What is a Mercedes Benz AMG kit?

In this article, we find out what is a Mercedes Benz AMG kit? And answer the following questions: which models are in the AMG line? What is the difference between the AMG line and AMG models? 

What is a Mercedes Benz AMG kit?

A Mercedes Benz AMG kit is a body kit with updated front and rear bumpers designed to make it look like an AMG model. It also consists of bigger AMG alloy wheels and brake callipers painted in red colour. The whole purpose of an AMG kit is to change the exterior and interior styling of the standard Mercedes Benz models and make them look more sporty like the original Mercedes Benz AMG 63 models.

There is no official AMG kit sold by Mercedes Benz but customers can choose to customise their new car by selecting AMG parts from the designo package. The  Mercedes Benz special order is also known as the Designo Manufaktur program. It allows the customer to select different exterior paint for the vehicle from the designo catalogue. Customers can also customise the interior colour and select the material of seats. 

The designo package includes sporty AMG seat covers, steering wheel and welcome logo lights. All the changes in the AMG kit are cosmetic, there is no modification in the mechanical setup of the car.

Mercedes Benz also sells AMG performance exhaust for the standard Mercedes Benz models but it is not designed to increase the engine performance. It is a direct replacement of stock exhaust and the only changes are in the noise levels.

Carbon ceramic brake discs and pads along with the golden colour brake callipers can be ordered as an optional extra or they can also be installed at a later stage. The cost of ceramic brake systems is very high and the standard performance Mercedes Benz cars do not require a Carbon ceramic brake system.

The most popular items in the AMG kits are the 19-inch AMG alloy wheels and a more aggressive front grille with bigger air vents. Considering the popularity of the AMG kit, Mercedes Benz also introduced the new E class facelift with a double dome AMG bonnet as a standard on all model Variants. 

Mercedes Benz acquired AMG in 1999 and since then AMG has been responsible for developing high-performance engines and models for the ongoing Mercedes Benz models.  When a new Mercedes Benz car is launched, AMG designs a high-performance version of the model. It consists of handbuilt engines, and the handling is more aggressive compared to the Mercedes Benz models.

AMG also offers full customization to the customers. There are AMG exclusive designo packages that customers can select at the time of placing the order. These designo packages are completely different from the one offered by Mercedes Benz.

Although the AMG version might look similar to a standard Mercedes Benz model, it is a completely different car to drive. Mercedes Benz standard models are more focused on comfort and luxury, AMG is all about high performance while maintaining the same levels of comfort and luxury as a standard model.

Which models belong to the AMG line?

AMG styling and kits are very popular but not all customers want to spend the extra money for the increase in performance. New customers are also reluctant to buy an AMG model directly as the experience of owning a Mercedes Benz AMG can be completely different from their expectations. 

The engine and gearbox mounts on an AMG variant are dynamic and the gear shifts are also more aggressive and sporty which can be uncomfortable for a few customers. Therefore after taking in the feedback from the customers, Mercedes Benz launched the AMG line models.

The AMG line models are very similar to standard models but they have a complete AMG kit as standard. 

The instrument cluster also gets an additional AMG menu which gives the following additional information to the driver.

  • Warm-up: engine and transmission oil temperature plus charge pressure as Boost display
  • Setup: current status of systems such as the drive system, suspension, exhaust system, ESP®, transmission
  • G-Force: the display of current g-forces in a coordinate system and the ability to save maximum values
  • Race Timer: manual stopwatch for lap times and colour display of fastest and slowest laps, plus average speed and distance
  • Engine Data: engine torque / rated output in a bar chart plus charge pressure as Boost display

The following models are available in the AMG line.

  • A35, CLA35, GLA,35, GLB35 AMG

The 35 series is the start of AMG line models. The exterior design is similar to the AMG 45 model but there is a small rear wing instead of the large one found on the A 45 AMG. The engine in the 35 series is M260 which is an inline 4 cylinder petrol engine designed by Mercedes Benz. AMg performance exhaust is part of standard equipment and the overall height looks lowered due to the wide body kit. The M260 produces 300 horsepower and 400 Nm torque.

The 43 gets AMG high-performance exhaust as standard. There is a small rear spoiler on the door coupe model. The soft-top convertible also gets a two-tone paint scheme and choice of the interior through the designo package.

Both the 43 two-door coupes SUV and soft-top convertible models have a 4matic all-wheel-drive system. The power output is distributed 50:50 between the front and the rear axles.

The Mercedes Benz 43 series AMG has a 3.0-litre M276 petrol V6 engine. It is biturbo means there are two turbochargers for the individual cylinder bank, the two turbochargers are waste-get type turbochargers with a turbine wheel on the exhaust side and compressor wheel on the intake side. 

  • E53, CLS53 AMG

The E 53 and CLS 53 AMG are powered by the same M256 3.0 litres petrol engine. The power output in the 53 models is 430 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. There is also a 48 V high voltage electric system consisting of an integrated starter-generator motor and a high voltage battery with a dedicated cooling circuit.

The M256 is also the first truly beltless engine; ancillary components like the coolant water pump, air conditioning compressor and alternator are operated by the 48v high voltage system. An integrated starter-alternator also assists the engine and gives an additional 25 horsepower.

What is the difference between the AMG Line and the AMG models?

The AMG line models are standard models sold by Mercedes Benz with AMG kits. AMG does not design or manufacture the AMG line models


The 45 and 63 and AMG GT series are the original AMG models with one man one engine. The engines are hand-built in the AMG Affalterbach factory, and the 4.0 litres bi-turbo engine can produce more than 600 horsepower. The AMG 45 and 63 are also more expensive than the AMG line models. Therefore, the AMG line is designed to bring more customers into the high-performance world of AMG.

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Mercedes Benz AMG kits are really attractive and can make a standard Model look more sporty and aggressive. Some customers want the AMG styling without the extra drama and horsepower. The AMG line products are perfect for such customers as the AMG kit is installed from the factory.