What is a Postal Mercedes Metris?

This blog will answer the following questions, what is a postal Mercedes Metris? What are the modifications in a Postal Metris? What are the specifications of Mercedes Metris? What are the other vehicles used by the United States Postal Service?

What is a Postal Mercedes Metris?

A Postal Mercedes Metris is a van that is used by the United States Postal Service as a delivery vehicle. The United States Postal service acquired 17,300 Mercedes Metris vans to replace its aging fleet of Grumman LLV or long-life vehicles. Currently, the United States Postal service is using more than 30,000 Metris vans to deliver mail which is almost 10 percent of its entire fleet.

The United States Postal service chose the Metric van as a replacement for its LLV because of its size and cargo space. It is a perfect van to deliver mail and improve the efficiency of the cargo. All of the LLVs will not be replaced by the Metric, as the USPS is planning to replace its remaining fleet of the Grumman LLVs with a next-generation model.

Part of the acquisition deal is USPS metric vans will not have the three-pointed star Mercedes Benz logo. It will feature a custom United state postal service logo as they don’t want to advertise any manufacturer.

Mercedes Benz manufactures luxury cars and the three-pointed star logo has always been a symbol of luxury. By using the USPS eagle logo instead of Mercedes, the Metris not only looks more discrete but also does allow people to think that the postal service is spending too much money on Luxury vehicles.

Mercedes Benz manufactures commercial vehicles and vans that can be used for various businesses. The Metric is a utility vehicle and it does not have the luxury features of the passenger car. 

There is a fabric seat for the driver which is very durable and a functioning single zone air conditioning system. The addition of an air conditioning system will be a welcome change for the mailmen as they spend hours in vans delivering the mail.

What are the modifications in a Postal Metris?

The modifications in a Postal Metris are given below, Postal Mercedes Metris is specially modified for the use in United States Postal service.

  • Right-hand drive steering system with manual tilted adjustable steering.
  • A large aluminum tray instead of the front passenger seat, to sort out and prepare the mail for delivery.
  • Protection metal net to separate the cargo area from the driving area.
  • Manually adjustable outside rearview mirrors.
  • 4 original keys instead of the standard 2 keys.
  • USPS logo on the front bumper.

The Mercedes Metris is modified so it can be used as a delivery vehicle but the feedback from the mailmen is not good. Many employees tried the Metris and complained about the lack of headroom compared to the Grumman LLV.

The Grumman LLV was specifically designed to be used as a mail delivery vehicle as opposed to the Metric that was modified to suit the purpose. Therefore, it is easy to enter and exit the Grumman if the height of the driver is between 4 to 6 feet.

Entering and exiting from the Metris is not easy as it is a van and the maximum height is only 1391. The sorting tray that replaces the front passenger seat takes too much space, there is no space for a water cooler on the passenger side. Drivers need to get off and use the back door to store coolers or any personal luggage.

The metal cage that separates the cargo area from the driver increases safety but it also makes it difficult for the driver to take out mail from the cargo area. The cargo area in the Metris can only be accessed via the sliding door on the side of the double doors in the back.

The Grumman LLV on the other hand is purpose-built, the cargo area can be accessed from the inside. Drivers don’t need to climb out of the vehicle and open the door to take out the mail. The real sliding door on the Grumman goes up instead of swinging out like the Metris van which makes the task of delivering mail easy in tight areas.

What are the specifications of the Mercedes Metris?

The specifications of the Mercedes Metris van are as follows:

SpecificationsMercedes Metris
Price34,900 – 35,5000 USD
Engine 2.0 L petrol 208 horsepower
Transmission9 G Tronic fully automatic transmission
Wheelbase126-135 inch
Cargo space5000-5500 liters

The Mercedes Benz Metris has petrol as well as diesel engine options but the United States Postal service have only decided to stick with the 2.0 L petrol engine. The fuel economy of the 2.0 Liter petrol engine in the city is 20MPG and on the highways is 25 MPG. It is so much better than the current generation Grumman LLV. 

The transmission is also the latest 9 G Tronic automatic transmission, gear changes are fast although the gearbox lacks the additional dynamic drive select drive models. The Metris has a standard wheelbase as well as an external wheelbase model.

Postal Mercedes Metris is using the 126-inch long standard Metris model. The maximum cargo height is 55 inches but the rear door is not sliding. In order to facilitate loading the cargo, both doors can swing more than 200 degrees to the side after unlocking a latch. There are magnets on both sides of the vehicle to keep the open doors in place.

The interior features of the Metris cargo are Bluetooth connectivity with multi-function buttons on the steering wheel, rearview camera, and attention assist. Optional extra driver assistance systems like the crosswind assists and adaptive electronic stability program according to the load in the vehicle are not installed in the Postal Mercedes Metris.

The service interval of the Postal Mercedes Metris is 15000 miles. Long service intervals mean the USPS can use the postal Mercedes Metris to deliver mail with minimum downtime. There is also an extended warranty of up to 5 years or 100,000 miles.

What are the other vehicles used by the United States Postal Service?

The other vehicles used by the United States Postal service are Grumman LLV, which will be replaced by its next generation, and Ram Promaster cargo vans. The United States Postal delivery is also planning to include COTS electric vans.

So the next generation of delivery vehicles will include combinations of internal combustion engine-powered vans and electric vans. Many manufacturers are in talks with the USPS for the deal to supply the fleet with electric vehicles.


This blog explained the use of a Mercedes Metris van as a United States Postal Service delivery vehicle. The Mercedes Postal Metris is overall a good cargo van. Features like air conditioning and fuel-efficient engines are definitely an improvement over the current LLV. Mercedes Benz also discontinued the Metris in 2023 in the American market due to its poor sales.