What does the Mercedes C 250 windshield replacement cost?

In this article, we find out what is the cost of windshield replacement for the Mercedes Benz C250? What is the difference between OEM and aftermarket windshields? And lastly, we take a look at the procedure and total time required for windshield replacement.

What does the Mercedes C 250 windshield replacement cost?

The cost of windshield replacement in the Mercedes Benz C250  can be 300$ to 500 $. The windshield used in the Mercedes Benz C250 is made up of automobile safety glass which will stay together even after a collision and avoid injury to the driver.

The automobile safety glass is designed in such a way that it should be easy to break from the inside of the vehicle if it is overturned and occupants need to exit from the windshield. Mercedes Benz uses a special layer in the windshield which reduces glare coming from the headlights at night.

If the C250 has an optional heads-up display, the windshield must display correct information without any distortion of light that is projected on it through the projector located in the dashboard.

What are the components installed on the Windshield of the Mercedes C 250?

Mercedes Benz C250 also has a rain light sensor and multi-function camera installed on the inner side of the windshield. These sensors need a clear windshield to function properly. Any cracks or broken windshield will lead to uneven refraction of light and the rain light sensor will not function properly.

Multi-function cameras can also lose calibration and cause a malfunction in the intelligent lighting system. 

Both rain light sensors and a Multi-Function camera are part of the advanced driver assistance system which comes as standard in the Mercedes Benz C250.

  • Rain light sensor. The rain light sensor is used to determine if it is raining or if it is night outside. It is responsible for the automatic operation of windshield wipers and headlights in the vehicle. When raindrops fall on the windshield, the infrared light beam projected from the sensor on the viewport of the windshield can determine if it is raining as light rays shatter due to the raindrops. Based on the intensity of the rain it can moderate the speed of windshield wipers.
  • Multifunction camera– the multifunction camera is installed behind the windshield and it has a clear view of the road ahead. It is calibrated to the vehicle ride height and plays a key role in the intelligent lighting system of the vehicle. 

Due to the special properties of the material used for manufacturing the windshield and the driver assistance systems installed on it, the cost of windshield replacement in the Mercedes Benz C250  can be 300$ to 500 $. 

The material of the glass and its special properties is one of the reasons for such high cost but as Mercedes Benz sells models in the international market the price for the windshield can go up due to the import or shipping duties. 

Therefore it is very important to visit the nearest workshop and check the cost of the windshield by giving them the VIN or vehicle identification number. VINs can be located on the small nameplate usually on the B-pillar on the driver’s side. It contains SA codes that have information on optional equipment present in the vehicle.

Difference between OEM and aftermarket Glass

OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer, Mercedes Benz provides a genuine replacement windshield for all its models. The genuine windshield meets all the requirements and regulations for the safety of the passengers. Mercedes Benz Also provides additional parts warranty for up to 2 years for manufacturing defects.

Aftermarket windshield Glass on the other hand is made by local glass manufacturing companies but they don’t meet the basic requirements like the OEM parts. The cost may be significantly lower however it can endanger the safety of the driver. Many aftermarket glasses look the same as the OEM windshield but they lack the special protective layers built into the windshield. 

The lack of protective layers can lead to light scattering and disturb the driver while driving at night. Many advanced driver assistance systems depend on the reflection properties of windshields. Aftermarket windshields can hinder the functionality of the assistance systems and cause malfunctions.

As the windshield is glued onto the vehicle Mercedes Benz bonding agents have special properties like noise damping and waterproofing the gaps. Installing the aftermarket windshield can lead to increased noise and vibration levels in the vehicle. It can also leak water inside the cabin.

Therefore Mercedes Benz does not recommend the use of aftermarket windshield glass on any of its models. Mercedes Benz has also issued official statements in Markets like the USA, the statement clearly states the aftermarket windshield cannot meet the complex standards required for the operation of advanced driver assistance systems and any malfunctions will not be claimed under warranty if the windshield is not genuine.

What is the procedure and time required for Mercedes Benz C250 windshield replacement?

Mercedes Benz C250 windshield replacement is a specialized task but if the part is available at the workshop the windshield can be replaced in a day. The procedure is as follows.

  • Remove the wiper mechanism including the cowl top and wiper motor.
  • Remove the overhead control panel and electrical connections to the rain light sensor and multifunction camera.
  • Carefully remove the old windshield and clean the bonding surface with suitable tools.
  • Install the rain sensor on the new windshield. carefully position the sensor while installing.
  • Prepare the Mercedes Benz bonding paste and apply it evenly with the help of an application gun.
  • Position the new windshield properly with the help of a helper and gently secure it in the frame.
  • Remove any excess paste carefully and allow some time for the paste to dry before diving.
  • Connect the overhead control panel and electrical connections.
  • Calibrate the multifunction camera and check the working of the rain light sensor.
  • Lastly, do a water leak test by spraying water over the windshield.

Driving a vehicle with a broken or cracked windshield is not safe and water will enter the cabin and damage critical onboard electronic systems in the vehicle.

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Mercedes Benz C 250 windshield replacement is only required in the event of accidental damage. The overall process of replacement is fast and many insurance companies will cover the cost of a new windshield and replacement cost. Therefore consult the nearest workshop if the windshield must be replaced. Mercedes Benz also covers any material defects under the standard vehicle warranty. 


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FAQs: What does the Mercedes C 250 windshield replacement cost?

How much is a Mercedes Benz windshield?

The cost of the Mercedes Benz genuine windshield depends on the model and the production year. On average it can cost somewhere between 200 to 500 USD.

What type of glass does Mercedes use?

Mercedes Benz uses a type of automotive safety glass along with additional layers to block the UV rays and reduce light glare.