with the push of a button.

Why is the fuel flap not opening on my vehicle?

The fuel flap might not be opening in many vehicles because the cable attached to the fuel door is broken. Thus once the cable breaks, there will be no connection between the fuel door and lever. Hence the fuel door won’t open. 

How much does it cost to fix the gas door?

According to a website, the fuel door replacement can cost you around $74 to $94 for labour. Meanwhile, the cost of the parts on the fuel door can be around $104.

Why is the gas cap stuck?

In many situations, a gas cap on a vehicle fuel flap gets stuck due to a mechanical defect in the gas cap, improper installation of the gas cap or a defect in the gas tank filler neck. 


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