What is a Mercedes Benz mbrace?

This blog will review the Mercedes Benz Mbrace and answer the following questions:

What are the features of the Mercedes Benz Mbrace? How does the mbrace work? Is it worth the extra cost?

What is Mercedes Benz Mbrace?

Mercedes Benz mbrace is remote access technology found on Mercedes Benz models manufactured from 2016 onwards. Some of the mbrace features are also available via a Mercedes Me adaptor that plugs into the OBD 2 port of the car. The adaptor is only for the models manufactured between 2010 to 2015. As the adapter is connected to the obd 2 port of the vehicle, its remote features are only available when the ignition is turned on.

Mercedes Benz mbrace on the other hand is an all-time running system. Customers can remotely access the vehicle via the Mercedes me smartphone app. The smartphone app is completely free of cost and customers can download it from IOS and Google Play store. 

The registration process is fast and it is taken care of by the authorised dealerships that are giving the delivery of the vehicle. Customers must create an account on the Mercedes mbrace portal and the dealership will link the smartphone to the vehicle. If a customer has multiple Mercedes Benz cars equipped with Mercedes mbrace then the app can be configured to access up to 8 vehicles remotely.

Mercedes mbrace is also known as Mercedes ME connect in the latest models. The MBUX system is fully integrated with the Mercedes Me connect app. Therefore it is not possible to retrofit Mercedes mbrace to older models with command operating systems. 

For older models, the Mercedes ME adaptor is capable of providing features like driving cycle information and booking service appointments and checking the service schedule. As the adapter is connected to the onboard diagnostics port of the vehicle, it can read various CAN signals. Customers can check information like fuel levels, parking time, and odometer reading on the smartphone. The Mercedes Me adapter is also capable of recording driving cycles and customers can search for the nearest authorised dealerships if there is an accident or breakdown.

The cockpit model allows customers to select 6 menus and monitor live vehicle data. Some of the menus are battery voltage, range, coolant and engine oil temperature and more. The smartphone is paired with the adapter via Bluetooth. Hence, the phone needs to be paired with the adapter in order to receive the vehicle data. 

The Mercedes mbrace uses a more integrated control unit with an inbuilt 4 G sim card. The Mercedes ME app is connected to the vehicle via a cellular network. As long as the vehicle is in the cellular network range the Mercedes ME app can be used to remotely access the vehicle.

What are the features of the Mercedes Benz mbrace?

The features of the Mercedes Benz mbrace are as follows:

  • Mbrace connect

The mbrace connect is the main feature of the Mercedes mbrace and it allows customers to connect with the vehicle via their smartphones. Through the mbrace connect, customers can perform the following tasks:

Remote lock/unlock

From the Mercedes ME app, customers can go into the vehicle unlock menu and select to either lock the door or unlock it. After selecting the option, the app will send the request to the vehicle. If the vehicle is in the cellular network range then it will receive the request and unlock the vehicle.

The location of the customer doesn’t matter as long as the smartphone and the vehicle are connected then customers can use this feature.

Remote engine start

All the latest Mercedes Benz cars have an automatic transmission, there is no need for the transmission to be in neutral to start the car. Mercedes Me app can be used to remote start the engine. Customers can set the duration for the engine to remain on, once the set time is elapsed then the vehicle will turn off automatically. Remote engine start is useful for pre-entry climate control and engine warm-up.

Remote diagnostic reports

As the vehicle is connected to the cellular network, customers along with the selected dealership in the Mercedes Me app can retrieve fault codes or malfunction messages from the fault code memory. If the customer gets any wearing on his smartphone then the workshop is ready to receive the vehicle and provide a further diagnosis.

Vehicle locator and tracking

The Mercedes mbrace also allows the customers to track their vehicle. There is an option for geo fencing in selected markets. If the vehicle breaches the selected border then the customer will get notified on the smartphone app.

Apart from Mercedes mbrace connect there are two additional features like mbrace secure and mbrace Concierge. The mbrace secure includes features like collision alert and SOS calling, in some markets, it is integrated into the base service of the Mercedes brace.

The mbrace concierge is not available in the global market and for markets like America and North America is free for 3 months from the date of purchase of the vehicle. After the free trial period, customers can pay up to 50 USD per month for services like Travel arrangements, Dinner reservations and service appointments.

Similarly, the mbrace entertain service is only available in selected markets and it offers subscriptions to iHeartRadio. Customers can even create an in-vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot. The mbrace entertainment can cost between 20- 25 USD.

How does the Mercedes mbrace work?

The Mercedes Benz cars with mbrace have a HERMES control module in the overhead control panel. It is part of the drive authorization system and there is an e-sim built into the control module itself. After the registration process is completed, the HERMES control unit receives the details like the IMEI number of the customer’s smartphone. 

After successful pairing with the smartphone, customers can use the Mercedes Me app to access various features of Mercedes mbrace. The e-sim also comes with its unique number which the customers can use to activate mbrace secure and concierge services. In developing markets like India and China the mbrace connect is also known as Mercedes Me connect. It is free of cost for the first 3-4 years after purchasing the car.

Is it worth the extra cost?

The Mercedes mbrace brings remote access to the vehicle. Customers can control and even change various customer profiles in MBUX directly from the Mercedes ME connect app. It is worth the extra cost as some of the features like remote diagnosis and SOS calls if there is an accident can be very useful. The complete system responsible for the system is already built into the vehicle so the customers only have to pay for subscription charges.

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Mercedes Benz designed and introduced the Mercedes mbrace so that customers can access various functions of their car from the palm of their hand. The Mercedes ME app on IOS and Android is constantly bringing updates and adding more features. Accessing live camera feeds from the 360-degree camera is one of the latest features of the system. 


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In bigger markets like America and europe the Mercedes Benz also offers services like the