What is a Power seat winder tool?

This blog will explain the application of the “Power seat winder tool.” In addition to applying a winder tool in moving the car seat, the blog will also give you information about the other method that can be used to fix the power seat. Moreover, some quick seat fixes are explained later in the article.

What is a Power seat winder tool?

The power seat winder tool is a device that consists of a long, tightly wound cable that has square ends. These square ends are put inside the square holes of the motor, which can move the seat.

Different methods for moving the car power seat manually.

Moving the power seat using Winder Tool

The first method for moving the power seat is using a winder tool. The winder tool is provided with the vehicle from the manufacturer. This tool is used to move any power seat. If you have a winder tool in your car, all you need is to plug the winder tool into the car seat motor through a specific port. The seat motor is generally present on the rear of the seat or the left or right side.

Once you put the winder tool in the slot, you need to turn the winder tool right side for moving the seat backwards or to the left for moving the seat forward. Once you have got the seat in the place you want, test the seat position by driving the vehicle for some distance. If everything is perfect, remove the winder tool from the motor.

Moving the Power seat by taking the seat out

  • For moving the seat without using the winder tool, the person needs to remove the seat from the car. You need to remove the seat chair and remove the chair’s back by using a pair of scissors or knives. Before removing the chair from the car, make sure that the engine is turned off, disconnect the car battery, and wear safety equipment.
  • Now use a bolt cutter or a pair of pliers to cut the mesh present under the car seat. Once you have removed the mesh, you will have a clear view of the lengthy shafts that adjust the seat’s position. While cutting the wire mesh, make sure that the other wires inside are not cut. 
  • After cutting the wire mesh, you need to move the seat by rotating the shafts present inside the seat. You need to rotate the shaft to the left side to move the seat forward. To move the seat backwards, you need to rotate the shaft in the right direction.
  • Moving the seat forward or backwards manually by rotating the shafts is difficult. It takes around 15 rounds to move the seats completely.
  • Once you have got the seat in the correct position, but the seat back into the car and test whether it’s in the correct position.
  • For checking whether the seat is in the correct position, stretch out your legs and put them on the pedals. If they reach comfortably on the pedals, then the seat is in the correct position. Meanwhile, keep your arms on the steering wheel, and if the wrist bends over the steering wheel comfortably, then the seat is in the correct position.

Quick Fixes for Faulty Power seat

Before going to the alternative of moving the power seat manually, you can try a few of the below-mentioned fixes. There might be a case where employing one of the below-mentioned strategies solves the fault. If all of the below-mentioned strategies fail, the last option should be to move them manually.

Move and push down the seat.

If your seat is stuck many times, this strategy works. All you need to do is push the seat backwards or forwards while applying significant downward pressure on the seat, which is a versatile technique. Alternatively, it can also be used to move the seat sideways. Moreover, you can press the switch and then push the seat in the desired direction.

Lose the bolts on the seats

One of the common reasons behind the car’s faulty seats is the stress accumulation between the seats and the bolts, which connect the seat to the rails on which the seat moves. Thus, if the stress is reduced, the seat will move. Therefore, before straightaway removing the seat from the car, you can try to lose these bolts as loosening will give more manoeuvring space to the seat, and the technique might cause the seat to move.

Examine the bad contacts on the seat switch

Since the power seats work using electricity, there are chances that the contacts of the seat switch are damaged. Thus the damaged seat switch will restrict the seat from moving. Therefore examining the contacts of the seat switch will be a good technique to examine the condition of the seat switch. Moreover, also check the cleanliness of the mechanism and connection points.

Realign the electric cables

Three cables connect to the power seat transmission and can be found beneath the seat. You need to check whether these cables are properly connected or not. Most people have found one of the cables to be disconnected, which has caused the immovable seats.

So you need to connect the disconnected cable back where it is supposed to be. When you put the cable back into the slot, you will hear a click sound. The click sound ensures that the plug is perfectly connected. Moreover, if you find the cables tangled or stuck between the seat rail, it is advised to change them.


In this article, we have addressed the application of the “Power seat winder tool” in moving the car seat manually and an alternative method if the car manufacturer hasn’t provided a winder tool with your car. Moreover, we have also explained some of the quick fixes that can fix the car seat without manually moving the seat. Also, a brief explanation about the winder tool is given in the article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Power seat winder tool.

Why won’t my car seat move forward?

The car seat mightn’t be moving forward because the track motor might have a broken or pinched wire. Moreover, if all the wires are connected properly, the track motor might have failed. If the motor fails, you need to get in touch with an expert.

What Causes the power seat to stop working

The main cause behind the car seat malfunction is water or moisture in the seat controls. Water entering the seat switch stops the seat from functioning. Moreover, if there is an object present below the seat, that can also be the cause behind the non-functionality of the seat.

How much does it cost to replace a power seat motor?

Power seat motor replacement can cost you around $417 for parts. At the same time, the labour cost involved in the motor replacement is around $134.

How do you test a Power seat switch?

Push the power seat switch, and if you can’t hear the power seat motor working, you need to open the switch and unplug it. After this, you need to use a multimeter to check the switch for continuity.


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