What is a Mercedes Benz salesman’s salary?

In this blog. We will find out what is the salary of an average Mercedes Benz salesman and answer the following questions: what are the skills required to become a Mercedes Benz salesman? Does Mercedes Benz give training for a salesman? 

What is a Mercedes Benz salesman’s salary?

The Mercedes Benz salesman is a prestigious and difficult job, the salary of the Mercedes Benz salesman depends on the market. Following are the average salary figures in some of the top Mercedes Benz markets.

Region Salesman salary 
the United States of America$30,000 – $40,000
China200,000- 250,000 CNY per year
the United Kingdom£15,000 – £65,000 per year

The reason for the difference in salary of Mercedes Benz salesmen across the global market is because they are hired by Dealerships and not the Mercedes Benz parent company. The dealerships are franchise partners and maintain their own vehicle stockyard.

The organisation or company operating the dealership is in charge of hiring all the required manpower needed to operate a Mercedes Benz dealership. Mercedes Benz AG has specified a strict set of guidelines for all the dealerships to follow. The guidelines include organisational structure and defined process for sales and after service of the cars. However, Mercedes Benz has no say in the salaries being paid to the dealership employees.

Additionally to the salary, a Mercedes Benz salesman can also earn incentives or bonuses if the target set by the upper management is reached every month. Along with the sales target, there can be targets set by the dealerships on sales of start-ease service packages, roadside assistance service and the accessories for the vehicle.

What are the skills required to become a Mercedes Benz salesman?

The skills required to become a Mercedes Benz salesman are as follows:

  • Interpersonal Communication skills

Mercedes Benz salesmen are service providers, hence they must have the interpersonal skills to impress the customers and develop relationships at the early stages. A salesman must be reliable and responsible for the entire process of purchasing the car. Mercedes Benz has provided a standard uniform for all the salesmen and the body language of the salesman must  show a sense of self-confidence. While speaking the voice should be clear and facial expressions, and gestures must keep the customer engaged. There should be a right balance between being personal and keeping the distance.

A good salesman always visualises from the customer’s point of view, in order to understand the personal lifestyle, needs and expectations. Once the salesman gets a clear idea, it is easier to recommend products and services which will meet the requirements of the customers. 

The communication skills of a salesman must always create a positive atmosphere for the customers. Salesmen should be skilled enough to handle difficult discussions while at the same time maintaining focus on the topic. Active listening is also an important communication skill as customers should not feel that their voice is not being heard.

  • Knowledge of Mercedes Benz cars

Mercedes Benz is the global market leader when it comes to the production and sales of premium luxury cars. There are advanced driver assistance systems and features which are not common on other cars. The customers purchasing their first Mercedes Benz car can get confused due to all the active and passive safety systems available onboard. Therefore, it is the task of a salesman to explain all the various features and advanced driver assistance systems available on the Mercedes Benz car.

It can even prevent an unnecessary visit to the workshop if a customer mistakes any feature as a fault. For example, the active manoeuvring assist is active at speeds below 40 km per hour and it displays an operation light in the instrument cluster that drivers can mistake for any malfunction. Similarly, the keyless go systems that use two capacitive sensors in the door handle can become inoperative if the customer is accidentally touching both the sensors simultaneously.

  • Driving skills

Mercedes Benz salesmen are required to have a valid driving licence and good driving skills. Good driving skills can not only demonstrate good ride and handling of Mercedes Benz cars to the customers but also help them make the final decision. Salesmen are also required to go on test drives with the customers, thus they should stay aware of customers driving and surrounding. Certina Mercedes Benz performance models like the 63 AMG have very powerful acceleration and they can certainly catch new customers off-guard.

The steering in the Mercedes Benz cars is electronically assisted, due to which the cars can suddenly change the direction. The new S Class even comes with 4-wheel steering to facilitate a shorter turning radius and quick lane changes. Hence, A salesman should demonstrate and explain these features during or before a test drive.

Mercedes Benz frequently organises track day events where customers can experience Mercedes Benz sports cars along with experts and the safety of a race track.

  • Negotiating skills

Many customers like to negotiate while purchasing a new car and try to get some discounts or good deals. A good salesperson must have negotiating skills that will keep the customer happy and at the same time achieve the sales target. Some customers are very well versed and it can be challenging to close. Therefore salesmen must be creative in order to find the solution and make the best possible offer to the customer.

Does Mercedes Benz provide training to the salesman?

Yes, Mercedes Benz conducts training for salesmen in the Mercedes Benz academy following is the path to getting certified as a Mercedes Benz salesman.

  • Applicant selection
  • Entry test
  • Basic qualifications
  • Certifications
  • Further qualifications

The applicant is selected by the authorised dealership for the training. It is a requirement that the applicant must be an employee of the dealership. After the applicant is selected then he or she must pass an entrance exam which consists of multiple-choice questions. 

The applicants are then required to attain a training session which can be a few weeks long. Mercedes Benz certified trainers give training to the applicants. There are passenger cars, vans and commercial vehicles categories which can be selected by the applicants. The training program can last as long as 12 months depending on the category selected by the applicants. 

At the end of the training programme, a practical exam is conducted and only the appliance that passes the exam is certified as C Sales. Further training modules are only given to the certified candidates.

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Being a Mercedes Benz salesman is a dream job for many people. The pay is also good and the training provided by the Mercedes Benz certified trainers prepares new salesmen for the demanding job. Mercedes Benz salesmen should be ready to put in an extra hour and be always ready to travel as customers can book a test drive from their homes.