What is a Mono Shock Suspension?

In this brief article, we will discuss the Mono Shock suspension, its layout and its advantages.

What is a Mono Shock Suspension?

The Mono Shock Suspension is a variation of the Swingarm suspension. As the name suggests, it is a Swingarm with only one coilover strut. 

Mono Shock Construction

The Double and Single Swingarm setups are probably the most widely seen among all motorcycle rear suspension setups. The swingarm has become the rear suspension of choice of all mass-market motorcycle manufacturers due to its simplicity and ease of manufacture.

The traditional Double Swingarm setup was with twin coilover shocks on either side of the wheel. The mono shock is a variation of this setup where the twin coilovers are replaced by one centrally mounted single shock absorber that is located closer to the Swingarm pivot.

This coilover shock absorber will have to do the work of the twin coilovers that were removed. For this, the mono shock would be comparatively heavier duty, which means a bigger piston and cylinder.

What are the advantages of the Mono Shock Suspension?

  • Improved Ride comfort: 

The mono shock’s chassis mounting point is away from the seat overhang portion. In the case of the twin shocks, the chassis upper mounting point is exactly at the seating overhang portion of the chassis. This means that the vibrations experienced by the chassis due to road impact will be felt by the rider much more in the case of dual shocks.

  • More articulation: 

Since there is a huge advantage in motion ratio in mono shocks compared to the dual shock arrangement, it is now possible to provide more suspension travel to the rear swingarm. The extended length of the twin shock was a big limitation to the maximum length of travel that could be provided in a twin shock arrangement, where the motion ratio is nearly 1:1. Ih the case of the mono shock, the motion ratio would be much higher, like 2:1 or more, which means, it requires a much smaller damper to provide a greater suspension travel.

  • Easier Off-Roading Capability

Mono shocks provide better Off-roading capability owing to the increased suspension travel that is now possible, in comparison to the twin shock arrangement.

  • Easier to control electronically

Since the mono shock is only one rear shock, instead of two, it becomes easier to provide electronic control system like active damping or damping rate selection.

  • Single Swingarm possibility

With the introduction of the mono shock, it is now possible to have a single swingarm instead of a double swingarm. The easy removability of the wheel from one side is now possible. This benefits a racetrack setup that requires quick tire change times.


In this brief article, we have discussed the Mono Shock suspension, its layout and its advantages.