What does AMG sport mean?

This blog will explain the meaning of AMG sports and answer the following question: what are the AMG sports models? What is the difference between AMG sports and the AMG models? Which one should you buy?

What does AMG sport mean?

AMG sports is a new product line launched by Mercedes Benz to make the technology in the high-performance AMGs more accessible. AMG sport, also known as the AMG line, features sports styling and AMG exclusive equipment as standard. The performance in the AMG sports models is more than the standard Mercedes Benz model.

The AMG sports or AMG line models have AMG high-performance brakes and 4 Matic drivetrains as standard. Mercedes Benz has also made sure that the upgrades are not just cosmetic. 

There are AMG exhaust systems, the interior is completely designed with AMG badging and seat upholstery is made from either Artico or Dinamica instead of conventional materials. All the models have sports steering wheels and paddles.

The instrument cluster also gets an additional AMG menu and the infotainment display can show engine and chassis data like boost pressure, throttle, and brake pedal inputs. A high-end surround sound system is available depending on the class.

Following is the list of common components of the AMG sports model:

  • AMG floor mats.
  • Seat belts in red colour.
  • Red colour brake callipers with Mercedes Benz logo
  • Interior trim in Brushed Aluminium.
  • Outside rearview mirror with carbon fibre covers
  • DIRECT SELECT shift paddles with a brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Red contrasting stitching on seats, centre armrest, and door armrests.
  • Sports seats in Black ARTICO upholstery/DINAMICA microfibre.

The engine in the AMG sport or AMG line is not handbuilt. The one-man one engine is only present in the AMG 45 and AMG 63 models. Mercedes Benz uses different performance maps in the AMG line model. The engine cover also does not have a badge with the name of the engine builder.

What are the AMG sports models?

Mercedes AMG sports models are available in the following series:

  • 35 series
  • 43 series 
  • 53 series

Each of the above-listed series is explained in detail below:

35 series 

All the 35 series AMG sports models are powered by an inline 4 cylinder M 260 petrol engine. It is turbocharged with a liquid-cooled charge air intercooler. The M260 also features Camtronic on the intake camshaft. 

The engine control unit activates the Camtronic solenoid located on the cylinder head cover. The solenoid can switch the camshaft from a small valve lift to a large valve lift; a large valve lift allows more charge air to enter the combustion chamber. Camtronic increases the power output of the engine while also maintaining its fuel efficiency.

The power output of the M260 in the Mercedes AMG 35 series models is 302 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. The torque is also generated as early as 3000 rpm thanks to the camshaft adjustment that allows advanced and delayed opening and closing of the valves.

The M260 in the 35 series is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with AMG speedshift. It is the same DCT transmission found in the NGC cars but the shifting program is optimised for acceleration downshifts.

The following table lists the AMG 35 series models and some of the key specifications.

Specifications/ models AMG A 35AMG CLA 35AMG GLA 35AMG GLB 35
Top speed155 155 155 155 
0-60 MPH4.7 seconds4.9 seconds5.1 seconds5.2 seconds
Fuel consumption (MPG)32 32 3232 

43 series 

The Mercedes AMG 43 series models are powered by a 3.0 litre M276 V6 engine. The M276 has two turbochargers, one for each bank. It is actuated by a boost pressure transducer and the intercooler is also liquid cooled.

There is a secondary coolant circuit for the charger air intercooler and transmission oil heat cooler. Unlike the bigger M278 engine, the intercooler is located in front of the engine and a single throttle valve feeds the charge air to the intake manifold.

There is also a single high-pressure fuel pump used to generate a fuel pressure of up to 250 bars. There is a quantity control valve that is actuated by a PWM signal from the engine control unit. The fuel pressure and temperature sensor located in the fuel rail determine the duration of the actuation of the quantity control valve.

The power output of the M276 in the 43 series is 385 horsepower and 521 Nm of torque. There is only a camshaft adjustment on both intakes as well as exhaust camshafts. 

There is also an M256 engine in the 43 series, it is an inline 6 cylinder 3.0 with an electric compressor and a wastegate turbocharger. The M256 makes 362 bhp and 500 Nm of torque. The following table lists models of the 43 series and some of their important specifications.

Specs/ modelGLC 43 coupe Mercedes AMG GT 43 
Top speed (MPH)155168 
0-60 MPH4.9 seconds4.9 seconds
Fuel consumption (MPG)2321

Mercedes AMG 53 series 

The 53 series is the latest addition to the AMG sport, the engine is a 3.0 litre M 256 with 48 V mild hybrid technology. There is an integrated starter generator in the transmission; the electric motor can give an additional boost of 22 horsepower.

The M256 is also a truly belted-less engine, all the ancillary components are connected to the 48 V electric system. The power output of the 53 series cars is 429 bhp and 520 Nm of torque. The following table lists all the AMG 53 series and their key specifications:

Specs/ modelE 53 AMGCLS 53 AMG GT 53GLE 53
Price$76,050.$81,550$99,950 $73,550 f
Top Speed (MPH)155155177155
0-60 Mph4.5 seconds 4.5 seconds4.5 seconds5.3 seconds
Fuel consumption () MPG2117.42122.5

What is the difference between AMG sports and the AMG models? 

The AMG sports models have Mercedes Benz engines while the standard AMG models come with AMG engines. Currently, Mercedes Benz uses inline 4, V 8, and a V12 AMG engine in the 45, 63, and 65 models.

All the AMG engines are manufactured in the Affalterbach factory in Germany by specially trained engine builders. The transmission also has a multidisc wet clutch pack instead of a conventional torque converter. 

All the AMG vehicles use 4Matic plus instead of the standard 4 Matic versions found in the AMG sports models. 4Matic + allows for a variable power split ratio between the front and the rear axle. The E 63 can even disengage the front differential and send all the power to the rear axle in the drift model.


This blog explained the meaning of AMG sports and listed the current AMG sports model available in the market. AMG sports models are a great way to step into the high-performance world of AMG.

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