What is a Mercedes premium package?

This blog will explain the premium packages in Mercedes Benz cars and answer the following questions:  What is included in different  Mercedes Benz premium packages? Which premium package should you get?

What is a Mercedes Benz premium package?

A Mercedes Benz premium package is a package containing optional features that are not present in a standard model. Customers must choose a premium package at the time of placing an order for a new car. The available premium packages are listed below:

Premium package 11000 – 2000 USD 
Premium Package 22500 – 5000 USD
Premium Package 35000 USD +

The availability of the premium package depends on the model and the market it is being sold at. Based on the selected premium package, the delivery can take an extra 2-3 weeks compared to a standard model.

What is included in different  Mercedes Benz premium packages?

The different options  included in a Mercedes Benz premium package are listed below

Premium package 1
Parking PilotRearview cameraBlind Spot AssistRear Cross-Traffic AlertHeated front seatsKeyless-GoElectronic trunk closerBurmester Surround Sound System
Premium package 2
Rapid heating feature for front seatsLED Intelligent Light SystemAdaptive Highbeam AssistActive multicontour front seats with massageAir Balance cabin-air purification systemAir Balance cabin fragrance systemPower rear-window sunshade

Premium Package 2 also includes all the options listed in Premium package 1

Premium Package 3
Distance Pilot DISTRONICHead-Up DisplayEvasive Steering AssistActive Lane Keeping AssistActive Lane Change AssistActive Blind Spot AssistActive Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic FunctionSpeed Limit PilotPRE-SAFE Impulse SidePRE-SAFE PLUSActive Emergency Stop Assist

Premium package 3 includes all the options listed above in addition to the systems present in premium package 2 & 3. Some of the options mentioned above can be a part of the standard package based on the region.

Which Mercedes Benz premium package is the best?

The Mercedes Benz premium package 3 is the best package as it includes the latest driver assistance systems and all the options from premium packages 1 and 2.

Following are some of the main options from the premium package 3:

Distance pilot Distronic

The Distronic uses long and short radar sensors to measure the distance to the car in front. Drivers can choose between 5 distance levels and the car will maintain the speed according to the set level. 

Drivers just need to monitor the surroundings when the Distronic is active, the vehicle can steer by itself and increase or decrease the speed based on the traffic.

Distronic options greatly reduce the stress on the driver, especially on motorways, and stop-and-go traffic. It is a must-have option when purchasing a new Mercedes Benz car. The Distance Pilot DISTRONIC works in the speed range of 0 to 200 km/h.

If the vehicle in front suddenly brakes severely then Distronic will warn the driver by a warning sound and a symbol in the instrument cluster before proceeding to apply the brakes more severely.

Head-Up Display

Head-Up display is a great addition to the car. This feature requires modifications to the dashboard and it cannot be retrofitted after the vehicle is delivered. HUD provides important information on the windshield of the car. 

Drivers can choose between various menu options like vehicle speed, navigation or current gear. The information is projected on the windshield from a small projector in the dashboard. Drivers can also adjust the height and the opacity of the projected image according to the height.

Evasive Steering Assist

It is one of the essential driver assistance systems in Mercedes Benz. It uses cameras located behind the front windshield. The steering assist becomes active when the cameras detect an imminent collision with an obstacle on the road.

It intervenes by providing additional torque to the steering when the driver initiates an evasive manoeuvre in order to avoid the collision. The video camera and the radar sensor signals are used to detect the impending collision.

Maximum steering lock can be reached 25 per cent faster with the evasive steering assist, it also helps to maintain the vehicle stability if the speed is high.

Active Blind Spot Assist

The active blind spot Assist is now integrated with the ambient lighting system. It also uses short-range radar sensors located on either side of the vehicles. If an object is present in the blind spot of the driver then wearing lamps are activated in the side mirrors. A warning tone is also issued in case the driver is turning the steering wheel in the same direction.

The active blind spot assist is even active if the vehicle is stationary if a passenger is opening the door and if an object is coming from the rear side, active blindspot assist will warn the occupant by flashing the ambient lights in the door and warning lamps in the corresponding side mirror.

Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Function

It uses the same radar sensor as Distronic but the active brake assist can automatically brake if it detects an impending collision with an object. The proximity sensors are also used for manoeuvre assist which is a sub-function of the active brake assist.

This assist can be turned off but the system resets to default settings once the vehicle is switched off and On again. There are three settings available in the active brake assist menu, they are early, moderate and late. 

According to the setting selected, the vehicle will automatically brake after giving a warning tone. The proximity sensors can not only detect the car in front but a car cutting in a lane can also be detected. The active brake assists control unit is integrated into the vehicle’s onboard electrical network. Hence it cannot be retrofitted into the vehicle.


The pre-safe impulse side and pre-safe plus are part of active safety systems. It gives the vehicle reflex to prepare the cabin in the event of a collision. Some of the changes the pre-safe can make are active seat belt tensioning retractors, bringing the seats into optimal position before the impact and slightly lowering the windows to release the pressure in the cabin.

The pre-safe impulse side can monitor the side impact with the help of radar sensors while the pre-safe plus checks for rear-end collision. The pre-safe plus can also brake a stationary vehicle to minimise whiplash to passengers. 

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The blog listed all the Mercedes Benz premium packages and also gave a detailed look at the best premium package out of the three. The availability of some of the options in the premium packages depends on the country and the model.