What is a W213?

This blog will answer the following questions: what is a W 213? What are the different models available in the W 213? What are the advanced driver assistance systems available in the W 213?

What is a W 213?

W 213 is a model series code of the fifth generation of Mercedes Benz E class. The following tables contain some of the key specifications of the E Class:

Specifications Mercedes Benz E class W213
Starting price$54,950
Wheelbase 293.9 cm
Width 185.2 cm
Height 146.8 cm
Seating capacity 5
Trunk540 litre

The W213 E class is also available in an extended wheelbase in limited markets. The extended E class V213 is 5000 mm long, the rear seat backrest is adjustable and there are additional blower motors to cool the rear passenger cabin.

Mercedes Benz launched the facelift model of W213  E class in 2020. Some of the changes include updated front and rear bumper designs and a more muscular AMG-style engine hood. The headlights have a new design with high-performance dynamic LED lights.

What are the different models available in W 213?

The different models available in W 213 are listed in the table below. W213 has both petrol as well as diesel engine options. 4Matic plus drivetrain is only available in the AMG line and AMG 63 modes. Other models get the standard 4 Matic drive with a fixed power split ratio between front and rear axle

Petrol Engine Models

Models/ specsMax powerTop speedFuel economy (Combined)0-60 Mph
E200/ E200 4Matic197 hp149 / 144 Mph33 / 31 MPG7.6 sec
E 300258 hp155 Mph32 MPG6.2 sec
E450 4Matic367 hp155 Mph29 MPG5.0 sec
E53 AMG 4Matic +435 hp155 Mph26 MPG4.5 sec
E63 AMG 4Matic +571 hp155 Mph20 MPG3.5 sec
E63 S AMG 4Matic +612 hp155 Mph19 MPG3.4 sec

The petrol engines available in the W213 are inline 4, inline 6 and V6 engines. E 200 and E 300 have the 2-litre M264 engine with Camtronics on the intake side and a 48 V mild hybrid technology. E 450 and the E53 are powered by M 256 inline 6 cylinder engine with an integrated starter alternator and the same 48 volts mild hybrid technology.

The AMG 63 and 63 S models get the hand-built M177 one-man one engine from the AMG factory in Affalterbach, Germany. All the available petrol engine options in the E class are the latest engines and the reliability is good.

The intercooler is liquid cooled with its dedicated coolant system, and the cylinder walls have a Nanoslide coating for durability. M256 is the first engine with no poly V belt as all the components like the alternator and air conditioning compressor are driven by the power supply from the 48 Volts battery.

The best petrol E Class model is the E 53 4 Matic +; it has good performance and as the model comes in the AMG line, it looks better than the standard models. The 4 Matic + system is also enhanced for performance and it can even send all the power to only the rear wheels depending on the driving situation.

Diesel Engine models

Models/ SpecsMax powerTop speedFuel economy (combined)0-60 Mph
E 200d160 hp140 Mph48 MPG8.4 sec
E220d/ 200d 4Matic194 hp149 Mph44 / 42 MPG7.3 sec
E300 d 4Matic265 hp155 Mph41 MPG6.3 sec
E 400 d 4Matic330 hp155Mph36 MPG4.9 sec

OM 654 and OM656 are the latest Mercedes Benz diesel engines powering all the diesel models. OM654 is an inline 4 cylinder engine and depending on the model it is either single turbo or twin-turbocharged. 

The OM656 is based on the OM 654 but it has two extra cylinders. The inline 6 cylinder OM656 only comes in the E 400d. Both the engines have the latest Adblue injection system with a selective catalytic reduction and diesel particulate filter integrated into a single unit.

There is also a low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation system to further reduce the NOx levels. Low-pressure EGR does not need a cooler as the temperature of the gases is not high. The low-pressure EGR is only working when the vehicle is idling, as the engine speed increases the high-pressure EGR system takes over.

The OM 654 and the OM656 use engine block and cylinder heads made from aluminium and the overall weight of the engine is very less compared to the predecessors. Due to the reduction in weight the noise and the vibration levels have significantly gone down.

The E 300d 4Matic is a good model in diesel engine models, it offers a great balance between performance and fuel economy. The fuel tank capacity is also 17.4 gallons which give the E 300d a range of 707 miles on a full tank of gas.

Hybrid and Electric models

Models/ specsMax powerTop speedFuel Economy (combined)0-60 Mph
E 300 de/ E 300 de 4Matic306 hp155/146 Mph196 /138 MPG5.9 sec
E 300 e/ 300e 4Matic320 hp155 Mph147/138 MP5.7 sec

The W213 has two modes with hybrid engines, the E 300de is powered by a 2.0 litre OM 654 and the E 300 e has the old M274 engine. The capacity of the battery pack is 13.5 kWh and the range is between 30 to 33 miles on battery power.

The E 300de is the better choice out of the two hybrid models as it has the latest engine and the fuel economy of the non-4 Matic model is also more than the petrol model so it will be cheaper to run.

All the models come with standard 9 G Tronic automatic transmission. The AMG line and AMG  models have a 9-speed AMG Speedshift MCT and MCT automatic transmission respectively.

What are the advanced driver assistance systems in the W 213 E class?

The advanced driver assistance system in the W 213 E class are as follows:

  • Active Distance Assist – DISTRONIC
  • Active stop and go assist
  • 360-degree camera
  • URBAN GUARD (optional)
  • Active Steering Assist 
  • Active lane change Assist
  • Active Blindspot Assist
  • Active attention assist.

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This blog answered the question- of what is a W213 and also listed all the models available in the W 213 E class model series. Mercedes Benz will launch the new generation of the E class next year which will be based on the MRA-II platform. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a Mercedes Car then either go for the C class model series W 206 or the W223 S class.